10 Books That Had A #BlackLivesMatter Agenda Long Before Twitter


129268‘In My Father’s House: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture’

“A groundbreaking — as well as ground-clearing — analysis of absurdities and damaging presuppositions that have clouded our discussions of race, Africa and nationalism since the 19th century … Mr. (Kwame Anthony) Appiah delivers what may very well be one of the handful of theoretical works on race that will help preserve our humanity and guide us gracefully into the next century.” — Charles Johnson, The New York Times Book Review


In this 2001 book, Claud Anderson obliterates the myths and illusion of Black progress and gathers data from many sources to construct a framework for solutions to the obstacles facing Black America. He also proposes new principles, strategies and concepts to show African-Americans an alternative way of processing racial issues. The book offers guidance, insightful analysis and action steps that Black people can take to redesign core areas of life — education, economics, politics and religion – to better benefit the race.

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