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5 thoughts on “Is Obama’s Call for Social Integration the Right Message for Racial Progress?

  1. Because integration has gone so well.

  2. Lisa Jackson says:

    MLK said the integration is like walking into a burning house. He realized this fact just before they murdered him. Integration will not benefit black people.

  3. Glenn Dupuis says:

    I grew up in Toledo Ohio,had many black and Mexican friends.Our dads worked at Kasco mills and made the same money.We played together ate together and didn't think about it,we were just kids.The first time I ran into racism,was in 1958 travelling to Key West Florida by train.I actuall saw black and white drinking fountains and rest rooms.I'mnot sure where I changed trains,it may have been in Atlanta.I didn't understand it then,and I don't understand it now.I am not talking about our history,I just didn't know that much about the inetracial hatreds from both sides.Now I don't know what the president is planning for this country,but there was an opportunity for black people to return to Africa if I remember,butmany chose to stay and have helped this country become what it is in spite of our differences.I have faith in the decent people in every ethnic group.(I only see one race-the human)I can donate blood to anyone who has my blood type.There will never be 100% intergration if that's what you want to call it.How about just calling it mutual respect and love which transends the racism that so many thrive on.Only God,no matter what color he is to you,can save America,not any president.

  4. we do not want integration. we want segregation, our own towns. control over every aspect of our lives: education, healthcare, housing, finance, agriculture, police and courts. this time, we must be sure to have the means to defend ourselves from hostile outsiders.

  5. I would love to leave for africa. I understand those who want to stay and they should be able to stay, after all, our decendants built this country but if we are going to stay, I prefer reservations like the indians.

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