8 Eye Opening Studies That Quantify White Privilege Into Undeniable Stats


635596450756737020-1479638364_employment-applicationJob Opportunities and the Name Game

In a study performed by Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan, professors at Iowa State University, fictitious resumes with names that indicated race were sent to help-wanted ads in Boston and Chicago newspapers. To manipulate perceived race, resumes are randomly assigned African-American or white-sounding names. White names received 50 percent more callbacks for interviews. Callbacks are also more responsive to resume quality for white names than for African-American ones. The study said, “The racial gap is uniform across occupation, industry, and employer size. We also find little evidence that employers are inferring social class from the names. Differential treatment by race still appears to still be prominent in the U.S. labor market.”

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