7 White Institutions and Companies Caught Faking Diversity


u of arlington

The University of Texas, Arlington- Black Woman Photoshopped

According to Medium, The University of Texas, Arlington, once added a Black girl to a photo of three white ones, again artificially increasing diversity. To add insult to injury, the artist of the photo didn’t care enough to make sure the lighting and shadow on the Black girl’s face wasn’t completely different from that on the white girls’, or to get rid of the black background on her right arm and left shoulder and some of the tan background behind her hair.
The City of Toronto- Photoshopped Diversity

In a summer fun guide that the city of Toronto published in 2009, a Black man was photoshopped onto the cover and Kevin Sack, Toronto’s director of strategic communications said they “superimposed the African-Canadian person onto the white family … [with] the goal to depict the diversity of Toronto.” When confronted with the scandal, Sack implied the awkward placement of a miscellaneous Black guy into a photo of white people is just as acceptable as having a real picture of the races mingling, telling reporters, “the policy says ‘show diversity’ … [but] when you’re publishing something with deadlines and you don’t have the right photo, the objective is to communicate the service.”

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