8 Cases Where A Black Celebrity Was Whitewashed For A Magazine Cover or Ad Campaign


Halle Berry Harper Bazaar

Halle Berry on Harper’s Bazaar

Back in 2009, the actress was featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, but her image quickly sparked backlash. The Daily News deemed Berry the “latest victim of overzealous Photoshopping” when the magazine hit the stands. Fans of the actress complained that her skin had been lightened so much that she practically “blends in with that light brown hair,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Beyonce Loreal ad

Beyonce in L’Oreal Ad

When Beyonce was featured in a L’Oreal ad back in 2008, the picture was so drastically lightened that some actually accused Beyonce of bleaching her skin. As it turned out, it was the ad that washed the color away from the pop star’s face. Celebrity news site TMZ referred to the image as “bleached out” and “Photoshopped” and even launched a poll online asking if that whitewashed photo was a “slap” to the Black community. The pollsters agreed that it was.

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