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In a Move That Could Spell More Trouble for Black Community, NY Police Officials Tell State Lawmakers to Stiffen Penalties for Resisting Arrest

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton

In a development that could have alarming implications for Black people in New York, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton and Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch called on the state legislature to stiffen the penalties the public faces for resisting arrest in New York.

The legislators indicated that they may be in the process of changing the penalty for resisting arrest from a misdemeanor to a felony during a hearing on public security convened by several committees of the the New York State Senate. Asked about such a change, Bratton suggested it’s an idea he enthusiastically supports.

Bratton told the State Senate, according to Buzzfeed, “If you don’t want us to enforce something, don’t make it a law.”

After the hearing, he said to reporters, “We need to get around this idea that you can resist arrest. One of the ways to do that is to give penalties for that.”

If such a change were made by the legislature, the penalty for resisting arrest could leap from a maximum of one year in prison to anything from four years of probation to life in prison.

Lynch also called for enhanced penalties against protesters, asking the legislature to make assaulting a police officer at a public assembly a Class B felony, which would carry a penalty of up to 25 years in prison.

“We believe this change in law is necessary to deter the type of conduct we saw during last month’s demonstrations,” Lynch said, according to his prepared remarks.

This is a classic example of how the powerful can change laws behind the scenes that have dramatic impacts on Black communities. After months of angry demonstrations in New York and across the country to protest police taking Black lives and not being punished, the legislature and police officials appear to be conspiring to give police even more power to destroy the Black community. The issue is potentially huge for young African-Americans—St. Louis area residents have told Atlanta Blackstar that some of the young people arrested in protests over the summer after Michael Brown’s death are still in jail because they weren’t able to make bail.

In addition, many analyses have indicated that overly aggressive police offices often use the resisting arrest charge to cover up their aggression—i.e, they needed to use excessive force because the person was resisting arrest.

In New York, a 2014 report from WNYC indicated that 40 percent of resisting-arrest cases are brought in by just 5 percent of police officers. 

“There’s a widespread pattern in American policing where resisting arrest charges are used to sort of cover—and that phrase is used—the officer’s use of force,” police accountability expert Sam Walker of the University of Nebraska told WNYC. “Why did the officer use force? Well, the person was resisting arrest.”

Last September, the New York Times quoted an anonymous police official as saying the NYPD was tracking the officers who bring an extreme amount of resisting arrest charges as a red flag for use of excessive force.

“If resisting arrest is a reasonable indicator of the use of force, department statistics for 2013 suggest that officers used force more regularly than indicated on arrest reports,” the Times wrote. “In 2013, there were 12,453 arrests that included charges of resisting arrest, about 3.1 percent of all arrests, thousands more than the total number of recorded uses of force.”

So to increase the charge to a felony would be handing even more power and authority over to these bad cops to potentially ruin many Black lives.

During the hearing, there apparently was a disagreement between Bratton and Lynch about the continued use of the “broken windows” philosophy of policing, which many critics have argued is racist in its enforcement of quality of life crimes.

Bratton defended the policy while Lynch said the department’s emphasis on statistics, numbers, and low-level arrests was the fundamental cause of the public’s mistrust in the police.

“As long as I’m commissioner, enforcing broken windows will be a priority of this department,” Bratton said, describing it as “weeding a beautiful garden,” according to Buzzfeed.

But Lynch said that the theory had “driven a wedge” between the police and civilians and given rise to the anti-cop climate that, he said, culminated in last year’s murder of two police officers.

“If the problem is solved and the numbers are down, so be it,” Lynch said, implying that the city had changed from the place in the 1990s when homicides reached more than 2,000 per year.


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93 thoughts on “In a Move That Could Spell More Trouble for Black Community, NY Police Officials Tell State Lawmakers to Stiffen Penalties for Resisting Arrest

  1. Hank Wilson says:

    Always talking about nothing, any article like this one is a dime a dozen. Here are the facts. Every 2, (3), 5 and 6 years, we the African Americans give our votes to African ethnic politicians all across America. Yet, we never demand that they write into their platforms, public policies and goals that states that they will reverse unjust laws aganist our communities. Just like clock work, we give them our votes and in return we get a body, an African ethnic politician and the same old same old. Where as White Liberals get their demands met, for example action-statements written on stone tablets and a list of their demands are published by the media 24/7.

