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Chris Rock Explains Why ‘Black Progress’ Is a Myth; The Real Change Is White People Are Less ‘Crazy’

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 3.51.53 PMLeave it to Chris Rock to break down 400 years of American race relations in one incredibly insightful joke.

According to Rock, race relations in America simply don’t exist—and the whole idea of Black progress is a myth.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Rock said “when we talk about race relations in America or racial progress, it’s all nonsense. There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they’re not as crazy. To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before.”

He went on to describe how it isn’t Black people that need to be progressing.

“To say Obama is progress is saying that he’s the first black person that is qualified to be president,” the I Think I Love My Wife actor told columnist Frank Rich. That’s not black progress. That’s white progress. There’s been black people qualified to be president for hundreds of years. If you saw Tina Turner and Ike having a lovely breakfast over there, would you say their relationship’s improved? Some people would. But a smart person would go, ‘Oh, he stopped punching her in the face.’ It’s not up to her. Ike and Tina Turner’s relationship has nothing to do with Tina Turner. Nothing. It just doesn’t. The question is, you know, my kids are smart, educated, beautiful, polite children. There have been smart, educated, beautiful, polite black children for hundreds of years. The advantage that my children have is that my children are encountering the nicest white people that America has ever produced. Let’s hope America keeps producing nicer white people.”

Before finishing, the comedian went on to describe the peculiar way racism is seen in today’s society.

“But the thing is, we treat racism in this country like it’s a style that America went through. Like flared legs and lava lamps. Oh, that crazy thing we did. We were hanging black people. We treat it like a fad instead of a disease that eradicates millions of people. You’ve got to get it in a lab, and study it, and see its origins, and see what it’s immune to and what breaks it down.”


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97 thoughts on “Chris Rock Explains Why ‘Black Progress’ Is a Myth; The Real Change Is White People Are Less ‘Crazy’

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    He is right but wait for them to show up, saying: If whites are so racist, how did he get so rich? If we are so racist, why is Oprah so rich? (and the other 5 blacks they like to hold up as proof–conveniently ignoring the other 90% or the fact that soon after slavery ended blacks owned less than 1/2 of 1% of US wealth & in 2010 when a study was done, I think it was, blacks STILL owned about 1/2 of 1% of US wealth.) But what else could explain people who continue to try to justify the murder of Mike Brown over an ALLEGED theft of a product costing less than $20. Less than $20. Allegedly. And let's say Brown DID steal those was less than $20. You, your child, your father, your uncle, your son, you nephew..are expendable in their mentally ill mind for LESS than $20. And how much does iced tea & skittles cost these days? And for those who will no doubt bring up the canard of 'black on black crime' up–there is no comparison between citizens killing other citizens and those supposedly representing the STATE killing them wantonly. They supposedly take an oath to protect & serve. The public who pays their salary. Or is it only certain members of the public? Maybe that is why the words Protect & Serve only appear on the white portion of the squad car. Telling.

  2. I'm glad to see that some of our brothers who are considered to be successful are conscious enough to speak truth about our status in Babylon the Great. There has been no progress among our people, we, as a whole, have more spending power than any country in Africa, yet we own no resources; how did that happen? Because of an inadequate education directly intended for the masses of our people. A foolish man would say how can we still be oppressed when we have rich African American's in this country today. Edom has chosen certain of our people to give abundances of money because they are in agreement NOT to be for our people, or engage in any, nor start any sort of program for the benefit of our people solely for the purpose to say "how can America be racist, when there are blacks who are rich." But our people are waking up one soul at a time, and the elect will return to the Lord and the Father and keep God's laws and to the land that was promised to our fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You devices will be disappointed in the end.

    Job 5:12 He disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise.
    13 He taketh the wise in their own craftiness: and the counsel of the froward is carried headlong.

  3. Neil Hatch says:

    When will Chris Rock own up to the fact that his ancestors sold blacks into slavery?

