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80 thoughts on “Warning, Graphic Material: Delaware Police Repeatedly Shoot and Kill Black Man in a Wheelchair 

  1. These mutherfuckers no they wrong in shooting that man so many times. We as a Black race will RISE

  2. Brighter than 99% of the people posting here.


  4. I did not see any gun.

  5. If he raised his hands to quick he would've been shot too. Our skin is our sin to the shield wearing police.

  6. They could have gone behind him and restrained him. Even Bank robbers get a negotiator.

  7. Mary Venable says:

    It's time for the government to do their jobs by locking these motherfuckers up before a all nation stand off happen.

  8. Vick McLean says:

    Im sure they didnt have to do that…. here we go again

  9. Sandy Oglesby Rising has nothing whatsoever to do with killing white faces.

  10. Disgusting police action

  11. Disgusting.. Police are not too bright.

  12. I was saying the same thing – this is absolutey DISGUSTING

  13. But, why do we blacks always find it difficult to raise our hands up?
    Instead of trying to adjust his trouser, he would have just raised his hands up.

  14. he had a gun so wheelchair or not that whole ordeal was on him would've been different if he didn't have anything

  15. Mark James says:

    Greg Phillips U White. Only someone white would write that. Punk.

  16. How do you know he even understood them or heard them? There are many reasons why he may not have raised his hands. No matter, he was in a wheel chair and they could have subdued him from behind. Yelling "drop the gun" doesn't mean there was one. It's a tactic the many cops use to justify shooting unarmed as well as armed black men.

  17. And that is when the scary shit will happen…remember there are a lot of us with white faces, and our hearts are going out to you…We hate this because of what it does to our brothers and sisters of all colors! All of us with souls want love and peace, caring and fellowship….this is a horror to all decent people!

  18. He did have a gun in his lap. If you notice the police shot when he reached down. Come on he's on a residential street and they warned him how many times?!? Why is it always because the person is black? This particular incident had nothing to do with black or white. He had a gun, they told him to drop it and put his hands up. I agree that they didn't need to shoot him so many times do not see where anyone can say it's racially motivated.

  19. frankNero. You are one really stupid guy for that comment. He was shot so he struggling in pain. If he raised his arm quickly, I bet you that he would have been shot again.

  20. Richard Bane Ojogun Thanks for the insult.

  21. where was the GUN and where is the threat…. he is obviously impaired , physically, so where is the THREAT????…POLICING by GUNS,, again….

  22. Greg Phillips ..IDIOT!!!!

  23. I want to see you get bust in your ass and see if you adhere to commands of putting your hands up or react to the pain of getting shot you stupid fucker…


  25. Ronald Pires says:

    Why didn't they just approach him from behind? Oh, that's right. He was black.

  26. Joan Coulter says:

    Anthony Moore The cops didn't either. Just another excuse to murder a Black man, cripple or not.

  27. Andy Merchel says:

    WTF!!,are they insane!,man held no wepon of any sort,he just did not put up his hands!!……………….


  29. I am all for owning the police, but they are 100% right in this situation. No debate even. Do you know how many times they asked to drop the gun yet the suspect still wave the gun in the air like it wasn't a big deal. It doesn't matter if you black,white, hispanic, chinese, jewish. You raise a gun in the air, and you feel like a threat to the police/society. The officers have a right to shoot you. It isn't the most effective method proven. I believe that the officers should at least try to talk him down. But if the officers didn't do anything, most likely he would hurt an unarmed person. Cripple, not crippled, handicap not handicap. It don't fucking matter. Same thing would happen to me, if I wave the gun at the air. He had a gun coming out the right side of his hand, but nobody can see it because of the bad angle. But he had a gun. I don't feel sorry for him, because he was told numerous of times to put the gun down, yet he refused to. This act wasn't racially motivated. Cops didn't blur any racial slurs while shooting the man. Cops also didn't shoot an unarmed black man. That would've been a different story. Cops shot a man that had a weapon which was on his lap the entire time. Therefore, the police were just doing what they are told. Which is to protect and serve us. Now for a different case, where as a police officer abuse their power was the Sandra Bland case. In which, I thought the police officer in that case should've handled that situation a'lot differently. But for this case, I don't see anything wrong here.

    And I am tired of hearing black lives matter. I have nothing towards black people. I love every race from every culture. My best friend is black, I have dated two black girls in the past. But why doesn't ALL LIVES MATTER? There have been cases whereas white people been shot, indians been shot, chinese been shot & hispanics been shot. They have all been abused by some corrupt police officals. Therefore, why doesn't ALL LIVES MATTER? We live in the same country; Therefore, we should all be treated just the same. Black lives matter just as much as White lives, and vice-versa. We all in this shit together. Therefore ALL LIVES MATTER. I care for all lives, not just black people. And everyone of you should feel the same way.

