10 Slang Phrases Used by Black Twitter That Have Been Culturally Appropriated by the Mainstream




Believe it or not, twerk is actually a specific type of dance move and not completely synonymous with every dance move that allows a girl’s rear end to move. For that reason, Black Twitter is still confused about the constant use of the term in mainstream media in reference to white people who actually aren’t twerking. The term and the action itself has actually been around in the Black community since the ’90s, which explains all the frustrations with Miley Cyrus being crowed the Queen of Twerk and the obsession with a group of Siberian dancers on YouTube attempting to twerk. Now that white culture had adopted the term and the dance, twerk has made many TV debuts, but before white people got a hold of it, they were still turning their noses up at the Twerk Team — a group of young women whose YouTube videos helped catapult twerking into popularity.



Black twitter lingo

Turn Up or Turnt Up

It’s hard to say when this phrase skyrocketed to fame because it has actually been used for quite some time in hip-hop and online, but many people are giving Atlanta rap group Travis Porter credit for it. The group dropped “All the Way Turnt Up” and the phrase just seemed to stick. Now, however, this is another phrase that Black youth are tossing to the side now that it has been co-opted by white culture. This is another phrase that has been plastered all over clothing being rocked by white models who are striking a pose for online boutiques with a predominantly white customer base. Not to mention the fact that a lot of white people seem to be all over social media screaming that they are “turnt up” for everything, whether they are going to the grocery store or reading a book.


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