  4. Talk about a KKKrackerish statement, truth hurts!

  5. San Fulger-Kontinen says:

    Neil, what fact? The fact, is that black people were hung from trees. That's something that we have proof of. If there was a few that sold others slaves after they were freed, that's their omen, just as it when there were many parents that have sold their children for money or drugs…that doesn't make it right, and that also doesn mean all white people have done that and not that it was right. Don't ignore truth by under throwing something else, to lessen the value of truth.

  6. Did some Africans sell our ancestors into slavery? Yes. Is that an excuse for wanting slaves? No! If you were being raped by a White man and then three Black men raped you when he was finished would you accept the three Black guys saying "Hey the White guy raped you first?"

  7. Robert Mitchell Bell says:

    There is more to it than the simple statement Mr Neil put forth! Some of us do read and know that your statement lacks context!

  8. Karen Draper says:

    Africans sold Africans for little money. Whites bought Africans for slavery. Whites killed thousands of Africans in the process of taking them to a strange land to belittle them. Get it straight! Whites bought and stole Africans for their selfish needs. The fact is, whites are very lazy because whites could and cannot do as Africans can. Africans built this land…not the whites. This is why whites had to use the strength of "guns" to get what they wanted. You know in all honesty. the white ( Irish, Italian, Jews, Russian, German, etc) man is truly a scared man because of what he has stolen he does not want to give it back!!!!

  9. Michelle Gaines Singleton says:


  10. Michelle Gaines Singleton says:


  11. Lee Johnson says:

    Typical racist blaming some one else for their own shit. All you have to do is look at all these racist posts to see where the racism really is. You'll always be like this until you open your eyes to see were Americans instead of colors.

  12. The debate is so heated! Question is: How to take the 'heat' out and let some 'light' in? The simple fact is that everyone's truth depends on where they stand.

  13. Troll's will Troll neil!

  14. Sean Bush says:

    Africans purpose for slavery was to pay a debt, not forever. Do you ever read? Also, they didn't rape, burn, beat, experiment or whatever else the sick mind of white and Arabian people choose to do to their slaves. Do a little studying before commenting…'

  15. Khary Illah says:

    When you realize that that statement isn't true in the way you'd like it to be.

  16. Chris rock anit no conscious brother his ass is a cracker lover and all u African that think pink people r what u called white people want to love u, r crazy , its u black people that know them cracker own so dam much and money, that black people have sold there soul , pride and race just to get some , then to like u , is a myth , there ass don't love nothing but money and do anything to get it , now black people I'm not a hater , but successful black people r African that r born in America , they give u the penny why they made millions , just enough to keep u blind , they even let u date their daughters and sons to keep u blind because they knew black people don't like dark skin people , so as long as black people had light skin babies them crackers knew racism would become people man problems the rich , the not so rich , the light , the not so light skin would look down on the dark skin and poor black people , let me tell u , they r still killing us , dam right we r killing each other only for money and power trying to be like the world best stealer and killer. The White Man.

  17. Chris Isner says:

    You're an idiot

  18. Chris Isner says:

    If you look at it from an Afro-centric historical perspective, then the case could be made that the Middle Passage was a covert invasion plan and we are in the final stages of Afro-world conquest. Africans conquered a new continent and built the richest, most powerful country in the history of the world and from that seat are taking over the world through cultural conquest. American culture is now the world's dominant culture and no one can deny that its heartbeat is African drums. Pretty smart to use the technology and greed of those to be conquered against them, not only for transport but also for the spreading of culture. So, we can call the Middle Passage "Ogun's Trojan Seahorse" and black people can view themselves as the offspring of conquerors rather than slaves. I would imagine one could begin reaping the benefits of conquest if one were to rededicate oneself to the origins of conquest: the Orishas.

  19. Chris Isner says:

    Well, some whites have progressed but not nearly enough. I think a great form of protest would be 5 slogan-emblazoned cars driving abreast at legal speed on the freeway. It would totally screw up traffic and people could only complain about their inability to break the law. There must be more examples whereby following the law can inconvenience a lot of people.

