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94 thoughts on “The Racism That Tim Wise Exposes After 5 Minutes of Police Training Is Staggering

  1. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Wow…a white guy who can tell the truth!! This is rare and I never thought would see the day. With God all things are possible…Amazing

  2. Steven A. Strength says:

    Yeah… that's called racism. Thanks for being a part of the problem, douchebag.

  3. Bert LeVert McDert says:

    Tim Wise is usually more or less pretty spot-on, and I'm overall not mad at him. One troubling aspect of this spiel, though, is that he implicitly affirms that looking for drugs in people's cars is a legitimate and worthwhile activity for law enforcement. He's encouraging police to more frequently search white people's vehicles for, among other reasons, the improved likelihood of finding — and depriving people of, and punishing them for, and seizing their assets because of — substances that they in all actuality have no business bothering *any* person about.

    By all means stop harassing young black and brown men at disproportionate rates. But spreading out that illegitimate oppression more evenly, while arguably an improvement in terms of both fairness and efficacy, is not the ideal way to do so. Why not just leave EVERYONE alone when there's no indication that they've harmed or are about to harm someone? Can we not just end the inherently racist-and-classist drug war, including because it provides this ready-made pretext for harassing, shaking down, and incarcerating young black and brown men? Is it actually necessary to preserve the drug war and just tweak it around the edges so that its effects are more evenly distributed? Which, for the record, is never going to be how it actually plays out, for reasons that Wise himself acknowledges?

    The US is notoriously not-good at declaring defeat in any arena. But that's what time it is. "Sorry, that was a bad idea, and we did a lot of really bad things in pursuit of a misguided goal, because we convinced ourselves of the moral necessity of those bad things as though people using drugs was so much worse that it was worth it. Clearly, that was idiotic. Here's our best effort at repairing some of the damage we did during those several decades of insanity." I mean, while we're asking the government to start acting fundamentally differently.

  4. Jamaal Brown says:

    Why does it take 5 minutes for this guy to explain why racial profiling doesn't work but after nearly 500 years police departments are still using racial profiling as a basis to demonize people of color?

  5. Alexander Sinclair says:

    Because it is convenient.

  6. Kevin Thomas says:

    100….And He say's once they run you your locked in the system…They tag you…And every cop looks for that lic. plate and that car every time they feel like f*** in with someone..It (is a system) that is rigged against anyone once they "tag" you in it…Black,white,brown,it makes no difference….Because the cars computer (and the information "Tag" they placed on you) sees no color….

  7. He just said something right there….which is the truth. If the police would stop stereo typing all ppl who have nice things and u don't kno their history. Like people of color can't have nice things if their not a doctor, lawyer or professional athlete. Some of us work hard to get what we have. The police fear ppl of color before giving us a chance to prove we are intelligent and educated with a job that provides. I wish it was a law for all ppl to have to go live for a month with the opposite race and maybe we could find a better solution to this problem.

  8. Edith Parks says:

    I'm glad to know this information. This is why cop's have such attitudes.

  9. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Steven A. Strength: Your the douchebag…..because, it's poor white trash like yourself who benefit from racism, that's are part of the problem. You silly and brainwashed white folks, the white supremacist, throw you a carrot that's not allotted or allocated to blacks and you believe the rich and elite cares about you. Please….the white rich and elite cares nothing for you. Your just the minions' used to keep and advance the white supremacist plans of white supremacy. If the truth be told, it's poor and working class whites that are the biggest fools of all……used like puppets for carrots. You have sold yourselves cheap. Lol……

  10. Eboni Turner says:

    You are contributing to the problem. You cannot hope to eradicate racism and stereotypes if you are also perpetuating them. How can you hold another person on the same level as you to a higher standard than you hold yourself based on skin color?

  11. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Eboni Turner: Get a clue!!!!! The white man created race, for racism/white supremacy. Poor whites are the puppets use to keep it going. Wake up!!!

  12. CeCe Carter says:

    Finally someone speaks the truth.

  13. Mike Askew says:

    Truth hurts doesn't it, doesn't it douchebag2?? sas

  14. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Eboni Turner: I put you in the same category as I do Charles Barkley….post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Those blacks who cater and cuddle white folks.