    Answer: African ethnic politicans are paid off, silenced, black-mail and many of them who are allowed to seek political office are genetically predisposed to selling out their own ethnicity for a few bread crumbs. Otherwise, how is it so easy for other ethnic groups and interest groups such as the LGBT, Hollywood, Pro-abortionist, Environmental groups, Unions and Police Unions make so much progress with their wish-list? Yet, here we go again folks, the African ethnic group going back seating it, again, deya vu-par for the course!! Here is the cure folks, we must own our politicians from the cradle to the grave…it's that simple folks.

  2. They continue to push a racial agenda to fill up the prisons. However, people see the BS. They just can't accept the fact that we don't trust them anymore. Tell them look at your history. It speaks for itself.

  3. Hank Wilson says:

    Yep my thoughts exactly…

  4. Uhhh, you just killed a man for selling untaxed cigarettes, I think that the highest penalty for resisting arrest there is.

  5. Debra Wells says:

    Bratton is an evil, racist man and does not need to hold the position that he does! Black New Yorkers and anyone else of conscious needs to monitor and protest this type of "lawmaking", no matter where it appears; this has to be challenged immediately otherwise it will have very dire consequences on the Black community!

  6. What about profiling and wrongful arrest? Do we have the right to say you have the wrong person or is that resisting? I see where this is going!

  7. Blame Mayor Bill DeBlasio, he gave the power to Bratton again ! Blasio ran of the backs of the minorities in the NYC community, Mayor Bill Deblasio sold you all out in NYC ! He's the one thats destroying the people of color lives, WOW !! His A/A kids will live, but all of your kids will B incarcerated, in prison, rehabs (mental, drug, ect), lineages destroyed ! Get DeBlasio out because he also has set the stage by bringing Bratton back ……….. "He, Mayor DeBlasio needs 2 B protested !!!

  8. Kp Mensah says:

    I don't think the problem is Ethnic politicians I think the problem is……

  9. Hank Wilson says:

    Politicians can be legally bought as of the 2010, Supreme Court decision:

    "Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, No. 08-205, 558 U.S. 310 (2010)[dead link], is a U.S. constitutional lawcase dealing with the regulation of campaign spending by organizations. The United States Supreme Court held that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation. The principles articulated by the Supreme Court in the case have also been extended to for-profit corporations, labor unions and other associations."

    Hell, if everybody else is buying for themselves politicians, can't the African American community own at least 1 or 2 politicians too…lol?

  10. It's because the black community is a basket case of mental and emotional disturbed individuals. Where a section of black men hate black men and even their own sons, but that same group doesn't want that black man to go somewhere else for a woman. Black elders hating the young because they don't get no respect. Black gays hating blacks because it's all about the gay sex first etc. etc. etc. We don't get it that they are trying to kill us until it's our turn to get our nigger moment and then they look like a deer caught in headlights and don't know what to do. They hate other blacks and their own color so much that as long as they are able to get that butter biscuit from white daddy or mommy they will throw another black person under the bus.

  11. Shawn Mc says:

    de blasio is covering his ass, he trying to win back the support of the police and hoping the crime rate don't elevate.

  12. They should name that legislation Resisting Harassment. The police benevolent association is just a cover for the KKK in NY. Tell them I said so!

  13. If black people are worried about their "lives being ruined" maybe they shouldn't break the law or resist arrest after they have. Ill give the same advice to any race.

  14. He wasn't murdered by police…get your facts straight. He probably still be alive if he didn't break the law or if he simply obeyed the officers commands.

  15. Scott Hanley says:

    Brian Superfly YOU. FUCKING. IDIOT! Trolling POS. HE WAS MURDERED by one cop while twelve watched. Watch the fucking video!

  16. LS Bell says:

    At least you're consistent. Completely daft but consistent. Smh

  17. Jim Sikorski says:

    This "problem" as you seem to see it is solved with one word……COMPLIANCE…To Mr. Scott Hanley…..perhaps you should review the video… see you CAN NOT scream I can't breathe if you are being choked. If yo look closely at the video the officers arm is under his chin. Doubt me…have someone choke you …..really choke you….you can barely utter a word let alone a sentence. If he had complied we would not be having this discussion.

