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13 thoughts on “This Video Destroys Law Enforcement’s Justification For Shooting Someone Because He Reached For His Gun

  1. Ryan Frazier says:

    Maybe there should be a class action lawsuit against the makers of the holsters, claiming that the holsters don't inspire responsible behavior by the users (police)

  2. may we should wake and realize that they are killing us and getting away with.

  3. I wish Johnson City Police Officer David Smith saw this video. But he can't because a suspect was able to get his weapon out of his holster and shoot him 7 times. It is rare. But all equipment has the potential to fail.

  4. Man, the police definitely controls the story.

  5. The purges coming

  6. Tom Cowsert says:

    Sorry, but I find that video to be quite biased. Do all of that with the exact holster, weapon and scenario in this incident where the police officer whose weapon was allegedly taken, and I will pay attention.

  7. Sorry, but this video is absurd.
    A retention holster is designed to prevent a bad guy from easily getting a weapon away from the owner.

    But if ANYONE puts his hands on, grabs, or reaches at another person's firearm, cop or not, then the grabber is creating a critical incident. Grabbing someone's gun, holstered or not, is presenting deadly force.

    it is NOT the responsibility of ANYONE to assume the gun grabber might not know how to operate a retention holster.

    Its simple, if you try to reach for or grab a gun from someone, you are the one making a threat, then you get shot repeatedly… usually until the slide locks back, because that's what you deserve.

  8. Zell Ford says:

    Except that's not the reality of the situation.

    Just how hard is it to stop a tasered man on his back with 4 police officers on each limb of him from reaching for a firearm? When the cop yelled, "Get off my gun!" repeatedly, the other 3 officers didn't even respond to this so-called imminent threat. Two of them were still dilly-dallying with each of his legs. Why?

    It makes no sense. The only thing that seems to make sense is that 4 bummy cops can't even properly detain 1 man. How do 4 "professionals" literally fail at simply taking each of his man's limbs (as they were positioned for it), and throwing him in the backseat of a car? These men could lift a F1 car and set it upside down. Why they did not exert a sense of control for the situation puts their claims of what happened beneath the guillotine.

  9. Greg Joseph says:

    As convincing as this video seems, these guys are completely ignoring that the release button is not hard to find and that it doesn't take much pressure to push it down and release the gun. In a violent struggle, ANY person can unintentionally press the release button if they grab a hold of it a certain way. It's not the sword of exclaimer or Thor's mighty hammer — It's just a button. You also have to take into account that you don't know if a person reaching for a holstered gun knows how to use the release button or not. I wouldn't want to find out the hard way.

    Standing in front of camera and jerking on holstered gun in a way that you already know wont release the gun might be believable to some, but any trained person would likely disagree.

    I'm not justifying the LA incident. I wasn't there and I'm not siding with anyone involved. I'm just calling out misinformation.

  10. Triz Guru says:

    That is the way its supposed to work they don't always work that way my friend. I would like to see how you would react if someone reached for your weapon. You would freak out like a bitch and fight for your life. I don't think you would just say, go ahead try and take it. Moronic and imbecile.

  11. ARE YOU TRYING to say a felon reaching for the gun will NEVER touch that little thumb switch?
    Stop with this bs, it is only ENABLING thug behavior.

  12. You can't post the truth here?

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