  15. Nija Sales says:

    This society is so twisted i hate the cops i dont see how young boys onces wanted to grow up and become them. they think they have so much power but i bet if you took the badge off and took the gun out of the gun holder and came to my neighborhood they would get beat the fuck up. It's coo for a dirty ass cop to kill but if it was a black male he would be sentenced to life without parole . All i have to is fucked the cops

  16. Steven A. Strength says:

    That's fine. If you can accept the stereotype that you and all your people are thieves and rapists, then I guess I can accept all white people being liars. Oh, wait… that's bullshit, huh?

  17. Steven A. Strength says:

    that would be "cater to".. also, I seriously hope Eboni was never a slave, but if so it most certainly was not white people selling her into servitude. I think we can assume, based on your AMAZING use of the English language that you could probably use a little history lesson.

  18. Steven A. Strength says:

    "Historians….estimate that 90 percent of those shipped to the New World were enslaved by Africans and then sold to European traders."

  19. Que Hampton says:

    Steven A. Strength Slavery was widely practiced and existed throughout all of history. White Europeans are the only group of people to do what they did to Slaves. In Africa, people became slaves by losing a war/battle to another tribe. The slaves did all the grunt work and was fed, clothed and treated like humans. European slavery was all about dehumanization, brutal slaughtering, torture, generational slavery, and all of the worst acts committed on humans in all of history. Lets also not forget about the Africans fighting for their slaves back when they heard how the Europeans was treating them. Don't ever again compare Africans enslaving Africans to Europeans enslaving Africans.

  20. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Steven A. Strength: You don't know history…'s really not rocket science…just like the torture that's in the news right now, shows how evil white folks have always been. Something is seriously wrong with the majority of Europeans.

  21. Elle V Elle says:

    TIM WISE IS ALWAYS spot on… love a man who can speak truth without compromise or fear. And, we ALL KNOW this to be true. *Facts.
    If you're left in doubt, view video link below. Go to 18:35, view to the end [just to save time]… Let's talk about that "other" criminal in the "bad black neighborhood". *SPEAK TRUTH! Betcha won't.

  22. Steven A. Strength says:

    Are you not capable of reading?

  23. Kenneth Phillips says:

    Steven u r the problem blacks against blacks. Now u can correct me white man $&@@&!!!!!! That's wat u r… U fit the mold perfect.

  24. Kenneth Phillips says:

    Steven u r the problem blacks against blacks. Now u can correct me white man $&@@&!!!!!! That's wat u r… U fit the mold perfect.

  25. Altramese Roberts-Tompkins says:

    I believe all Eboni was trying to say was not to put yourself at the level of someone who is ignorant. Don't put react to low standards with even lower standards. All you are doing is feeding into it and acting just the way that person has already expected you to act. Apparently, people cannot have adult conversations about real world issues in comment sections without naming calling and making rude and ignorant comments.

  26. Altramese Roberts-Tompkins says:

    I believe all Eboni was trying to say was not to put yourself at the level of someone who is ignorant. Don't put react to low standards with even lower standards. All you are doing is feeding into it and acting just the way that person has already expected you to act. Apparently, people cannot have adult conversations about real world issues in comment sections without naming calling and making rude and ignorant comments.

  27. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Altramese Roberts-Tompkins: I understand what Eboni was trying to say, and I can appreciate her for saying it. However, being polite and civil with some of these racist/white supremacist has gotten us no where for 400 years. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is a sign of madness. Steven A. Strength is a racist, I call it like I see it. He called me out of my name first, However, you nor Eboni, said nothing to him….that what I mean by some black folks catering to and cuddling white folks.

  28. Altramese Roberts-Tompkins says:

    I figured since we were more on the same page with each other, you would be more understanding and would probably actually hear what I am saying. I completely agree with what you are saying, but don't waste your time on people like Steven A. Strength. He doesn't want to change and it will take more than just a conversation on an article. Life has a way of bringing people around.

  29. James Ball says:

    Steven A. Strength African Slaves would and did become part of the tribe whom had captured them. They were free to marry into the tribe thus becoming part of the family and no longer a slave. Europeans were all about the abuse and humiliation of the slave and let's not forget rape and murder as well. Plus, if you knew anything while trying to portray yourself as some type of scholar; wikipedia is not monitored therefore anyone can add whatever they wish to add to it, fact or not. As a College student carrying a nice 3.19 GPA, Wikipedia cannot be used as a reference for any works based on this fact alone. Check before you post that dumb ass shit next time please. Thank you. And yes, European traders lied to get what they wanted just as Que Hampton stated.

