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Western Aid to Africa a Smoke Screen For ‘Looting’ The Continent

u1Western countries are using aid to Africa as a smokescreen to hide the “sustained looting” of the continent as it loses nearly $60bn a year through tax evasion, climate change mitigation, and the flight of profits earned by foreign multinational companies, the Guardian quoted as a group of NGOs as saying.

Although sub-Saharan Africa receives $134bn each year in loans, foreign investment and development aid, research released on Tuesday by a group of UK and Africa-based NGOs suggests that $192bn leaves the region, leaving a $58bn shortfall.

According to the report, while Western countries send about $30bn in development aid to Africa every year, more than six times that amount leaves the continent, “mainly to the same countries providing that aid.”

The perception that such aid is helping African countries “has facilitated a perverse reality in which the UK and other wealthy governments celebrate their generosity whilst simultaneously assisting their companies to drain Africa’s resources,” the report claims.

It points out that foreign multinational companies siphon $46bn out of sub-Saharan Africa each year, while $35bn is moved from Africa into tax havens around the world annually.
The study, which also notes that African governments spend $21bn a year on debt repayments, calls for the aid system to be overhauled and made more open.

It says aid sent in the form of loans serves only to contribute to the continent’s debt crisis, and recommends that donors should use transparent contracts to ensure development assistance grants can be properly scrutinised by the recipient country’s parliament.

The report was authored by 13 UK and Africa-based NGOs, including: Health Poverty Action, Jubilee Debt Campaign, World Development Movement, African Forum and Network on Debt and Development, Friends of the Earth Africa, Tax Justice Network, People’s Health Movement Kenya, Zimbabwe and UK, War on Want, Community Working Group on Health Zimbabwe, Medact, Healthworkers4All, Friends of the Earth South Africa, JA!Justiça Ambiental/Friends of the Earth Mozambique.

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8 thoughts on “Western Aid to Africa a Smoke Screen For ‘Looting’ The Continent

  1. The information reported in this article is long far from being new at all given that white race controlled Euro-America / European nation' governments / their white private sector big business benefactors / partners have since the 1600's easily tricked, well deceived, / also terrorized Africa' people / stolen Africa' great wealth by every / any means that both white race devils / their many bedeviled brainwashed, mind-sick, self-hating black Euro-educated, ignorant, fearful, selfish / extremely useful black helper minions in Africa, America / Europe deemed necessary.

    White race criminal actions include centuries of quite deliberate black genocide murders / strategic tactical divisive division of millions of black men, women, / children via white men's diseases, guns, sea/ground/air military troop invasions / enforcement via weapons, wars in Africa for land colonization / riches thefts including her people' / children' lives horribly harnessed by racist / discriminatory white race brutal force for heinous / perverse enslaved labor, sexual assault / murder, white race deployment of secret special ops intelligence / invasion units to deliberately initiate / instigate unethical rampant interference in the elections of African country state political government head leadership, full scale corruption of African presidential leaders / other high level government officials, pay-offs to them / their equally corrupt African renegade military forces, / also the vile long-term imprisonments / murderous assassinations of unfavorable successful / also uncooperative political candidates / any compelling black nationalist activists / revolutionaries, / overall long ongoing extreme poverty, dependence, poor health / murder of both Black Africans / African American people.

    Black Africans and African Americans absolutely / urgently must communicate, share / act upon their knowledge, rapidly strongly support one another / relentlessly unite tightly together with one another right now in forgiveness of one another in love, faith, trust, guidance / protection first / foremost from the All-Powerful Leadership of Almighty God via immediate return to obey / honor His Holy Laws, Covenant established with our ancient ancestors, / His Sacrificed / Risen Son Lord Jesus Christ. And, we must then do the same with one another under Almighty God as is well written in scriptures and highly divinely expected. There is no other way to both endure / thwart our evil oppressors, which we ourselves in countless ways have for many centuries far too long allowed to easily deceive, divide, dilute, weaken, destroy millions of us, and too many of us have also in great despair, depression, sinful arrogance, selfishness / foolish fear of mankind / fearlessness of / against Almighty God succumbed to becoming evil similar to / self-destructive as our oppressors / exploiters. The time is now or never to finally unite all those Black African / African American courageous people indeed relentlessly willing to stand up / unite under the Faithful Power / Promises of Almighty God.

    All African leader heads of divided nation state African countries who are highly favored and heavily supported by the USA, UK, and other major wealthy white European controlled countries should be immediately shunned and ousted by the vast overwhelming majority of the African people of their respective nation state countries by any means necessary at whatever consequence cost / the people of all African countries must unite together / must also unite together with their African American brothers / sisters to create The United Africa for true actual self-determination, freedom, / independence from racist white race discrimination, control, / exploitation. The black people of all countries in Africa, USA / Caribbean must immediately unite together to create The United Africa or else remain dangerously divided, more diluted, oppressed, imprisoned / murdered for refusing to do so before way too late not to burn as well along in partnership with the evil oppressors of Almighty God' Chosen People en mass. Peace!

  2. Red Dipper says:

    The Hon. Malcolm X warned us 50 years ago about this…..Better late than never.

  3. Thats why they raped Libya and killed Kaddafi,bitch Clinton laughed,now the gate of Africa has been smashed.

  4. Ah at least, Omitting the loot, is a start…Looks like falling for the banana in the Tale pipe is no longer valid.

  5. Gibson Ampaw says:

    The real looters of Africa are there Tinpot dictators that rule the continent. Every African leaders is worth at least a billion dollars. How come ? Can't believe the cultural marxist are still making excuses for these pathetic so called leaders.

  6. Gibson Ampaw says:

    What a brilliant cultural marxist article lol

  7. They are puppets of the west. That billion dollars you speak of is in western banks like in New York Washington Paris or London. There has to be stance against these types and the west. The threat of sanctions embargoes assisinaiton invasion and etc must resisted and pointed out to the rest of the world. However the most important thing is the changing of the African mind. We must stop believing the white man is god. I say that to say our people in mass on this planet seek white approval acceptance and control. We are cowards who bow and apologize to white supremacy. That has to stop! Malcolm X said it best about the black man being afraid to bleed. We aren't afraid to kill each other in the service of white supremacy but we are afraid to stand up by building our own world from white supremacy. A part of building is protecting that building which means killing whites and their black puppets they send in to distablize things.

  8. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Arron Frazier Thats what the cultural marxist and extreme left wing say about African leaders ie they are all puppetslol.
    We need to stop treating them like children and leaders with low IQs, therefore they don't know what they are doing.
    Have you ever lived in a black run country ?

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