9 Black Female Freedom Fighters Who Deserve to be on U.S. Currency in Addition to Harriet Tubman



Jo Ann Gibson-Robinson

Jo Ann Gibson-Robinson is an education activist, Black women’s rights activist, civil rights activist and an unsung name.  She joined the Women’s Political Council that was founded by Mary Fair Burks. In 1950, Gibson-Robinson became the president of the organization.  Gibson-Robinson worked very closely with Rosa Parks. Like Parks, she sat in the “Whites Only” section of the bus in 1949, but after an altercation with the bus driver she decided to let it go at that time.  A little known fact is that Gibson-Robinson’s efforts is one of the reasons that the Montgomery bus boycott came to fruition.  Gibson-Robinson documented as many sexual assault cases against Black women by white people in the area as possible.  Some Black women were raped while waiting for buses and some were raped by white bus drivers. Dr. Adisa Alkebulan’s talk at Temple University’s African American Studies Departmental program he stated, “This is a society that raped Black women.” Alkebulan praised Gibson-Robinson for her efforts in fighting against this injustice.

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