  30. Joseph P. Murray says:

    Don't get it twisted folks. American racism is the bastard child of American classism. This is a mechanized, systematic subjugation of the working poor and disenfranchised. Tim is spot on, but follow the money, and you'll find the people responsible for this sham.

  31. John Hodek says:

    I fail to see how all this back and forth racial banter is going to do anything to fix the problem? The issue at hand is simple, racial tension will continue to exist and be part of our society till we ALL find some way to get past it. Making comments about skin color only serves to prove the fact that we as a society are all racist in some form. I'm "white" and I don't judge people by color, but by their actions. But I will be grouped into the "white supremacist" mode based solely on that, and the average person of color will be grouped into "the criminal" or "gang banger"mode based solely on that as well. Sad really.
    Based on the comments I have read here so far, seems like no one is looking to change the mentality of society, but to merely place blame. Pretty sure we are all wrong with regards to this topic. So what's it going to take to move forward?

  32. Kimberly Chances Granted Corley says:

    Really sad

  33. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Altramese Roberts-Tompkins: You are so correct and I hear you!! Thank you for your insight.

  34. Patrick Chasteen says:

    Steven A. Strength That's a terrible argument. It's as if you are trying to say "Well don't blame white folk for ya'll being slaves. Your own people sold you to us fair and square.Take it up with them." It also seems to me that you don't know the definition of racist. Racist: a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another. This is why when you call a black person racist, you sound like an ignoramus. Racism can only be perpetrated by a controlling race (whites and white culture). Anything else can only be considered bigotry or prejudice. And stop being a douch and nit picking about people's inaccurate use of terms like "cater to". Sorry we're not as perfect as you, some of us make mistakes and typos. Shows how weak your argument is. Be a man and attack ideas no spelling and grammar.

  35. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Joseph O. Murray: You are so correct…what I was trying to convey to people is that this country cares nothing about it's poor, working class or upper class. All we have to do is look at the recent past. In 2000, good paying manufacturing jobs left this country by thousand upon thousands, putting thousands upon thousands American workers out of work. And for what!!! Cheaper labor. The lost of these jobs was a blow to black and white alike. Then the housing bubble burst…big banks, and mortgage lenders used liar loans for quick profit and no one went to jail for these crime. The housing bubble effected black and white alike. Many people even those who were earning six figure salaries found themselves homeless, living in shelters and on the streets, going to food banks and food cupboards to get food. Then there was the 2008 financial crisis, where the banks gamble with the working peoples 401ks and other financial instruments, that sent this country and the worlds financial security hanging over a cliff. Yet, not one person went to jail. And to and insult to injury, these banks, financial institutions and corporate America went running to papa government for a bailout …a bailout that they themselves created gambling with our money. Until we…black and white alike wake up and realize that in reality, the rich and or the 1%, that controls everything, cares absolutely nothing about us the poor and working class of this world, nothing will, or can change for us. It's all about the money, and it as been since the conquering and stealing of this country.

  36. Dejah Fortune says:

    Know a couple folks of color that have been to jail over 20-100 worth of weed, meanwhile my white buddy makes 5-10k flying weed state to state.

  37. Ok, let's cut the crap for a moment because the reality is that while people of color in America can be prejudiced or biased, they cannot be racist because racism goes beyond prejudice or bigotry on the basis of biological difference of skin color, but it actually excersises power in creating systems and institutions whether social, political or even religious to enforce that prejudice based on skin color. So please, save the "race card" for those whom it applies because it's definitely not people of color in America.

  38. Ok, let's cut the crap for a moment because the reality is that while people of color in America can be prejudiced or biased, they cannot be racist because racism goes beyond prejudice or bigotry on the basis of biological difference of skin color, but it actually excersises power in creating systems and institutions whether social, political or even religious to enforce that prejudice based on skin color. So please, save the "race card" for those whom it applies because it's definitely not people of color in America.

