5 Reasons Why ‘Empire’ Is Winning TV Ratings But Failing Black People


63556633487935430982305286_empire2_500x346That’s Entertainment???

Many find the show acceptable and even “great” and not offensive, unnecessary or trivial. The show is an unmitigated success, when it comes to ratings. The series opened to 9.9 million viewers, making it one of Fox’s biggest ratings hits of the season. It gained more viewers in its second week — 10.3 million. For its third episode last week, the series escalated to 10.9 million viewers. “It’s just entertainment” is the familiar refrain from many. Actually, it’s not. It’s a return of the pathology of bygone eras, when Black people were incensed by being constantly portrayed as pimps, drug dealers, prostitutes and the like. “For some reason, black dysfunctionality makes for great television, and there is a long line of white guys getting rich off of our willingness to celebrate all that makes us miserable,” Watkins wrote.

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