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Mixed Reactions On Social Media As Tyrese Calls For ‘Unopened’ Bottles of Water Be Sent to Rural Parts of Africa

Fast and Furious 7 actor Tyrese has suggested that “unopened bottles of water” that are usually dumped by travelers in American airports, should be shipped to “rural parts of Africa where they don’t have any fresh drinking water.”

In a Facebook post, Tyrese asked his fans to “chime in and how about we get a petition going…… ?#‎WaterBottleMission.” Kenyans on the social media platform reacted to the post. Some were furious at suggestion of getting “dumped water” while others thought the idea is “great is alleviating water problems” in parts of Africa.

A not so happy fan wrote, “See, the mentality here is that Africa is a country; that ALL Africa is in want. America also has areas that don’t have water. In California, water is being rationed. Why not take the water to North Korea? Why not say he will go to Africa, to a country of his choice and an informed assessment of the needs and how the local people can work together to overcome the problem. If it is helping, don’t give the fish, give the fishing rod.”

Another fan with a different opinion weighed in saying, “I am tired of the so called learned Africans going about quoting great men and women in the name of decolonising and empowering Africa yet they are practicing the same social evil they claim to be against.”

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