  18. Actually you can speak when being choked why do you think people being assaulted can usually yell or say stop or no for a few mins UNTIL they are killed. And Compliance does not always work, we have seen videos of innocent bystanders video taping cops to make sure they dont go overboard just to have their rights violated n taken into custody " resisting or interfering with an investigation".

  19. Torin Amar says:

    I've been saying that all along. Ever since the citations for jay walking incident, it was extremely clear that the Major only cares about generating revenue. Sure he made that comment against the police but when the cops stopped making revenue for him then that's when the major felt he had no choice but to bow down to them. Deblasio has never been about anyone but himself.

  20. Shawn Mc says:

    many of our politicians main job is being a politician so they depend on it and don't want to rock the boat. they tend to not have business connections for investments , experience is building infrastructure or legal experience to write bills.

  21. Scott Hanley YOU FUCKING IDIOT IGNORANT POS. HE DIED BECAUSE HE WAS A FAT FUCK. A grand jury of 12 (presented with more facts, evidence and testimony that you or I) cleared the police of any wrong doing. It takes 3-4 minutes of strangling to kill a person…the cop was on garners neck for 40 seconds.

  22. Yea…because its "daft" to expect people to follow the same laws as everyone else…

  23. So your basically implying by adding "black" to your article that black lives will be ruined by this basically saying you get introuble and do shitbut still respect us… Stip actin like ppl dont rob kill and rape who are black … Every race does… Stop implyin this law is for u because how u word it in your article show your basically saying yes we do shit to make cops fuck with us being illegal or not illegal my boyfriend (black man) laughed at this article how you made it seem like "black lives will be ruined" well are u doing shit that will have cops called on u is thequestion

  24. Kevin Healy says:

    How about if you're black it would be a misdemeanor.

  25. White people are the main lawbreakers.#stopwhiteonwhitecrime

  26. Brian maybe if you got your head out of the governments ass, Stopped watching the news all day, And stopped believing the government biased "statistics" and actually thought for yourself maybe you wouldn't have to worry about ruining your own life with your own stupidity. But I realize that you've probably done nothing with your life and youre not on an intellectual level enough to actually not eat what the government is handfeeding you. Your kind will die off soon enough and the world will be better off without you guys. Have a nice day being stupid, average American idiot.

  27. We don't need more bad laws in the hand of cops. Reverse the unjust ones show the people the system is not just f**KING with them. Madness.

  28. Definitely a gestapo tactic to crack down on dissent. Hope the NYCLU and Center for Constitutional Rights take aim at this.

  29. Toni Dunbar says:

    This is very short-sighted. Resistance is at the heart of humanity: resisting physical violation is instinctive, resisting injustice is a moral imperative, resisting oppression is the right of every human being. Legitimizing and ever-broadening violence against the public by these and other "public servants" leaves the innocent with no where to turn, and raises the stakes of resistance to no-holds-barred levels.

    It would do better if the police were not an occupying army arrayed against poor and people of color, inexplicably fearful behind helmets, vests, and shields, with 20lb of lethal armature around their waists, armored vehicles and the full right and privilege to murder civilians with no more consequence than a few weeks leave with pay. Fear for one’s safety under those conditions is a kind that comes from within, not from any forces without. Perhaps a re-training – re-orientation – is in order, one that focuses on waging peace and not war among the citizenry, one that recalls the meanings of “serve” and “protect.” Today, unfortunately, the police state is an ideology, a foreign ideology in that it sets itself up over and against “the people,” when the people are poor and/or Not White. Again I say this action is ill-advised. Tightening the noose or grinding the boot will hasten a revolution, the very revolution that the more and more draconian pressures are thought likely to suppress. Wise men like Woodrow Wilson (“The seed of revolution is repression.”) and JFK, Jr. (“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”) had both global and domestic perspectives, but most recently it was Malcolm X – yes, Malcolm X, El Hajj Malik el Shabazz – who said “America is the first country…that can have a bloodless revolution.” I am old now, and physically weak, but I’ll stake my life and my supposed liberty on this fact: I am a #CITIZEN NOT SUSPECT.

