5 Reasons Why the Curl Pattern Hierarchy Is Working Against The Self-Loving Principles Of The Natural Hair Movement



When Willow’s curls are cute, but Blue Ivy’s hair is nappy.

That’s natural hair typing for ya! Nobody says a peep when Willow Smith sports her natural hair texture. But when Beyonce has the audacity to let Blue Ivy wear her kinks out, her daughter’s hair is “unkempt,” “nappy” and “needs to be done”? Ever stop to think that it may be because Blue Ivy has kinks and Willow has loose, hanging curls? The hair hierarchy has got folks thinking one type of natural hair is more polished than the other!


Shrinkage is a bad word.

Many natural hair type charts will display a photo of the hair in its natural state and a photo of it stretched or straightened. You may be embracing your natural hair and then realize shrinkage comes with it. So what if your hair looks a few inches shorter? If it’s healthy and you are happy, then love it! You shouldn’t feel compelled to prove you have length to your hair.

Don’t get caught up in categorizing your hair. Instead, learn to love the hair that grows out of your head and find out what works for you. Besides, your hair is way too big to fit in a box anyways.

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