  20. Very well said!

  21. Joshua Lange says:

    Lonnie Felton your such a ignorant racist. Your one of the reason why there still have rasicm

  22. You can't just keep adding commas, and pretend it's grammar; it just doesn't work like that. You have singlehandedly created the longest run-on sentence I have ever seen.

  23. That doesn't really change the fact of how white people have treated them for hundreds of years even after slavery was theoretically abolished (however in a practical sense slavery was just renamed to "minimum wage"). It's like if someone sells fertilizer or rents a truck to a crazy white Christian guy, and he uses that fertilizer and truck to blow up a building in Oklahoma City. Are the people who sold the fertilizer and rented the truck responsible for the actions of the crazy guy, to a degree yes, but the responsibility overwhelmingly rest on the shoulders of the crazy white guy.

  24. What he said was true enough, and hopefully in the future white people will be much less crazy, but you can't expect the currently existing white people to apologize for something they had no direct part in. I think we all agree th at what has happened, and continues to happen to a degree is, and was an abomination to all mankind. This is all coming from a native American, not only did white people attempt to enslave us , but they also came damn close to hunting us to extinction.

  25. Your ancestors didn't have to buy them now did they? Also African slavery was not like the chattel slavery they had here. Once they found out how it was most of those countries involved apologized. America still is in denial.

  26. Charles Hill says:

    Truth from a true talent. Deeply educated man.

  27. Ok Anthony Carey that is funny, but that proves it , its al about education.

  28. So its black peoples fault that it took so long to finally have a black President? Cool.

  29. yeah… blacks sold blacks to slavery.. Ok. blacks owned white slaves too. Ok. and?

  30. Thank You , your fucking pink ass mama and daddy made me this way.

  31. We can see that the COWARD neil has changed his profile to.
    Our President that these KKKrackers, so vehemently Hate!
    Sick around Haters Our Black President has (2) TWO more Years.
    Count Them!

  32. We can see that the COWARD neil has changed his profile to.
    Our President that these KKKrackers, so vehemently Hate!
    Stick around Haters.
    Our Black President has (2) TWO more Years.
    Count Them! LMBO:)

  33. Chris Isner says:

    You can't call someone ignorant when you can't even form the contraction for "you are" or grasp basic grammar.

  34. Anthony Carey Tulsa Oklahoma black people just think back to the day and see today ok , now education are for them that want it me I never wanted it always wanted to prove how I could make it without it 38years +20=58yrs old disable was self-employed from 1985-1997- 2003-2010 sold no drugs nor did I steal work all my life a real black man ok.

  35. You are wrong my friend research more and you will learn something. Your facts are based on what you have heard from other people and not what actually happened.

  36. This is nice blood.

  37. Okay, okay people. Let's keep something in mind. Chris Rock is a comedian. His job is to take a true or relatively true, sometimes thought provoking topic that we all can relate to and find the humor in it. Whether it's valid, truthful or complete balderdash is relative to ones experience. He probably didn't even write the joke. If you laughed, even if only on the inside, he's done his job.
    Calm down…we still have some SERIOUS work to do in this country.

  38. Lonnie Felton Speak it my man, speak it.

  39. Lonnie Felton Speak it my man, speak it.

  40. FW Nyende says:

    Black- white, christian- muslim, tall- short, brown eyed- blue eyed, catholic- protestant, arsenal fun- man U, private schooled- public schooled, then there is postcodes, which Uni, who do you wear and political parties.. the list goes on. You should see the great wilderbeast migration in the serengeti. They mix better than we do.

  41. Josh E Lange says:

    Lonnie felton I had plenty of rascit stuff happen to me also but im not like u

  42. Josh E Lange says:

    Lonnie felton I had plenty of rascit stuff happen to me also but im not like u

  43. Lonnie, I hate to say it but you are right about a lot of points. I'm not going to tell you I understand what its like to be black, but I can tell you I understand what its like to be poor and powerless. Just know not all white people you encounter are racist andlook down on you. We're all Americans that want what's best for our friends and family, and if we'd all stop talking about race, and pointing what's different between us and start focusing on the fact that we're all same maybe we could all work together someday. Unfortunately I don't see it happening during my or you lifetime. All we can do is jeep working and keep moving forward and work towards making this life as good as we can.

