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8 Ways Caucasian People’s Implicit Racial Biases Continue to Oppress Black People


White People More Likely to Support the Death Penalty for Black People

Another 2012 Stanford study revealed just how severe racial biases were when it comes to the justice system. Not only were Black suspects far more likely to receive long sentences and be assumed to be criminals, but their white counterparts were far more likely to support the death sentence when a Black suspect was involved. “Our must startling finding is that many whites actually become more supportive of the death penalty upon learning that it discriminates against blacks,” the study’s authors wrote.


White People Are Far Less Sympathetic to Black People

Several studies found that white people, including white children, were far less likely to be sympathetic toward Black people or be concerned about their pain. One of the studies focused on children around the age of 7 and discovered that white children near this age began to “believe black children are less susceptible to pain than white children,” Salon reports. Another study noted the medical disparities that Black people face. The study found that emergency room personnel were less likely to give Black and Hispanic children pain medication even when their pains were described as severe.

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