  30. Eduardo Vega says:

    deblasio was supposed to be the black mans friend. He dragged around his black wife daughter and big afro wearing son. Everyone supported him when the police turned their backs but everyone failed to see that he was in an uproar when he saw the arrest numbers and MOST IMPORTANTLY tickets money go down…..The Cops did the right thing..they know that they are FORCED to produce Tickets and B.S. arrests they stopped and who ordered them back…DEBLASIO – THE FRIEND OF THE MINORITY CITIZEN – THAT's WHO!

  31. Toni Dunbar says:

    More on abuse of "resisting arrest." Here is a video of a recent event, followed by news coverage. In short, SF police arrest a Public Defender for "resisting arrest" when there was CLEARLY no rational cause or crime (then of course, say the officer "acted appropriately"). Food for thought: if this can happen to a person of her demographic – peaceful, professional, courteous, female, White – and on camera, in a politically liberal City – what possible future can there be for the rest of us, anywhere? Unmistakably, resistance to injustice is an ongoing imperative, in government and life.

  32. Actually…..Whites commit 70 of all crime in the US per FBI STATISTICS. Look it up…..

  33. How abut a law that says its a felony to kill an unarmed suspect during an arrest? How about some training for police officers on ways to make and arrest that doesn't result in death if the suspect is unarmed and they know it? How about a law that says once a suspect is on the ground a police officer who kicks that suspect should be arrested, indicted, and tried for using unnecessary force?

  34. Jason Smith says:

    You know what would be awesome? Reading comprehension. What makes you feel this would have "implications for black people" except for the fact that more black people fight with police? Instead of condoning that sort of behavior with excuses of racism, you need to realize that you do not have a legal right to resist arrest, period. Your street law degree is meaningless. Get a lawyer and sue if, after consulting the penal law, you feel the law wasn't served. If you tell me the system is broken, look no further than the frivolous lawsuits the city entertains and gives payouts for.

  35. Damon Brown says:

    Brian Superfly Let me see you remain calm and stand still when you're in fear for your life, and someone is trying to choke the shit outta you. And, if he did break the law he still didn't deserve to die for selling cigarettes! Don't be ridiculous.

  36. Glenn Burke says:

    So this headline is equating Black people with resisting arrest, claiming that making it more difficult to resist arrest is being unfair to Black people. At what point do our politics actually demand accountablity for Black people, because this is plain embarrassing.

  37. Glenn Burke says:

    Black people never trusted white people. That's the problem here. We don't know the difference between being held captive in slavery and being held accountable in a society of law and order.

  38. Glenn Burke says:

    Black people never trusted white people. That's the problem here. We don't know the difference between being held captive in slavery and being held accountable in a society of law and order. The very idea that we should be entitled to resist arrest is absurd – yet just look at how many of us believe it.

  39. Glenn Burke says:

    That means Blacks commit twice as much sinse we are only 14 percent of the population. Besides that's really irrelevant to the idea of resisting arrest. I mean if Black people are seriously expecting that we should be entitled to resist arrest unlike anyone else in this country, then we as Black people have a problem. And calling it "racism" doesn't look too good on us.

  40. Glenn Burke Well, the main problem with this whole resisting arrest is t=it's subjective. I can attempt to arrest you for whatever and you say "what have I done?" You're technicality resisting arrest. That's one year and a felony on the record. Now you can't vote either.

  41. Glenn Burke says:

    No one is entitled to resist arrest. It's illegal no matter what color you are.

  42. Glenn Burke says:

    No one is entitled to resist arrest. It's illegal no matter what color you are. The people who are calling this "racist" are the actual racists.


  44. This is the worst idea I've heard yet…this just gives too much power to the police… How is resisting arrest defined? Is the mayor in favor of this too. Enact this law and we will officially have a POLICE STATE. A law like this will put an end to public demonstrations. This does not bode well for either blacks or whites.

  45. this to stop the protest but will only backfire….more people will protest this law!

  46. Mark Harris says:

    Resisting arrest is another charge of assaulting a Police think about it. Even if they are undercover

  47. Mark Harris says:

    Jim Sikorski the cause of death was through choking. Wow sick people. There is a need for more Black lawyers in North America. 75% of police men are on drugs ask their doctor. Apartheid in NY. Eric Garner was killed so the store owner can continue to sell loosie.