  44. Eric Randle says:

    Nigga did you understand anything he was tryn to say? He not sayn that we or he made it…he stated that white people have stopped nightly hangings…yes bullshit still goes on like me calln you nigga…but black kill each other at the same rate white people kill us so they don't have to be AS violent towards us….and the fact that these few successful black people you speak of is proof of that…there are millions of successful black people in America… success is not always judged by status but by the satisfaction of the individual being judged. If you open a few houses for homeless people a and your family is content your bills are paid and you strive to do good things for others…guess what that's success!

  45. But there always were light skin Africans there are many nations . In Africa with light skin ppl way before our time mother egypt and st hi Ethiopia

  46. I always like to hear what Chris has to say.

  47. He's wrong white folks r still crazy as bat shit. Here's the thing w/ white supremacy: n order for it to work we have to b willing participants in their beliefs that we r inferior and this gives white this guilt complex and some feel compelled to help improve the lives of the others. But when the playing field is equal that's when we see white folks tru colors. Only relations I have w/ them r work relations other than that I dnt trust they ass as for as I could throw them.

  48. Whites still benefit from systematic crimes against black Americans, which still are rampant. The 'voter fraud' that the GOP is on about is actually the crime of depriving black, brown, and poor people of voting, or making it more difficult, because they tend to vote Democrat. That's no secret. And most whites have no idea how much discrimination in lending, renting, and POLICING is still the rule, not the exception. So, pretending that's all over with, and we have no work to do to make our society better is just as bad as saying that it's okay to lynch people, or steal their land and their way of life.

  49. Hunter Yeago says:

    gawd duznt reel.

  50. I wonder what it will take to feel that we are all equal.

  51. Jack Charles says:

    Has anyone ever been so patronising as to say that the progress of black people is down to black people becoming better at things?

  52. Daniel Hamm says:

    Well said sir, and that would include all of us.

  53. look here young boy from 1400 to1950 there was only a few things white so called people would allow black people do out in the open , cause remember at the time we was consider ignorant or unintelligent , but everything you see in Americus were made by black people , even the game bingo and every Great leader we have had white man killed just to keep us oppress and ignorant I'm just not a kiss ass to Crackers just know that , History is the Weapon for the Blind to See , OPEN UR EYES.

  54. Jack Charles says:

    Lonnie, I don't understand how any of that is relevant to what I said. Thanks for the racial slur though, you thoroughly literate person.

  55. u right u don't understand how r y my comment is relevant to u because u c today the good in u and a few more , I hate 2 use this word white folks may have been doing , the right thing to help , u and others r but that's only 25% of white Americus if that much and the rest started the problems and the problems r still here and it didn't began with I , TALK WITH UR FOLKS , SO UR EYES CAN C.


  57. Billy Frady says:

    I think Chris needs to study history a little bit. Irish where slave and sold in America as slave for 5 shillings and was put to work in jobs with short life spans because at that time black slaves coasted 50 shillings. In Africa slaves where only allowed to be taken by other black slave traders. A total of 650 thousands slave where brought to America. Millions were taken to the middle east. In the middle east all males had there gentiles removed only about 10 % survived the barbaric process. So there was a higher need for more slaves in the middle east where most died. In America black Slaves where encourage to have babies, so the 650 thousand became millions. Yes salver was wrong. However America didn't have the patent on slavery. It was the way the world work back in that time. Blacks where not the only slaves. There were thousands of Irish slave brought to America that died in the hull of ships because there lives where only worth 5 shillings. There is a lot if history about that time in history that was never taught in history books in our school. However it is not hard to learn about it. Yes Americans , ALL Americans have improved on the life's of all people in the USA. Weather you want to hear it or not. Some things you have to do for yourself. If you want to improve your life and the Quality of that life. All have a chance for an education, it is up to you to do the work and learn.

