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32 thoughts on “What British Colonialists Did to Australian Aborigines May Make You Sick to Your Stomach

  1. Olu Hamilton says:

    What can I say but 'HAIL BRITTANIA'!

  2. Prince Issa says:

    If you put that next to what Isis did.. Isis seems pretty dandy!

  3. Steve Adams says:

    Every time I'm reminded of this truth it makes my blood boil!

  4. Christian De says:

    …and u think u r dealing with human persons…think again.

  5. No conscious about brutal murdering. They felt desparate, Europe had nothing that would have afforded the life they desired, a vicious group placed on the worst land on the planet, why so, they did not deserve better, they had evil hearts, and minds, and no conscious of human suffering, so they stole land, enslaved people, and killed people. The whites on the land today, are their decendants. Destroyed a whole group of people, and they did the same thing in Afuraka, and America, and the Americas, Asia, allll over the world.

  6. Chris Murphy says:

    As an Australian, I am ashamed to admit that most of this is probably true.

  7. My family survived through one small girl from a mass poisoning in Badimaya country. To this day they say we never existed according to their 'law'. That's how racist this place was & still is. I hope at least one member of that Hawksbury clan survived that massacre. To live is the ultimate revenge here.

  8. The Aboriginies of Australia were massacred and killed. This European man is a beast by nature. But thats why Europe is suffering now. The UK is suffering. Their economy and the rest of Europe is falling. Because the Most High has paid them a visit. He clearly said in his word, I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee. Thats back in Genesis. Every place they lay their hand upon Gods people, their catching hell. So I dont need to fret myself. The Most High got everything under control. Do I hate white people? No, absolutely not. Hate is a waste of time. The Father got something for all the wicked nations of the earth that harmed his people, Israel.

  9. Gary Santo says:

    yet the "thing" that possessed them to do such heinous crimes then, has never been identified, isolated or addressed as such up to this day. So whatever it was…it remains dormant within them and is masked only by their attempt to establish a global society! We live with our monsters…scary!

  10. I agree, except for Ireland. The only European country that also got f'd over by the British, and are still colonized by them. They never colonized anyone, an Irish Revolutionary by the name of Bernadette Devlin came to NY..they gave her the key the city, she turned around and gave it to the Black Panthers. The revolutionaries there look to Black America as the vanguard of the revolution. But, Europe, got damn. Sickest thing that ever happened to the planet. "The devil said 'It's too many niggas in heaven.' That's when he went and founded Europe." –Amiri Baraka.

  11. Theirs a reason why the Honorable Elijah Muhammad called them a race of devils it's their very nature to murder and cause bloodshed where ever they go. And for those whites that say this generation has nothing to do with what happened in those days remember the scriptures say that the sins of the father will be carried over on to the children. So if your reaping the rewards from what your father's have done and are not working to repair the damage that was done to Black People then know that God has prepared a lake of fire for all your people. God said an eye for an eye a life for a life that means not one of you white people will be left on this planet unless your involved in the resurrection of a people that your father's and this present day generation of whites have helped to destroy. You have killed over 600 million of the darker people of this planet and you number around 400 million. A life for a life. You have but a very short time to help repair the damage because the forces of nature are against you now and it's getting worse.

  12. They are catching hell because they cannot enslave Afurakan people anymore, they got to figure out a way to survive without stealing, killig, and enslaving people, which will be hard for them to do, that is why immigration is such a hot button issue, they want these people to come in and work for slave wages.

  13. That is what I say too.

  14. Da Mozhefa says:

    same spirit, same deeds with a modern face: the racist scum now has ELF n they're busy……

  15. Jason Binns says:

    you have a unique view of history and the world – ignorant twit!

  16. Cris Vangel says:

    When you paint a whole group of people with a very large brush, that, in and of itself is akin to racism. And as for your "god"… 2,000 years and not a speck of proof, nobody with a brain is buying that shite anymore. Nobody.

  17. the secret country by john pilger


  19. YAH…IS ALL …YAHSHUA …his son…have his chosen people…we will hear him call bc we know our name…

  20. Cris Vangel interesting..paint a whole group of people with a very LARGE brush … interesting ..WHOM WERE THE ONE WITH THE PAINT BRUSH Cris Vangel…START THERE..OWN YES FROM YOUR OWN WORDS FROM WHERE RACISM IS BIRTHED….

  21. Sam Autio says:

    Nonsense! Burying babies and kicking their heads off is about as sick as you can get.

  22. Cris Vangel No Evidence? Your Deaf, Blind, and probably Dumb

  23. What the hell is WRONG with people? It is definitely the white (civilised? I think not!) men who were the savages. Beyond comprehension. I am ashamed that I share the same colour skin as the perpetrators of this atrocity.

    And the truth needs to be heard, known, & acknowledged. Not hidden. Not changed or re-written. As children, we were taught a history that was a total lie. We knew no better. Our children WILL be taught the truth. There was no "white settlement" the way we were taught. There was an invasion, bloodshed, torture, & an almost successful genocide of Australian Aboriginals. Our brutal ancestry, shameful as it is, WILL be known. And we will forever be ashamed.

    Personally, I am so very very sorry.

    We are all people. All the same. All human. And humans continue to kill each other. The past lessons go unlearned, & it breaks my heart. I do believe that we will all stand answerable in death for the way we have lived, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We will be judged, each & every one, by the same criteria. By the way we lived. I think many many souls will not enjoy their eternity…….

  24. Mara Cohen says:

    Well, you have to look at the Canon of International Law. the Papal "Doctrine of Discovery" has never been abrogated by the Papcy, and still stands.

  25. But the British were racist even against other whites like the Irish…even in Australia. But what they did to the aborigines under the 'protectorate' was unforgivable… Even when I was younger I battled class 'racism' for not being British descent in Australia. And that was in the 70s! My best freind who is aboriginal had it way worse. Many were 'passing' if they could way up into the 80s. Some probably still do.
    Research 'Aboriginal protectorate' and read up on it.

  26. Yes there is law, and there is Lore…..

  27. By the time my relatives fled to Australia from famine the damage was already done…so white people are not all Devils, that's a ridiculous and racist statement.

  28. Jim Altimira says:

    Discusted,could not watch it all as it made me feel sick

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