  48. Mark Harris says:

    What really pissed off Republicans: His comment during Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court that Alito’s “record envisions an America where police may shoot and kill an unarmed boy to stop him from running away with a stolen purse.”

    Read more: OZY – Smarter, Fresher, Different

  49. Damon Brown Every other group of citizens in the United States understands that it's illegal to resist arrest. Black folks have a problem alright, but it isn't white people or cops.

  50. Mark Harris says:

    Take sense out if need nsense, why did coos have dash camera and body camera. Why did the cop take off his camera just before he killed a man, saying he doesn't know how to put the camera back on. Then the force said he has to get training

  51. Case in point. You think that being Black entitles you to be treated differently than any other citizen.

  52. Thank you Glenn. Our people are eternal victims, never responsible always putting the blame off one white people. It will not get better until we wake up and learn how to be responsible for ourselves.

  53. Mark Harris says:

    The police are paid more than a construction worker. In Toronto one don't have to commit a crime to be assaulted by a police.

  54. Perhaps you should learn a little something about citizenship and the rule of law before you rant about racism in America. No one is allowed to resist arrest.

  55. Mark Harris says:

    How come it wasn't in NY news? Is it a down low. And underhanded. Just now black wouldn't be able to look for work in Manhattan.

  56. Eric garner was committing a crime, The store owner was losing profits AND COMPLAINED, the state and city losing tax money on cigarettes, and Eric Garner was NOT killed by police.

    He was killed by being two Big Macs away from a coronary attack. HIS OWN MORBID OBESITY KILLED HIM, an HOUR after he was arrested.

  57. And if you watch the video that is available closely, he was NOT in a choke hold, he was being restrained by a headlock, a DIFFERENT move. I cannot believe the ignorance and profanity of those defending the person who was being arrested. You have no constitutional right to resist a lawful arrest.

  58. Dwight Beasley You DO have a constitutional right to know the charge you are being arrested for. Asking what you are being arrested for is NOT resisting.

  59. Dwight Beasley Not all felony arrests will garner you a loss of your right to vote. And MOST resisting arrest charges are NOT a felony. That depends on degree.

    And resisting is NOT a felony in most states, unless the resiting is to such a degree that you are assaulting the officers arresting you in a high and aggravated nature or with intent to kill.

    There seem to be a lot of jailhouse lawyers in this thread.

  60. Claiming a civilian died for resisting is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. Victims of serial killers die from resisting, but a cop does not have the right to sentence civilians to capital punishment for resisting. Its a violation of your civil rights. Jonathan Ferrell, Oscar Grant, and Levar Edward Jones. were not resisting. Google the names, view the videos. Obedience will not prevent a cop from using unnecessary force.

  61. Glenn…that's basically what I'm saying. I do think we have way too many laws in this country. And police are expected to make arrests and give tickets to justify their paycheck (like any other job) so they enforce laws like selling untaxed cigarettes. People should not be mad at police for doing their jobs, they should be upset at Politian's for making these dumb laws. There are over 12 million arrest made in the USA every year. You cant expect 100% of them without a glitch. The media sensationalizes stories like Brown, Garner, and Martin for ratings…not to tell the complete truth. People don't realize that there are about 60,000 assaults made on police each year and 120/yr have died simply doing their jobs…not committing a crime. Its time people accepted responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming others for their misfortunes.

  62. It would seem that your reading comprehension isn't up to par as well. The article stated more than once that most charges of resisting arrest are false and is used to cover up police brutality, that most such charges are used by a handful of cops and this law would give bad cops more power to ruin black lives with such bogus charges that was my takeaway. Black people do not feel like we have the right to resist. On the contrary, the law is not applied equally. The gist was that it is applied unfairly to people of color. Reading is fundamental .

  63. Avis Writes says:

    To make such a move is to presume, falsely, that every police officer is mature, has an interest in justice not just enforcement, is intelligent, is mentally and emotionally balanced, can discern reality from pretense, can override personal prejudices, and can employ sound judgment in every situation. Very few non-police officers possess all of these attributes in large doses. To imply that every police officer does possess these qualities, or that these attributes aren't necessary for good policing, is a careless and oh-so-dangerous position for a so-called leader to take. This man will have so much blood on his hands, and it will be the blood of more than just those in minority neighborhoods. The ramifications of such legislation will backfire for generations and generations and generations to come. It will wipe out the character of this country.