  58. Alan Sessler says:

    I think he hit the nail on the head. And he's not dogging white people when he says "my children are encountering the nicest white people that America has ever produced. Let’s hope America keeps producing nicer white people." Amen. Now, in the name of balance/retort, if one plays the continual victim (and Chris Rock doesn't), that the white man is always keeping the black man down, than that would be saying any success a black man experiences is only because a white man allowed him to have that success. I don't think any black person should give the white man that kind of power. The odds may be stacked against blacks, but if you've gained success, own it, don't thank the white man for it–he's not God.

  59. Josh E Lange says:

    Lonnie Felton aww you hurt my feelings calling me a cracker ass. that would not be the first time or the last time. Amd how ammo trying act black you piece of shit. My nieces and nephews are mixed I hate rascit people. Chris isner your probably has bad has him.

  60. we will never be equal – ever-

  61. god what a moron thou art-

  62. think he knows all that- but the Irish still had white skin -big difference- you have a good mind- but you need to learn some grammar- you are too smart and making too good an effort here to have it wrecked by the grammar- especially when you are at a University-

  63. Ashley Lynn says:

    History shows the wrath Europeans have put on this earth so save the statistics for an idiot Daniel

  64. Daniel Hamm Fox news moron.

  65. Daniel Hamm Black COMMIT 7 times more crime than whites? Where did you get this ridiculous stat? Rap music? No — Whites are the main consumer of Rap Music in this country. How come they aren't negatively affected by Rap? Prisons full of young black men? Look up systematic white supremacy and how blacks are thrown in jail for the same crimes whites are slapped on the wrist for. Go read the New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.

    As far as Jay's Mike Brown comment, he's right. Key word is Allegedly. Go look at any article on the subject. They'll say the same thing.

    Lol at "stop whining at all of the historical injustices" when they still affect black people to this day. Stop whining black people! Stop mentioning race when the majority of time, it is about race! That'll do it. And lol @ blacks naturally being "violent and confrontational in nature." Go learn about white american history.

    Any white person who does not acknowledge eradicating systematic white supremacy in conversations about the betterment of black people in this country should not be acknowledged. These tired arguments (rap music, stop being so lazy, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, no race card!) are just ridiculous.

  66. Kathleen Greene Preach.

  67. Sean Bush I'm interested in learning more about this subject. Could you (or anyone) provide me with links/books?

  68. fuck being an "American" until ALL people are treated equally in accordance of the law! opinions don't mean shit!

  69. Daniel Hamm White people are always following us around like stray are here WHY? And as far as the crime stats: it's like comparing pickpockets and petty criminals to mass murderers. Who is poisoning the air, the soil, the food and the water? Who is destroying the only planet that we have? Who's fave past time is genocide and raping and pillaging? Who creating bio germ warfare to specifically targeting specific genotypes? Who has the continuous history of constant violence, war, chaos, death & destruction on a GLOBAL SCALE? Black people? Puleeze. There ain't even no comparison.

  70. Daniel Hamm What, FBI doesn't offer you idiots anything other than copy & paste info?

  71. Daniel Hamm You're a troll and a lazy ass one at that.

  72. My thoughts exactly

  73. Zell Ford says:

    Whites may be less crazy but a lot are still in denial over the things they did in the past. Fortunately some whites are sick of white people's bullshit.

    Like pointing at black on black crime when whites got everything they wanted through violence. When the system was built to create "black on black" crime. When crime in impoverished cities with predominantly one race in it is supposed to yield surprising results called "black on black" crime. When the police target blacks in these cities to make their lives harder and the media demonizes them as crazy. When the education system in these places is the lowest in the country. Black on black crime did not spawn on it's own devices.

    Or pointing out how crazy blacks turn and start rioting when a law enforcement officer kills them while whites tear up cities over sports games and surfing laws.

    How about when whites tell blacks to raise their children when the ancestors of whites had a black nanny.

    Or how when whites are victims of "racism" they think getting their feelings hurt over the internet is equivalent for being executed with no justice as a black person would go through. Whites will say blacks need to face reality when reality isn't singular, it is different and it is different based on the color of your skin.

