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8 thoughts on “This Simple Social Experiment Completely Destroys the Notion of a Post-Racial Society

  1. ,,Are you kidding me? Nobody hugs a black man they don't know.

  2. No surprise to me at all!!

  3. Racism is real, but this is a poor, unscientific demonstration of it. If I were a denier of racism as a serious problem, I would point to this video as an example of people fishing for inflammatory content. Atlanta Blackstar often does a good job of sharing informative content, but this seems more like click bait.

  4. Perhaps a sign of "trust" would be to have the sign or portions of it not covered up.

  5. Benny Bryant says:

    Inflammatory content…lol are you kidding! This is pure cut and dry example of reality! What world are you living in!

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