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3 thoughts on “The Racism This Video Reveals In South African Schools Is The Distressing Truth Of How Apartheid Still Permeates The Culture

  1. why are the white students walking outside with shoes but the Black students are walking outside in slippers/socks? everybody is suppose to be in either shoes or slippers outdoors.

  2. What is most important is that the Blacks are receiving the exact education as the whites. Them living in the same quarters, sitting on the same toilet, or wheather one has shoes or not is important but should never supersede that which is of great importance, and that is wheather their being properly educated. In time , if this generations of blacks and those that follow received the highest standard of education, the shoes will come along with a lot of other things of concern, and maybe the Boers and those that protect and agree with them will finally see no need to live life on the continent of Africa……….

  3. Jan Holmes says:

    I am EFFING baffled that the people of color are allowing this to happen….Wake the fuck up. This is your country….Wake up and do something instead of bitching about it.

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