  30. Sherman Wing says:

    You ask why is it always because the person is black. I'll tell you. It's because we see videos all the time with white people with guns and they don't rarely ever get killed. Cliven Bundy and his crew pointed assault weapons at federal agents and yet there was no loss of life. I might be able to digest it if cops weren't shooting black people at a much faster rate while fewer cops are getting shot.

    Yes, he had a gun, but he was not in position to use it. They murdered him and they will away with it.

    When the shoe is on the other foot, they insist that we all side with the officer no matter the circumstances. So they believe that they can kill minorities with impunity.

    We are just sick of it.

  31. Eric Atwood says:

    One day , The cops will be facing the other end of the gun. As the next generation loses their tolerance for racial injustice like this. Only they won't be silenced like Malcom X.

  32. Isa 66:15 For, behold, YAOHU UL will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.
    Isa 66:16 For by fire and by his sword will YAOHU UL plead with all flesh: and the slain of YAOHU UL shall be many.
    Isa 66:17 They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine's flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith YAOHU UL.

  33. Gus Carter says:

    theres not a damm thing any body can say or do about this cops are getting away with murder cops are nothing more than terrorist


  35. Parris Lane says:

    GUn or Cell phone?

  36. Joey Perez says:

    The headline should probably be renamed to "Warning, Graphic Material: Delaware Police Repeatedly Shoot and Kill Black Man in a Wheelchair WITH A GUN"

  37. Does this cop needs to shoot a guy (any colour) whilst he is in a wheelchair because he is shit scared, God only knows what he would do if confronted by a harden criminal standing on two legs? Oh yeah, shit himself and run away! Even Wyatt Earp would give the man a chance! American's good and bad are gun crazy.

  38. Sheila Merritt So, you say the guy does not understand English which is his mother tongue?
    We should stop giving this white cops opportunity to get away in crimes.
    If this guys go to court, the judge will set them free after watching tis video, because their lawyers will use this point I raised to counter the suit.
    If the guy had raised his hands, the cops would have still killed him, because they have already made up their minds to kill him. But, that will now be a window to send them to jail, because the guy coporated by surrendering himself.
    Watch the video without a biased mind, you will notice that the guy was just confident that he is not guilty of any crime, so they can`t kill him, afterall he is not armed.
    But, try and reason the LAW.
    Watch crime scene of white dudes, once the see police, they raise their hands and start laughing, because at that state, they are not considered a threat and if you shoot them, it`s a death sentence.

  39. Manthu Aahah Rayay The probelm with we blacks is that mentality of "the hate us". Why not obey the law and then allow them kill you?
    Wether you raise your hand or not, the white cops will still shoot you, once they want to. But, raise your hands, so that if you die, they will also face the law.
    Just a common sense.

  40. Oh yeah, in order to stop people from killing people… let's kill people! Nuclear deterents have always been so effective.

  41. Kyle Henebry says:

    the cops said hands up. he stuck his hand into his pocket. thats exactly the opposite of what they wanted him to do. unfortunatly the cops dont know what is in the pocket, so yeah, they shoot you for stuff like that. so there is a lesson to be learned here i think. when a cop says hands up, it means they want to see your hands because they want to know if you are holding anything that can harm anyone. if you respond by doing the opposite you can expect to get shot…reguardless of your race, gender, age, or physical capacity.

  42. Angel Starre says:

    This was totally uncalled for. Paranoia, fear, cowardice, authoritative power out of control. That could have been handled better. I hope can survive the street war this helps to fuel and I don't get shot because of color. I do hope that the NAACP and the ACLU jump on this and the AG pursues criminal liability. Too many citizens are killed by police in this country. It begs the question of whom really is out of control?

  43. The Black race in the US and around the world will never rise at the rate that it's going. Most have become mental slaves. They want to go marching for show and nothing gets done. We keep getting murdered but want to pray. Guess what! God doesn't care either. He pulled out some popcorn and is enjoying the show. Real revolution died after the 60s.

  44. Amar Al says:

    how many bulets the son of a bitches has shot ????? what is this ???? i think obama who has given the orders to shoot all black men in order to get the white satesfaction and sellect him again not realizing that as long as he is black he ll get shot tooooo !!!!!!!

  45. Sherman Wing , don't follow media… Follow statistics. The biggest issue in this country is the media. They filter what gets put on and what doesn't and are playing every single citizen of the US like fiddles. It's whatever gets them more views, more money, more popularity. Is police brutality a thing? Absolutely. But I wouldn't rely on the media for your facts.

  46. Excuses! Excuses! As though the police don't make up enough excuses, here you come with yours!

  47. He did a lot of movement that seemed just as difficult if not more difficult than putting his hands up before reaching into his pocket. Totally agree with you… He became a danger the second he disobeyed. Has nothing to do with color. Has everything to do with how many times they gave him a chance to put his hands up.

