7 White Institutions and Companies Caught Faking Diversity



American Petroleum Institute- Photoshopped Pamphlet

The American Petroleum Institute altered a stock photo (left-side of image above) to look more racially diverse when they included it in a pamphlet about how the oil industry benefits a diverse range of everyday Americans. Upon closer examination, however, it’s clear API photoshopped two of the people to make them non-white. As another example of how little thought and effort is put into the diversity concept, it can be seen that one of the photoshopped men has a brown face, yet his hands are still white.


curvecerealCurves Cereal – Belly Flop

In the case of Curves Honey Crunch cereal, there was clearly a decision to try and appeal to a broader market of weight watchers. They did this, not by using real Black models, but by affixing the head of a Black woman to the body of a white woman. Judging from the botched photoshop job, not only does Curves cereal help you lose your belly, but it turns it white and belly button-less.



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