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21 thoughts on “It’s Shocking to See the Type of Medical Experiments These White People Did on Black Women for the Advancement of Medical Science

  1. Roxanne Watson says:

    And it's mind boggling when particular people say Black ppl never did anything, haven't contributed anything or are worthless when it comes to the advancements of mankind and America.

  2. All of these inhumane practices perpetuated against blacks during slavery reinforces the case for reparations. It is notewothy that Jews who were subjected to somewhat similar atrocities over a much shorter period – 10 years comapared to 400 years in the case of blacks – to this day collect over US$2.0 billion annually in reparations from Germany.

  3. Atosh Kat says:


  4. Saiffeldeen Muhammad says:

    They get a "pretty penny" from the US as well. $9,000,000,000 ANNUALLY!

  5. The zinoist some refer to as Jews receive 30 billion a year from the US government.

  6. This is not shocking as much as it is saddening and sickening. I'll never understand why humans do the things they do. "All you need is love".

  7. and the beat goes on…

  8. As was said here, all the talks about how blacks in America has contributed nothing… but all the blood, sweat, and tears… that help build this country from the ground up.

  9. Can blacks put these behind and move forward? Most of the people resursitating these past don't have the interest of blacks at heart.

  10. The point is racism is still alive and has merely changed forms. A lot of things that occurred in the past are only now coming to light. Just like things that are occurring now will come to light years from now. I'm all for moving forward, but being well educated includes knowing your past.

  11. Mike Askew says:

    And a narrow mind is just as dangerous, if you don't learn from the past you are WHAT?

  12. Twanna Rice says:

    Mike Askew Doom to repeat it!

  13. When the Jews themselves were also deeply involved and benefited from slavery

  14. Michael Crews I've seen people's career ruined or stunted for "knowing" this past you're referring to. These people bringing up these past are not just passing historical info to the younger generation, they're sowing seeds of distrust, hopelessness, hatred, prejudice, and that is the problem.

    When a black person pass on a lucrative career because he or she's told that those careers are historically for a certain class/race, that's not good. And it's happening as we speak.

  15. Johanna Abraham……Judah P. Benjamin…official in the confederacy….escaped union prosecution…check out Jews in the confederacy….lots of stuff…LOTS…

  16. can we get some businesses jumping off.

  17. Kathy Allen says:

    IN THE MID 20TH CENTURY drs were doing labotamnys on white young as 8 yrs old. during the vietnam war era , drs were gving the gi's experimental drugs like LSD without their knowledge just to name a few things.
    The medical comunnity has done harm to many segments of society not to mention torturing animals.

  18. @Innocent Ugwu No we can't. Not until the damage has been acknowledged and properly redressed., If someone burned your house down wouldn't you expect SOMETHING to be done? Or would you just "move on"? and every tme you saw that person in the future would you warn others "watch out for him he burned my f—ing house down". Knowledge is empowering, and more knowledge is better than less.

  19. However does it equal what they have SPECIFICALY done to Blacks?

  20. Boby Mafi says:

    How can you put behind what is still existing here now?

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