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10 Rational Fears Many Black People Have Living Under White Supremacy

For Black people in the U.S. and around the world, there are devastating wages to be paid for living in a world dominated by white supremacy. There are also many painful realizations that you must face, rational fears that you will likely possess at some point in your life. Here are some of them:

Teen Shot

That You Will Be Unjustly Charged by the Police

There are more than 2.3 million people currently in prison in the United States — and more than 840,000 of them are African-American men. The life blood of the criminal industrial complex is the plea bargain, which steamrolls many Black defendants into pleading guilty to minor offenses they may not have committed in order to avoid going to trial for more serious charges that prosecutors have admitted they often don’t have evidence to back up.


That You Will Be Subject to Police Violence

In a report by an organization called the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, it was estimated that a Black person in the U.S. is killed once every 28 hours by a member of law enforcement or private security. Black teens are 21 times more likely to be killed by police than their white counterparts. Past analyses have found disproportionate violence against Blacks, including a 2007 investigation by Colorlines and the Chicago Reporter in 10 major cities. An NAACP report on Oakland, California, found that 37 of 45 police-involved shootings were of Blacks, while zero were of whites. “Although weapons were not found in 40 percent of cases, the NAACP found, no officers were charged,” Mother Jones reported.

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7 thoughts on “10 Rational Fears Many Black People Have Living Under White Supremacy

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    How much more glaringly apparent that we need to seek greener pastures elsewhere. We are like the hamster on the running wheel–mad cuz we are going in stationary circles, yet we keep getting on the wheel. The wheel was made by the same 'beings' who put you in the cage. Do you really think they are going to provide an effective means of escape? We are going to have to do it. All our participation in this system does is give it legitimacy.

  2. Cynthia Hoyle-Curet says:

    We have to STOP LOOKING at the DISTRACTIONS!
    Keep your $$$ in your pocket.
    Watch what Happens.

  3. you will also note a jarring absence of racists rants in threads like this as well. You won't see them in here spouting their bs on a topic like this. In all other threads you'll have the coming out the woodwork spouting ignorance. you can practically hear a pin drop in these kinds of threads.

  4. Its not like we havent tried time and again. Remember black wall street? Rosewood? There are countless incidents where they burned whole towns of prosperous black people. Lynches by the police themselves, government sanctioned murders, National Guard attacking, killing, burning with impunity and again, the BLESSINGS of the powers that be. You should be proud of our resilience and perseverance. Don't act like we've been sitting by the side of the road and letting life pass us by. We're a proud people and we have never and will never stop.

  5. If you ask me, we've done damn good considering the obstacles we've had to overcome. Im PROUD of where we are now. A lesser race would not have fared as well in my humble opinion. Considering where we've come from and what we've gone through, I think we deserve PRAISE, not shame.

  6. Mr Ewing, your speaking my language right now. Cause regardless what Europeans have done to us around the world, we have and continue to rise like the Phoenix. We are a resilient race of people. Nonetheless, we still have over 2 million black owned businesses with annual revenues of over 175 billion a year. Probably more. Rosewood, Black Wall street, and many other places couldn't stop us and still can't. Cause we still do it regardless. They've done everything to annihilate us but it's back fired. White people ain't as powerful as they want us to think they are. They are not. White supremacy has created a false notion of white superiority and unlimited power. But it's not real. Do I hate white people, no absolutely not. That's a waste of time. Its stupid. What you think is what you are. Simple as that.

  7. Chris Pruitt says:

    Good points made by all on this thread. But I would add that there are no greener pastures to go to. I have relatives in Europe and other countries and the stories are the same. White supremacy is closing ranks and discrimination against us is a global phenomenon. I believe the key is not to run but to create a economy like what was attempted with Black Wall Street but with more of us owning businesses that service our own people. In 1860, 99% of black people worked for whites. In 2015 that number is 98%. Not a lot of improvement. The majority of our middle class come federal, state, and local jobs. After that others work in corporations and about 2% maintain businesses that service our community. More so than any other ethnic group in America, we are dependent on white society for our livelihood. This has to change.

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