  39. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    It's the poor, working class and upper class whites that keep racism alive, and this was the plan all long, by the white supremacist. In the beginning black and white alike were indentured slaves, but the rich saw that, those white and black indentured slaves could rally and come against them. So the rich decided to make slavery based on race. Give poor whites a sense of protection or benefits that's not given to black peoples, use propaganda and any tool possible to degrade black peoples, to justify their enslavement. And white people would except it and feel they are better then black people. Yet, poor and other class whites are only used by the 1% and or the white supremacist to keep the white supremacist rich and in control, not knowing they are the driver in the rich man's scheme.

  40. Patrick Chasteen says:

    So rather than talk about it we should move past it? Ignore it? People not talking about it or claiming that this country only had racism in its past is a big part of the problem. By exposing the problem and by discussing it (in all possible ways) can the problem be solved. Jamming your prejudice down into the pit of your stomach and ignoring it as this country has done doesn't solve the problem. Demanding black people to forget about how they have been treated is the wrong thing to do and it is what America has been doing for a long time. We need to confront this from all angles good and bad. You know what will make things move forward? Holding police officers, prosecutors,and politicians accountable (maybe financially liable?). Make some drastic changes to laws. Truly integrate and make them feel like Americans, not African Americans.

  41. Leza Tucker says:

    U r so right! However, to fix a problem, it has to be acknowledged first. No one is making anyone accountable for wrong doing. I truly believe if they start making officers accountable for some of the obvious wrongful deaths, people can begin to feel we are moving forward.

  42. John Hodek says:

    Leza Tucker , I agree. I don't have the answers, I wish I did. But we need to stop being so separated on the issue. Every life matters, and everyone deserves a chance to break the stereotypes placed on them. When we do that, we will break the cycle of many things and move forward. Police and criminals both need to be held accountable for what they do. No exceptions. I remain hopeful.

  43. John Hodek says:

    Patrick Chasteen I am not saying ignore it. But all I see is arguments. Not talking it out, building possible solutions. Just insults and racial profiling from both sides. That is the issue I have. Nothing will change while we as a society continue to perpetuate the divide that exists. I am not demanding anyone forget anything. Look at the majority of the posts to this, and many others. I got it, slavery was an issue. But at what point do we move forward?

  44. Patrick Chasteen says:

    John Hodek I like to think we have moved past the slavery issue and are still on the issue as to how they were treated for the following hundred years until civil rights movement. Not to mention the fifty years following up until today. Most legislatures were alive during segregation, I was not. The people complaining the most about race issues in America are not in their fifties, sixties or seventies. They are the young. I think it has been really easy to dismiss their outcries and say we are post racial because we all get to use the same bathrooms. But it is hard to let something go and move forward when someone who is young and has only heard stories about lynchings and segregation still believes racism exists and experiences it in their everyday lives. My grandparents were coal miners, I grew up on stories from that era of company stores and scrip pay. Yet, I can let the injustices my family experienced go because I don't feel the effects today. We move forward in this country when we decide to. When we right the wrongs of the past. Something we have yet to do. *note: Sorry if i seem to ramble, my brain is not working its best today. I'm ill with a fever and a thousand pound gorilla sitting on my chest***

  45. Diana L. Bozarth says:

    Wow , I see troll's in this feed.

  46. Terry Casey says:

    Sounds like everyone is the problem if they don't agree with your views @etheleen.

  47. Steven A. Strength racism is a system. an institution if you will, that primarily benefits one group which in this case is white people. Black people can be prejudiced, but cannot inflict racism upon anyone. There are no systems or institutions that black people own, that could potentially oppress another race.

  48. Steven A. Strength says:

    Que Hampton, there are many forms of slavery, and all of them exist in Africa to this very day. Your notion that Africans practice some kind of happy, nice slavery is completely ridiculous. You are right, however that comparing European enslavement of Africans to African enslavement is kind of pointless. Europeans only enslaved Africans for a few hundred years, whereas Africans continue enslaving their own people and have been at it for most of human history.

  49. John Brown says:

    Piss on white people and their racist psycho believes. Maybe one day they will all be shot to Mars and we of the black, brown, red and yellow race won't have to deal with them or their white supremacy racism that they are so in denial of. "The Black Avenger".

