GOP Kentucky Governor Has Prevented the Restoration of Voting Rights for Felons


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

Newly elected Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has been making headlines since his election campaign. He ran on taking down the Affordable Care Act and now he wants to tackle another issue dear to Democrats— the restoration of voting rights of 140,000 people who had non-violent felony convictions in his state.

With an executive order, Bevin will be able to undo the promise of his democratic predecessor. According to the governor:

“While I have been a vocal supporter of the restoration of rights,” Bevin (R-Ky.) said in about the order, “it is an issue that must be addressed through the legislature and by the will of the people.”

Bevin thought that the previous governor, Steve Beshear, had forced the issue before he left office. The Washington Post reports that Bevin was in favor of granting non-violent felons their voting rights and gun rights. Back in September, Bevin was asked if granting ex-felons voting and gun rights was something he would do. He confirmed his belief that the right to own a gun should be restored to nonviolent offenders.

“I feel the same way [about voting rights], I really do,” Bevin said. “I do believe in second chances, and I don’t think it’s fair or appropriate that we would take from somebody something that could be restored to them, that the nation would be better to have them in possession of all their rights.”

What makes all of this strange, is that senator and current Republican presidential candidate, Rand Paul, was in full support of returning gun and voting rights to the 140,000 people who are eligible.

Belvin hasn’t been in office a year, and has already went back on a campaign promise.


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