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8 Things The Top 1 Percent Do to Maintain White Supremacy

Subvert Populist Movements

Starting with Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676, to the Occupy and #BlackLivesMatter movements, Governments operating in the interest of big business have used surveillance, intimidation, police brutality, assassinations to stop populist movements in their tracks.

In a 2013 article in the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, author Eric L. Nelson, a former U.S. counterintelligence agent and police officer, provided “thirteen tested methods” governments use to subvert social movements:

1) Suppress Information Flow; 2) Suppress Recruiting Efforts; 3) Reduce Recruiting Opportunities 4) Develop Attractive Alternatives; 5) Tempt Members to Leave; 6) Reverse Recruiting Using Demoralizing Information; 7) Operationalize Secure/Faux Concessions; 8) Expertly Directed, Incessant Proactive Manipulation of Media; 9) Resource Depletion; 10) Stigmatization; 11) Divisive Disruption; 12) Intimidation; and 13) Intrapsychic Wounding.


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Use Mass Media to Distract People

An open and accountable mass media is critical part of true democracies. Nevertheless, mass media can be used in the interest of elites, especially in the U.S. where only six companies control 90 percent of the media, according to an info-graphic on  Instead of  propagating information that could advance meaningful knowledge of the political process and important issues, or the overall well-being of citizens, the mainstream media focuses on celebrities, scandals, gadgets and all forms of entertainment that distract the middle class and the most downtrodden from acting in their own interest.

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