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Twitter Users Takeover #GOPDebate Hashtag to Drag GOP Candidates

One of the many images posted on the trending #KKKorGOP hashtag

One of the many images posted on the trending #KKKorGOP hashtag

On August 6, during the GOP debate, Twitter activists launched a campaign to illuminate the parallels between known white supremacist organizations and political leaders, and the GOP presidential candidates and their political platforms.

Twitter users hijacked the hashtag #GOPDebate to heavily criticize the stances of candidates on everything from women’s rights and immigration to the briefly mentioned #BlackLivesMatter movement. The prevailing sentiment was that many of the candidates ignored one of the largest issues in America currently—race relations and police brutality. The only Black GOP candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, said on race, “The skin doesn’t make them who they are. The hair doesn’t make them who they are. It’s time for us to move beyond that.”

At the same time, twitter activists launched the trending hashtag #KKKorGOP, which attempted to draw comparisons of candidate’s comments with white supremacist ideology and organizations.


“I’m a hang-em-by-the-neck conservative.” – Jeb Bush. Sounds a lot like…………..nvm #KKKorGOP

— triana (@trianapena) August 7, 2015

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