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8 Fascinating Facts About How and Why America Created Liberia


The African Colony Is Established

In 1819, the ACS sold memberships that cost up to $50,000 in order to buy land from what was called the pepper coast in Africa, which was colonized by the Portuguese. In the same year, the United States gave the organization $100,000 to fund the first venture to West Africa. In January 1820, the first ship, the Elizabeth, sailed from New York with three white ACS agents and 88 emigrants.



The African Intelligencer Debuts

In 1820, abolitionist Jehudi Ashmun, who became one of the founders of Liberia, created the The African Intelligencer, which served as a pamphlet and newspaper informing free Blacks about the history, geography and other details about the slave trade.

According to the Library of Congress, “Ashmun went to Africa in 1822, where he became an early leader of the Liberian colony before dying from a fever in 1828.”

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