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6 thoughts on “Are Reparations the First Step for Black People to Finally Heal From the Atrocities of Slavery?

  1. Florha Jones says:

    Hello. I want to share a reparations petition here , hoping for lots of reviews signatures and shares. It would be great to get a million signatures on this and with every ones help with circulation of the petition it is a definite possibly. Please and thanks for your help in advance.

  2. Florha Jones says:

    Selah LovesFiji SIGNED.

  3. what about the crimes of the tribal leaders who captured and sold their bretheren to the british? What good thing has come out of Africa? Aids, Ebola, and ethinic cleansing.

  4. Tay cole says:

    Monetary funds are important and the specifics can be figured out with some planning. Darwinism is real and lawmakers did get together to figure out ways to suppress a race and these “codes” still exist today. The department of education funded a study that found race to still be the determining factor in who gets what as far as education in schools are concerned. If anyone here can explain how a dark colored child from Englewood with poor education can get a legit job, keep it a secret from his violent neighbors, and have enough knowledge to set himself up for a better life, let alone a safe bus route to get to work then please tell me. These problems exist and yes while money will not eradicate the issues, lawmakers shouldn’t act like it isn’t needed. I would accept a free voucher for a 2 year education, an acre of land that I can also use for commercial purposes and financial advice and training. However money will help me to cover these start up expenses. J.P Morgan, Brooks Brothers, and CSX has it to give trust me. What we should do is put public pressure on these people, make it hard for them to do business. They’ll gladly cut a check then.

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