  64. Damon Brown says:

    John T Macf Mood You know that and I know that. Unfortuanately, when a cop with an attitude hears that question, they DON'T seem to know that! Or be thinking of constitutional law. I've seen first-hand, people arrested in NYC many times, simply for asking the very same question "What did I do?" When, they were'nt doing anything. I've seen cops get offended and angrier when asked, as if you DON'T have the right to ask them that. Giving them more rights to take away ours is not the answer.

  65. Nicely put Hank Wilson: "… we must own our politicians from the cradle to the grave… it's that simple folks." So, how do we do that, especially folks raising families, working two jobs and dealing with the inequities realties of day-to-day living (in NYC that would Stop&Frisk, Broken Windows and all that other gestapo stuff.

  66. Hofa Bang says:

    you can't vote if you have a felony….. Yall better nip this shit in the bud…

  67. Donna Smith says:

    Scott Hanley he wasnt murdered, he died, there is a difference, and calling people names just shows your ignorance.

  68. Brian Superfly Bill Deblasio had mandated the police to bust people selling cigarattes. That's the hypocrital irony of this entire situation.

  69. Will Ewing Sr You think that because the article "stated" something that makes it a fact? Oh HELL no Will Ewing, wake up. We are responsible for ourselves. There is little evidence of your claim, its all emotions. Glenn is right on point. You care about Black Lives? Teach young men how to respect law. I GUARANTEE you'll save lives.

  70. Cops do not have the right to sentence civilians to capital punishment for resisting, its a civil rights violation. They could have simply ticketed the man and sent him on his way. I'm not concerned with drug dealers, shoplifters, or bootleggers. I'm afraid of all the serial killers, pedophiles, school shooters, rapist, and bombers that easily elude the police because the cops are distracted and more focused on (non) threatening crimes. Cops should be searching for our missing loved ones, harassing pedophiles, and preventing mass school shooting. Not (causing) the death over civilians for misdemeanor offenses. What they are doing is not (protect & serve).

  71. Damon I was arrest twice when I was a kid. I remained calm, I put my hands behind my back like I was told and cooperated like I was told. There is no reason to fear for your life if you don't break the law. I don't think he should have died for such a dumb law, but he was in control of his own fate.

  72. Damon I was arrest twice when I was a kid. I remained calm, I put my hands behind my back like I was told and cooperated like I was told. There is no reason to fear for your life if you don't break the law. I don't think he should have died for such a dumb law, but he was in control of his own fate.

  73. Brian Superfly Good for you. I understand your convictions that civil obedience is the best option. However, I think you're confusing (resisting) with (police brutality) and the two are entirely different issue. You can be in full compliance with an officer who has a record of (civilian abuse). God forbid, one day you're pulled over by an abusive cop. Then no amount of compliance will protect you. (SEE VIDEO LINKS) – (TASERED FOR FUN) (SHOT AFTER OFFICER ASK FOR DRIVER'S LICENSE) –

  74. Many of you believe that (civil obedience) will prevent an aggressive response from cops. You are sadly mistaken, and probably confusing (resisting) with (police brutality) and the two are entirely different issue. You can be in full compliance with an officer who has a record of (civilian abuse). God forbid, one day you're confronted by an abusive cop. Then no amount of compliance will protect you. (SEE VIDEO LINKS) – (TASERED FOR FUN) (SHOT AFTER OFFICER ASK FOR DRIVER'S LICENSE) –

  75. Par Le Patreq And you're confusing law and order with "racism".

  76. How about teaching white cops to respect black people instead? Gun control laws only happen when black people start carrying guns to protect themselves from racist cops. Why is that?

  77. Until you come face to face with a racist cop who will shoot you down for asking, "What's the charge, officer?" Go ahead! Pretend that shit doesn't happen?

  78. Toni your response to this issue is so true that there's no logical argument against. And people of color know exactly how 'Resisting arrest' is used. And anyone who doesn't truly understand where we're coming doesn't have the right to comment on it.

