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5 Ways That Racism Is Making Black People Fat

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A study conducted by Rutgers University–Newark found that minorities tend to be more obese because “racial micro aggressions” cause them to eat fast food and avoid exercise.

“When you are exposed to negative stereotypes, you may gravitate more toward unhealthy foods as opposed to healthy foods,” said Luis Rivera, the experimental social psychologist who conducted the study.

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2 thoughts on “5 Ways That Racism Is Making Black People Fat

  1. Mark Antony says:

    This is the most ridiculous article I have ever come across. This embarrassing self pitying rubbish wont get us anywhere. Utter rubbish

  2. Tom Clemens says:

    This is a ridiculous premise that undermines the efforts of so many to battle actual injustice. Stupid articles like this make it easy for many whites to claim that blacks are unreasonable. Shame.

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