7 Reasons Why Many People in the African Diaspora Are Repatriating to Ghana


Casa_do_Brasil_em_Acra,_Gana_-_Brazil_House_in_Accra,_GhanaGhana Accepts African Diaspora With Open Arms

While the African Union and African nongovernmental organizations are also working to lure African descendants abroad back to the continent, Ghana is leading the way. In 2012, Ghanaian Foreign Minister Muhammad Mumuni spoke at the first Global African Diaspora summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, telling the audience his government had given a “right of abode” in Ghana to any person of African descent from the Diaspora. This includes the right to enter the country without a visa, to remain indefinitely and to work there without the usual work permit. The Ghanaian government has offered an official apology for Ghana’s role in the transatlantic slave trade and there is reportedly free land set aside for individuals from the Diaspora.

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