8 Fascinating Facts About How and Why America Created Liberia



Sovereignty and Statehood Established

On July 26, 1847, many of the colony’s settlers developed a declaration of independence and constitution, breaking ties with the ACS. For nearly a hundred years, a group of free Blacks called Americo-Liberians  controlled the nation. Many of these people were affiliated with the whig party and still faced outside threats like the French and English, who seized newly sovereign Liberian land.



Joseph Jenkins Roberts

Roberts was the first president of the Republic of Liberia. In an effort to get European powers on his side, Roberts visited European nations like Great Britain to proclaim that Liberia was, in fact, a free nation. In the early days of the nation, he created treaties with local rulers to repair the damage Ashmun caused. He was so effective in his first term, Roberts became president again in 1872.

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