7 Surprising Instances When The Richest Country In The World Received Foreign Aid



Venezuela Provides Heat to 1.8 Million U.S. Homes

American families in need each year have been blessed with heat provided by Petroleos de Venezuela S.A., which donates millions of gallons of heating oil. PDVSA is a large, state-owned oil and natural gas company based out of Venezuela. PDVSA is also the largest shareholder in Citgo. In 2005, Citgo began its heating oil program in response to the rising cost of fuel, heating up 1.8 million American homes. Venezuela’s charity was attacked by some, like Larry Goldstein, the president of the Petroleum Industry Research Foundation, who said the program is “designed to “embarrass” the U.S. Felix Rodriguez, the chief executive of Citgo, denies any political motivation, simply stating, “The poor people need heating oil.”



Safe Drinking Water From Turkey for Native Americans

Turkey’s Agency for Cooperation and Collaboration (TIKA) donated $200,000 to build a water tank for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon. For 10 years, this grant has ensured clean drinking water for a reservation elementary school. Turkey clearly has an affinity for the Native Americans. It was the only country to send a delegation to a recent Reservation Economic Summit. Also, Turkey offers scholarships to minorities in the U.S., including Native Americans.

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