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Florida Teen Helps Save the Life of the Fort Lauderdale Officer Who Was Booking Him

Handcuffed teen saves police officer

(Fort Lauderdale Police Department )

After being arrested, a Florida teen helped save the life of the very officer who was booking him at the jail in Fort Lauderdale back in September. Later this month he will be celebrated as a hero.

It was a routine procedure at the Fort Lauderdale police booking facility.

Jamal Rutledge, 17, was placed in handcuffs and sitting on a bench while officer Franklin Foulks sat a few feet away doing paperwork.

Rutledge had been arrested for violation of probation on charges including burglary and violation of juvenile imposed conditions, Detective DeAnna Greenlaw told the Sun Sentinel.

Suddenly, Foulks collapsed to the floor and with no other officers in sight, there was no telling when he may have gotten any medical attention.

Thanks to Rutledge, however, he only had to wait a few minutes.

The handcuffed teen hopped up to see if Foulks was okay before making his way to the security gate to alert other officers.

He began kicking the gate and screaming for help, as captured on the facility’s security cameras.

Suddenly an officer rushed over to assist his fallen comrade and two others approached the gate that Rutledge had been kicking.

Video of teen saving Florida officer One of the officers, Sgt. Todd Bunin, called for Fire Rescue and cut off Foulks’ heavy gear.

That’s when officer Robert Norvis began performing CPR while officer Raymond Ketchmark made direct contact with Fire Rescue to provide them with details and updates on Foulks’ condition.

Ketchmark also used a nearby defibrillator to begin stimulating his comrade’s heart.

Foulks was rushed to Broward Health Medical Center where he made a full recovery.

He is expected to return to full duty by February.

It may have been a simple gesture but the medical staff said that without Rutledge, the ending of this medical scare might not have been so fortunate.

A quick response to the emergency was key and there was no telling when another officer may have discovered Foulks collapsed on the ground.

Later this month Rutledge, along with the other officers, will be honored as a hero at a city commission meeting.


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