    But thanks, American media, for angering these races against one another for the benefit of your fat pockets.

  48. Ok if I read correctly he is a quad, which makes putting his hands up impossible, also if I heard correctly he said he didn't have a gun. No please tell me since when is a quad in a wheelchair, unarmed a threat. Even if he had a weapon he could have been subdued from behind. What was he gonna do RUN !!! Seriously this is too much and has gone way to far !!!

  49. i dont know what to say only one day will tell

  50. Fran Seaton says:

    We just wittnessed a murder, some one call the police.

  51. Ryan Moseley says:

    We as americans need to rise up and bring the war the police want to the front door of every police station in america. Let's show these fucks what a public armed to the teeth can do to the police across this country. They want a WAR, let's give it to them!!! Remember america we out number the police tens of thousands to one. We as a untied people can be a force to be reckoned with.

  52. Can anyone show me when and where he had a gun?, Just because a cop yells drop the gun doesn't mean he has one. Point in case where a offcier thought a candy bar was a gun and ended up shooting a 17 year old. Ether they need to require a better vison test or be forced to wear glasses.

  53. This turns my stomach. I'm sick of all of the open season on Black people because it's not just our men but women as well. When will it end?

  54. If he had put his hands up, what would have happened? Sometimes we need to learn to conform.

  55. Shawn Poland says:

    And people still wonder why cops get shot. Regular videos of cops murdering innocents or wrongfully killing people and using excessive force, its obviously a matter of kill them before they can kill you, and they WILL kill you, so you'd better be willing to pull the trigger first.

  56. a man in a wheel chair vs 3 or more cops. you ask to see hands. his hands are visible. there is only one man in a wheel chair and 3 or more cops. there is no way for them to sneak up from behind and restrain the gentleman? did i mention the man is in a wheel chair? because im black so i want you to realize that i didn't state it's a black man in wheel chair, it's just a MAN in a WHEEL CHAIR. what threat can you possibly have from a man in wheel chair and you've been trained to go into the field for a lot worse then a man in a wheel chair.

  57. Melvin King says:

    FrankNero ФРАНКЛИНУ Ufomadu You're welcome.

  58. Melvin King says:

    No I don't notice that. The first cop shot him after only one request for a show of hands. After having been shot, picking up the gun from his lap might have been difficult to do, much less raising his hands. But you've never been shot before then, have you? Hot lead aint no joke. The man was already a cripple. The gunshot wound was more crippling. How is he to drop the gun if he doesn't first reach for it. He could very well have been struggling to comply. The gops had otherr options. This was very very very sloppy work period.

  59. Melvin King says:

    How is a shot paraplegic to drop his gun without reaching for it? Huh? He was shot first after having only one warning. Then he begin to struggle in his chair (Wheel chair). Which indicates that he had no motor functions in the lower extremeties of his body. That gun may just as well have been sitting on a coffee table. He couldn't move his legs in order to kick it out. He would have to use his hands. After having been shot, there ensued a struggle (maybe to comply), but the pain from the gunshot wound obviously made this difficult. This man's fate was determined after the firrst gunshot. He was as good as dead then. The preceeding shots only finished what was started. IF the man had a gun does not mean he was violent. He probably had it for protection, as he is at a disadvantage being a cripple. The gun was maybe his equalizer. I doubt if he would have just started shooting innocent people all willy nilly, otherwise why were the cops not there because he had already shot someone. He had a gun, and maybe had it out, but he also had the good mind not to use it. The cops were most likely called to the scene to disarm him, as he most likely flashed it at an able bodied person as a warning. He hurt noone. This was very sloppy work on the cops part. Shame on them. How you people cannot see this is even scarier than the cops who do not have the benefit of judging the deed in retrospect. Get some wisdom, or get off the damn soap box.

  60. Melvin King says:

    Did you see a gun? If so refer to my previous reply. But just for the record, I saw no such animal.

  61. Melvin King says:

    Calm down Eric. Violence never solves anything. Communicate, don't attack. Communication ends strife and separation. Attack promotes it. I feel your indignation and it is a righteous indignation. But properly placed words are your most formiddable weapon. How do they fight you…on your jobs, they don't use the whip anymore to keep you in line. They use their words. They right you up, and they triumph over you with paper trails and rap sheets. Never underestimate the power of the pen. I have had the jobs of supervisors and managers who have hated me for my words, but I am still employed with the company and they are not, because I write down everrything. The next time one wants to write you up, you write them up too. They will ask you to sign saying that you talked about this. Ask them to sign your write up as well stating that your issue was discussed. Date it and put it away. You may need it someday. Peace.

