10 NBA Players Who Made The Most Money In Their Careers (Spoiler Alert: Jordan and LeBron Did Not Make The List)


6a00e54f7fc4c5883301a3fcfdb09e970b5. Dirk Nowitzki – $204,063,985

Nowitzki, from Germany, opened the game for European players. The 2006-2007 MVP and 2011 Finals MVP, when he led the Dallas Mavericks to their first championship, made $22.7 million last year, the most he’s made in his 16-year career.

kiddnets_153447-L0x06. Jason Kidd – $187,675,468

The coach of the Milwaukee Bucks was a tremendous NBA point guard who is No. 1 in league history in triple-doubles with 118. The closest to him is Magic Johnson with 79. Kidd made $21.4 million in the 2008-2009 season.

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