  50. Steven A. Strength says:

    James Ball, honestly, attacking my use of Wikipedia as a reference is pretty weak. The comment "wikipedia is not monitored" is completely and totally false. Wikipedia is in constant review by those who use it. Disputes are generally handled by administrators and, users who repeatedly post biased or non-confirmable information are banned by the Arbitration Committee. Any statement that gets disputed or is deemed likely to be disputed is required to have a reference from a reliable source. The main reason your college professors don't allow wikipedia as a reference source is that the facts they are teaching are based on a strict curriculum which, unlike Wikipedia, is not subject to dispute. If your college professor tells you the sky is green, it doesn't matter if he's correct or not. If you see the question "What color is the sky" on a test, despite being entirely incorrect "Green." would be the only acceptable answer. Understand what you're talking about before you post that dumbass shit next time, please. Thank you.

  51. Steven A. Strength says:

    Patrick Chasteen LOL…. You start off by attacking my use of a word, and then go on to say "be a man and attack idea not spelling and grammar"… Anyway you're entirely wrong about the definition of racism.. did you even bother looking it up before posting?
    1. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    2. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

  52. Steven A. Strength says:

    I will admit, however, that I completely forgot about Russia: a nation controlled by white people who has a slave population which is well over 1 million people. Other than that, though, almost all modern day slavery takes place in Africa and in the Orient (I used the term Orient instead of Asia because although roughly 60% of Russia is in Asia it isn't really "fair" to include their population as Asian for this particular debate).

  53. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    That's how it works…in this racist nation-state. Look at what they do and not so much, what they say.

  54. Patrick Chasteen says:

    Steven A. Strength Did you read my post at all? I never said you didn't know the definition of racism, I said racist (definition is slightly different). But, why argue over semantics? Line 2 of the definition provided by you clearly states, "based on the belief that one's own race is superior." That's an important part of it. Someone can discriminate and be a bigot without being a racist. People hate other religions, other sexes, sexual orientations etc. You can even hate another race, and not be a racist as long as it is not rooted in superiority. Did you even bother to think before a lame attempt to rebuke me? Now onto your assertion that I was attacking your use of a word. Well, besides the ironic charm of my post, there was also my hope that it would give you pause to reflect if you were racist, not to mention your incorrect assertion that Etheleen Lawrence used racism when stating "Wow…a white guy who can tell the truth!! This is rare and I never thought would see the day. With God all things are possible…Amazing." Perhaps Ethelene is a bigot, or perhaps just being facetious. I think her point was that white people in power rarely admit to racism. It's part of their power. Also, I doubt her comment was rooted in that belief that white people are inferior to black people. Now, judging by your recent comments about Africa, and how the slavery by blacks was and is way worse than slavery by whites because it lasted longer. So we whites can feel a little better about us, we're not as evil. And don't forget the Asians,they still have slave too (this is me paraphrasing you, don't wanna confuse you). All other people are barbarians but white people. Just grasping at straws to show how superior whites are to other races around the globe (made sure to leave out the white Russians). Well, that's what I take from what you post. Steven A. Strength, you are a racist. This is the last response I'll be making to you or about you. Don't really care what a simple minded clown thinks.

  55. Steven A. Strength says:

    Patrick Chasteen the problem with paraphrasing is that people tend to alter the meaning to better suit their argument. I never stated that slavery was "way worse" in Africa. All slavery is of course evil. I was responding to Que's statement " White Europeans are the only group of people to do what they did to Slaves." which is, of course, entirely false. Que's and Etheleen's statements both infer some pretty deep seeded racism, Que basically suggesting that only white people are capable of the atrocities committed by American slave owners, and Etheleen suggesting white people are less honest than non-whites. Both of the characteristics that they are assigning to white Europeans by making those comment seem pretty inferior to me. If you don't understand how that counts as racism then you honestly don't have much business calling anyone simple-minded (also, name calling makes you seem like an angry child).

