11 African Countries You May Not Have Known Manufacture Some of Their Own Weapons

(c) Patrick Allen / Jane's
(c) Patrick Allen / Jane’s


In Namibia, Windhoeker MaschinenFabrik (WMF), under the Namibian Defense Force, “has manufactured small numbers of wheeled light-armored vehicles since 1977, including some for export,” according to Policy Pap No. 30. A post on wmf.com.na confirms that the company is “operating as a wholly owned commercial arm and subsidiary of the August 26 Holding Company (Pty) Ltd, an undertaking of the Ministry of Defense.”

via washingtonpost.com
via washingtonpost.com


According to research conducted by The Library of Congress, between 1870 and 1899, the king of Bunyoro, Kabarega, constructed a powerful army through the use of contemporary weapons, such as Remington rifles, percussion muskets and breech and muzzle loaders. The report from gunpolicy.org expresses that today, Uganda “also has small arms ammunition factories.” There are at least three weapon manufacturers in the country.

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