  62. Melvin King says:

    Ryan. Slow your roll man. Just like other countries, ours practice population control. Many of our methods are seemingly moral and humane, but we do practice it. Inciting a war of a particular race, namely blacks is just what they want. What better excuse to exterminate some of us. Our country is judged by the powers that be to be over populated. They have a mandate to do something about these numbers. Having a war against cops would play right into their hands. Turn the other cheek and they will find anotherr way to reduce those numbers. As it stands, it would seem that black men are the targets of choice. We don't have to allow it. There is a better way. Let's work smarter. Let's fight back, but not with guns and violence, but with the words of their own mouths, posted in the laws that were written by their own hands, signed by their fathers.

  63. Melvin King says:

    Greg Phillips It's okay to be a man, and speak your mind. You don't have to hide like a frightened little girl. We know who you are. You are of no concern to us. Feel free to speak your mind. You're safe. We are the civilized ones. We don't wear black and blue toting guns on our hips. We're not slaughtering people in the streets on a daily basis. We're not abusing government sanctioned power, for we have no power to abuse. We only cry out against the injustice imposed upon a race of people who do not deserve it. What's wrong with that O' bright one? We know who you are. You are your father's son. I feel sorry for you. I only hope that neither me nor my sons ever have dealings with the likes of you…You're Welcome!

  64. Melvin King says:

    Christian, get your name changed. If you can't judge this matterr righteously you should change your name. I suggest maybe Adversary?

  65. Melvin King says:

    You need to view the video again. He was only asked once to put up his hands before he was fired upon. After that happened, raising his hands would be a little difficult with a chunk of hot lead in one's chest. It seems he was struggling to comply thereafter and was shot several more times for his trouble. He couldn't drop the gun (if he had one) without first reaching for it. If it was in his lap, he had no use of his legs to kick it out. He had to reach with his hands. It was a struggle to do for a quad who was shot in the chest. Do us all a favor Uncle T, Look at the video again… and get some wisdom or keep quiet about such matters. Sometimes a wise head holds a still tongue.

  66. Melvin King says:

    Thank you Cynthia for those words of reproof. You made me sooo proud.

  67. Fred Michael Johnson I was a miltary police officer for 17 years (To include in the protection of nuclear weapons). Use of force is different, but share many similarities (Away from Nukes). After the first shot is fired, where did the bullet strike? Simply splitting to the left and right (Be careful of down range), would have placed the victim in a disadvantage. He would have to use his hands to pivot real fast. What is the back story? Is there hisotry of violence? etc?

  68. Dale Johnson says:

    That was some bullshit, all of them need to be done the same way.

  69. Only if it's a hostages issue, but one must obey the Law enforcement demands, this poor Black guy whom lost his life never followed the first officer command to put his hands up. Also they are trained to take out the subject if they don't follow the officer commands. just look at the video again he never attempted to raise his hands, You can have a weapon of your choice in a wheelchair..

  70. I am pleading for everybody Safety when you are approached By any Officers, DEA Agents, ATF, FBI, State Troopers, please Obey they commands at ALL COST, cause your Life is on the line and if you are with a Negitive Attitudes against they Commands you could be the man in the wheel chair. An most likely the will be no billed by the Grand Jury, I am saying please Obey them young one and old ones. Save your life and have a chance to fight back against Police Abuse another day. it you think you being treat unfairly file against them and allow Enternal Affairs to investigate those Officers. Shalom with Blessings to each of you.

  71. Tony Cruz says:

    Anthony Moore You're right. Unfortunately, some may not see it that way and take advantage of the termoil.

  72. Fred Michael Johnson Would have done the same if it was a white man under the same circumstances? Be sincere. You cannot preside over institutionalized murders and claim you were scared of hidden weapons. What was your training as a police officer for?

  73. i did not see any such gun he kept grabbing his leg an i belive in shock because he was shot..i for one knows what its like to be stoped by cops with dogs hellicopters ect every one yelling diff things at you saying your not coporating as your hand cuffed in the back of a squad car …because your asking what you did wrong .they just kept saying oh you know.. well after i proved it was my car an had insurance ,,they said my car was reported stolen …so i do not understand getting shot more times because your in shock over getting shot..i'm sorry every time the cops kill a person for no reason they should be shot…

  74. He was probably in shock at that point, severe trauma makes people do strange things. It is hard to judge this honestly without knowing what went down before, however as an Englishman I know damn well our police would only have shot him as a last resort. These cops didn't make any effort to end it peacefully. Far too many American police seem to be way too trigger happy, what really appals me is how many times these kind of incidents are covered up by other officers. For me that is as criminal as the act itself.

  75. FrankNero ФРАНКЛИНУ Ufomadu If you read various other reports you'll find he did have a gun, he had apparently shot himself earlier which is why the police were called. That doesn't excuse what happened in any way, but you do need to get your facts straight.

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