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After Scary Auto Accident, Cam Newton Understands Life Is Bigger Than Football

Cam Newton, the immensely talented Carolina Panthers quarterback, had his truck overturned in an accident this week that shook him up so much that he said he could not talk when he was pulled out of his demolished truck. He suffered two fractured bones in his back and will miss Sunday’s game.

“Who cares?” Newton said when talking about returning to the field. A football player plays and Newton certainly is a football player. Today, he just feels blessed.

“With me 1 +1 always equals 2. But when I looked at my truck, I’m looking at it and 1+1’s not equalling 2. Someone should be dead. I can’t stop smiling because God has his hands on me. I’m on somebody’s fantasy league (team) and I think it’s the man upstairs.”

This is the insightful message he posted on Instagram for his fans:

“I do not know where to begin because by the look of that picture soMEone is supposed to be dead or severely injured worse than what I am right now! While I am resting up the thought that keeps flashing in my mind is that GOD IS GOOD and someone has there protective hands on my life shielding me from any danger that may come my way! I know one thing, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF “IF” you are holding a grudge against someone, “IF” you don’t tell the people that’s close and dear to you that “YOU LOVE THEM” every chance you get, “IF” your mad because something didn’t go your way today! L1FE IS TO SHORT FOR YOU NOT TO APPRECIATE IT TO THE FULLNESS; THROUGH THE GOOD AND THE BAD! I thank you to the people who have been keeping me in there prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery! I am appreciative for the many great things GOD has given me to be thankful for. It’s a old cliché statement but it says “GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!” And as that crash constantly plays back in my mind every time I close my eyes, I can’t go another day without me THANKING GOD for the opportunities he has given me in my life and this accident puts ALOT of things in perspective of what’s important and what’s not! SHAMEonYOU if YOU go another second in life with holding a grudge or HATING on someone, taking life for granted, or just not appreciating the breath you just breathed; trust and believe there are plenty people with illnesses, people in the hospital, or even people that are 6ft under the earth that W1SH they had “another”opportunity to do so! So if you read this I challenge you to L1VE life to the fullness everyday! 1OVE the people who are close to you (and don’t be afraid to tell them as well)! FORG1VE “whoever” for “whatever” they did! Trust when I tell you that L1FE is to short for you NOT to do those things! #THANKyouJESUSforALLOWINGmeTOseeANOTHERday


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