  79. Carson Forde says:

    Carl Mitchell You seem not to understand what the pastor is saying he is right and you are still living under a rock. As black people we are being denied just about all our rights so what gives you the notion that if we become subservient to the police that we we will be recognize as citizens. There is an all out war on young black men and if you cannot comprehend that then you should stop commenting on these sensitive issues that effect real black people.

  80. Carson Forde says:

    Glenn Burke Is that all you have to say please go to bed you are annoying.

  81. Carson Forde says:

    Thanks my brother you said it right.Most black men are perceived as thugs the buzz word a euphemism that cops characterize them as gangsters so when they are stopped rather they resist or not they will be lucky if they walk away alive.

  82. Glenn Burke says:

    Carson Forde Being that Carl is clearly Black you aren't in a position to tell him about his own experience. When you live in a society that follows law you are SUPPOSED to be "subserviant" to the law. Carl makes a great point, you don't know the difference between being in Slavery and Jim Crow to living in a modern society with rules and laws.

  83. Glenn Burke says:

    How about teaching Black people to stop killing eachother and respect law and order. Why is it Black people only complain when their own criminality is challenged? Why is that?

  84. Smith Betty says:

    What are the penalties for false arrest?

  85. Rick Miller says:

    This is what happens when blacks vote for their great grandpappys masters. The party of the slave owners , the kkk, the ones who fought against womens and rights, Indians rights. The ones who try to take your freedoms daily. So why are they suprised?

  86. Glenn Burke So what you're saying is that if you are being wrongfully arrested, you should just go with the flow? The moment you give the police a blank check to arrest and detain anyone (I don't care what race or ethnicity they are) you may as well get ready for facism. Believe me, it work stop at the races, it will continue the attack against the poor. I don't blame one particular race for the circumstances surrounding this issue, I blame the!%. It is just a fact they have to be white.

  87. Joe Barreto says:

    So what this actualy says is that blacks like to resist arrest?

  88. Brian Superfly Correction…YOU would still be alive if you didn't break the law or simply obeyed the officers command. This is not a guarantee for black and brown people. I wish you were black!

  89. Totally true 100 percent facts and very well said in a factual the definition is too keep doing something and having failing results we need a whole new game plan black people don't 80 percent of the time want any problems with law enforcement but the reality of things for the last 15 yrs in the black community and urban city's across this country ticket quota ' s and the building of private prison supplying the billion dollar prison industrial complex is a driving force behind these policies and in the interest of law enforcement too keep things how it is because it provides jobs a lot of jobs and billions to middle class white and it provides millions too middle class blacks who cooperate with this racist practice too profit financially of criminalizing black men and women all across this country for the same offenses they let white Americans and other ethnicity get away with also b how do they profit of the new Jim crow legal system they get hired as law enforcement judges prosecutor 80 percent white only one where the numbers are even or heavily black as far as employees in the justice system is correctional guards for the institutions they build brand new before they approve building a new school or academic facility they turned down 11 million too build a new school but the Maryland state legislature approved a 30 million prison complex too house who I'm quite sure 75 percent of the projected population is blacks I know it's not going too be middle class whites or Asians also when a person can make 70 too a 100 thousand a year with a associate degree and 5 yrs on the job that's with regular salary and over time and this a permanent job for life and a pension too take out your frustration racial hatred or your just a straight privateer almost like a mercenary like the Marshalls you wouldn't want that financial way of life too end and that's why they pressure lobbyists and elected officials and blacks across this country suffer horrifically because of these policies and crime is dropping on many statically and it would drop more if you stop approving 30 million for prison instead of 30 million for jobs to fix infrastructure problems like 70 percent of our highways and sewer system billions in job contracts making people believe in this country again no they rather squander that great moment we could have as a nation and rely on archaic racist laws and it's so unintelligent and such the wrong direction for this nation they never have money too employ on a massive 100 thousand job hiring for these infrastructure problems we have now as a nation and it's vital too the nation growth and strength but they always have money for new and old prison and money for law enforcement and over time and new correctional and every thing else too install draconian laws that are based on dominating a community

  90. Ray Biggers says:

    resisting arrest is a stupid law—-most of the time the cops can't tell you the initial reason for the arrest. if you only have 1 charge of "resisting arrest" and there are no other charges, why are you bothering me.

  91. Right Hank. 100% correct. We NEVER hear from them except Elijah Cummings from Maryland.

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