  56. Steven A. Strength says:

    He who smelt it dealt it doesn't work in this situation at all. I haven't expressed a single racist idea or opinion. Refusing to accept bigotry from someone simply because they are a part of a minority is not racism. Your accusation that I am a "white supremacist" is entirely off the mark, in fact. I know these are are fairly cliche things to say, but you're making a pretty tired argument anyway, so here goes: I voted for Obama, I listen to rap music (I know there are a lot of racist douchebag-rednecks who still listen to black artists but that confuses me), some of my oldest and closest friends are black, my family never owned slaves nor were they members of the KKK or any other racist organizations (as far as I've been able to trace back, that is). What about me, exactly, makes you think I'm a "white supremacist"?
    Etheleen, I honestly do understand your frustration and anger about the prevalence of racism in the power structure of this nation. The point that I, and later Eboni, were trying to make is that your own statement was in fact a racist one and that racism in minorities only compounds the problem and works to further the gap between the two cultures. I promise you that not all white people in this country are racist, nor do we support racist police (I got in to this conversation after liking and sharing the video on my Facebook page, by the way). Have you forgotten that 150 years ago half of our nation rose up in arms, in many cases against their own fathers and brothers, to end slavery by fighting the bloodiest war in our entire history. In my opinion the Civil War was one of the greatest stories of human compassion and people standing up for what they believe in that has ever been told. As Americans that is OUR heritage (yours and mine).

  57. Steven A. Strength says:

    "…just like the torture that's in the news right now, shows how evil white folks have always been. Something is seriously wrong with the majority of Europeans."
    statements like those.

  58. Eboni Turner says:

    Etheleen Lawrence, you suffer from "constant victim syndrome" paired with "my sh*t doesn't stink-ism." I know that there is a racial divide, but in order to close it, both sides have to stop pointing fingers and work together for a solution. You have to learn how to be the change you want to see.
    Why should I have defended you, when I didn't agree with your statement that I felt was birthed from ignorance? Because I'm black? Wrong is wrong. I assume that you are an adult perfectly capable of handling your own Internet arguments. This is the Internet, if you make a statement that someone disagrees with, it isn't uncommon to get called names, get over it.

  59. I got 4 son I already knew that but it's good hear 1 of them say it hope it help the way they do thing the school here is the same they are picking on my 2 grandsons I am calling a meeting after the holidays and let them know I no trying to mess them up for the system11 n 6 years old when God show me something I have to put it on the front let them know it

  60. Michael Duff says:

    He has a very good point. I guessed his answers before he said them. I have found myself judging the same way. I never realized what I was doing was racist and now I know better and apologize. I will never judge people like that again.

  61. Tony Felton says:

    TRYING to solve THIS with social remedies is only a band aid. THIS is SPIRITUAL. THIS is SATANIC AT ITS BEST. the ONLY way to CONQUER THIS is with THE WORD OF GOD ALMIGHTY IN JESUS NAME! PLEASE SEE JOHN 10:10.

  62. He didn't say it but essentially he said that due to these biases not only are the police not doing their job, their job is now to keep in check black and brown people. They are the new slave patrols.

  63. Mikah Coquidikilitus says:

    u aren't there to ask racist questions you douchebag – get on with the training!

  64. Sorry…that's a douche who still doesn't get it from a social standpoint.

  65. Noreen Dayes says:

    Que Hampton why did you leave out the worse one trans Atlantic slavery. no one talks about this.

  66. Glenda Love says:

    You're so right

  67. Ama Nwaifejokwu says:

    The awful truth

  68. Steven A. Strength actually what Etheleen did is called stereotyping. More than a little different from racism. IJS

  69. Steven A. Strength actually what Etheleen did is called stereotyping. More than a little different from racism. IJS

  70. Another example of "Tell us something we don't know." It becomes credible when someone white tell us about it.

  71. Tracey Smith says:

    Steven A. Strength If you're not guilty, then stop hollerin', like a hit dog. Most white people ARE in denial…and? You love to tell us that we don't see things correctly, and our take on OUR lives in this United States is inaccurate…flat out wrong. Do you know infuriating that is? NO, you don't. Instead of that bothering you, you wanna get mad because somebody expressed disbelief about a white person actually using common sense and reason, rather than trying to rationalize away what most Black people in this country know to be true. You get mad at us, when we express our annoyance with constantly having to explain what should be easily understood, and our surprise when someone white actually gets it. After so many failed attempts, we often express our frustration, covered in sarcasm and contempt. You don't like that. Okay. But don't run thru the Facebook comment section, using the same ole tired,' "See???? You're racist TOO!!" response. Secondly, learn the difference between bigotry and systemic racism, PLEASE.

