10 Slang Phrases Used by Black Twitter That Have Been Culturally Appropriated by the Mainstream


Black jeopardy

‘Black Jeopardy’

This wasn’t so much a term as it was an entire movement that was snatched up by Saturday Night Live. Black Twitter has long launched periodic games of “Black Jeopardy,” in which users answer questions about Black pop culture and the most creative answers win. Comedic answers about Black people’s greatest fears and general opinions of current celebrities fill timelines almost instantly whenever a good old-fashioned game of “Black Jeopardy” hits the Web. In March 2014, mainstream media caught on and users were surprised to see a full-blown “Black Jeopardy” skit on Saturday Night Live.



Cultural appropriators


Black Twitter used to slam people who were extremely unsophisticated or classless as “basic,” but white culture has snatched the term and ruined it. Now “basic” is being used by white youth to describe their friend’s decision to buy a pumpkin spice latte and their feelings about the new $200 UGG boots. The term was officially ruined back in 2011 when media outlets gave white rapper Kreayshawn authority over the phrase and asked her to define it. Things only got worse when New York Magazine’s The Cut ran an article trying to break down “basic b****es” by type.

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