  72. Tracey Smith says:

    Que Hampton Thanks! I get tired of the "Your people sold you into slavery!!!" argument. It's always presented as some type of "news flash", along with a suggestion to brush up on our history. SMH.

  73. Dylan Mendez says:

    I hate this generation…… All the comments I read shines a light on all the hypocrites.

  74. Dylan Mendez says:

    I hate this generation…… All the comments I read shines a light on all the hypocrites.

  75. This guy is a moron

  76. Fred Russell says:

    No it's not incapable of reading. It's called reverse hateism ( new word ). Once it's in the DNA it's hard to get rid of. It's that basic human tribal mind set. You hate me, then I hate you. It does not matter whether you're making sense. Don't forget. Can't forget. Just move on and succeed as much as you can.

  77. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Eboni Turner: I don't consider myself a victim, nor am I a victim. You say both sides have to stop pointing fingers!!! What!!!! I wish that pointing fingers was all this is about but it isn't. Eboni, the police brutality and killing of black males, not to even mention cops, planting drugs and or guns on black man so they can be charged and go to jail. This is nothing new, this has been going on since forever. I sorry the truth is all I have and if you want to stick your head in the sand and act like racism/white supremacy doesn't exist then that's you, as for me I will call it what it is. Tim Wise speaks the truth,. Yet,, you and some other black folks don't want to see it. You are either very young or you're dating a white guy. And I don't need anyone to defend me, nor agree with me….it's about the truth and facts. I'm just glad I'm awake and aware.

  78. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Fred Russell: You're a pitiful black dude, that's if your really black. You say I have a tribal mind….I know you white now. Or you're another Charles Barkley. Just like the butler in the movie D'jingo. White Neanderthals, something is seriously wrong with you people. Sick!!

  79. Kyle Gerardi says:

    Steven A. Strength lol I have no idea what you guys are arguing about but you have obviously lost if you are nit picking someone for saying "cater" instead of "cater to" lol wtf

  80. Nasir Smooth says:

    0 to 100 quick!!! All black and brown kids start dressing up like white boys might help lool

  81. Lynne McCann says:

    Etheleen Lawerence, there are a lot of us out here, but I was just as surprised as you were that the man interviewed here was white. Normally, the "liberal media" shut down all sorts of anti-racism messages from white people. Perhaps it's not as ratings/click grabbing as the same commentary coming from a person of color. (Because then they get to present their "angry black man/woman" stereotype.) But there's also something to be said for not allowing whites to overtake the message. It SHOULD be heard for its justice no matter who is speaking it, but, unfortunately when a white male says it, it's taken more seriously. That's not only probably enraging, but it's also in danger of creating an image of the "White Savior" appropriating a story of injustice that isn't happening to him.

  82. James Ball says:

    Steven A. Strength, white people produced Roots and it show white people stealing Africans from their land. Are these whites lying on themselves? I stated a fact that Wikipedia is not an acceptable source for research on any college campus in America, thus making it a useless piece of fodder in any factual argument. Don't hate truth!

  83. Steven A. Strength I'm sure they were all white historians!

  84. @ STEVEN.A STRENGTH Those who benefit from THE system of white supremacy & Jim Crow always regurgitate the same lie" AmeriKKKa". At best you truly are being intellectually dishonest in every aspect of your regurgitation & you know it. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Smid Ball says:

    Hypothetical…….wait until some black cops start to shoot and kill some white unarmed kids and we need to see what the response is. The facts are white cops are killing black kids and the FOP is justifying it, even with video evidence. When the black cops see white kids it doesn't matter what they think, it matters if they are comfortable violating that kids rights or harassing them…..THEY AREN`T. But the true dilemma for the black cop is…….if you are not a part of the solution you become a part of the problem.

  86. etheleen Lawrence you said it all, thank you.

  87. aque Hampton you are 100% right.

  88. Patrick chasten you are right on target.

  89. This may help some of you silly white folks get a clue and the black assimilated wanna be to get a clue as well. Read and learn.'t_know_or_don't_care

  90. Let's talk about the fact that the Drug War is intrinsically racist and must end.

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