    Or how 9/11 is looked at as the U.S.'s biggest terrorist attack, but Tulsa, OK in the 1920s? Forget about it. Whites bombing black cities using government planes to take out prosperous communities killing potentially thousands of people simply because they were black is just another "It's in the past, can I be relieved from my guilt now" running from white reality to justify the importance of current events.

    America as a country refuses to learn from its past mistakes regarding racism. There is no accountability, just a continuous history bulldozing the reality of blacks where we have one group of whites who discriminate through power, one group of whites who discriminate through white privilege and one group of whites who are compassionate and aware enough to know that #alllivesmatter is white privilege and a denial of black reality.

  74. Daniel Hamm Must be a Trump supporter, making up stats. born on third base and think you should be credited with a triple.

  75. Ajani Fida says:

    Here is a great article on the true role that Africans played in the slave trade and colonialism. People still have a lot to learn and a lot to admit to.

  76. Ajani Fida says:

    There is no such thing as eqaulity, it is unnatural. The goal is balance (peace), not equality.

  77. Daniel Hamm Your statment is unbelieveable

  78. Neil You`re being irrational

  79. Daniel Hamm I think the problem/issue is a bit more complex than the steril statistics you so gleefully documented. You have to understand the root of the problem. Black folks didn't come to the western world to escape "supposed" suppression of their religious beliefs, as I suspect your ancestors did.. they were brought here by force.. packed like sardines and shackled on slave ships for the purpose of forced labor. That in itself would have had a debilitating effect on their psyche and their ability to come to grips with what happened to them. After imancipation, you couple the ruined psyche's with continued belittlement, along with second or third class citizenship, and of course that is going to create some sort of maladjusted individuals. Now, that's not to say people shouldn't know right from wrong but I think overtime, it instills a certain apathy that persons not directly affected by those horrific events will never be able to understand. To your statement about black leadeship? That's just pure racist bullshit. And all of those billions of dollars you refer to were basically being given back to the area's they were stolen from in the first place! Please. I would suggest doing some serious research before commenting on stuff you clearly know little about.

  80. Moses Ukoh says:

    I disagree with him, he puts all the power in the hands of white Americans. African Americans have made progress, but it is progress in a land that originally fought them.

    The mountain climber makes progress as he climbs the mountain. He was always strong and skilled, but he made progress in his journey, not in an of himself.

  81. Daniel Hamm, U need 2 do some research! Whites creates the most crimes…and worst crimes than Blacks or any People of Color!

  82. His azz knows! He's fu*cking with Y'all! His way of saying…I'm Racist as Hell!

  83. Daniel Hamm
    That Fox Faux Non-News will have you believeing anything, have the best life you can, Pal!
    PS: KKKoch Suckers like you & Niel up there are losers!

  84. Jose Sosa says:

    Where was it I heard the expresion, "A comedian that tells the truth has to make people laugh, otherwise they'd kill him."

  85. Daniel Hamm you are so stupid, if white people never took their asses into africa exploiting the people and controlling the money and recourses while funding corrupt politicians then it would be different… In every city white ppl are the ones who fund campaigns for shit leaders and you say violent and confrontational? you are an ignorant silly american who inherted that white supremast attitude unable to culturally relate or empathize.

  86. Daniel Hamm Trinidad and Tobago is runned by "blacks" and we are not a shithole..Trinidad is so well off that kindergarten to Phd is free for all citizens……kindly think before you make these vacuous statements because you look like an uneducated fool that didn't finish high school. If the US government really want to help black people they should make teritary education free for all black…education is the only sure way out of the current situation.

  87. Daniel Hamm………mmmh Now that's what you call a racist, by no definition. Knowledge is power, but apparently he lacks that. Do your research before you open your mouth buddy.

  88. Daniel Hamm YOUR TOO STUPID TO EVEN RESPOND TO !!!!!!!!

  89. Daniel Hamm your drank the cool aid…white people have killed and destoried more civilation than any other group in history. white people are the cancer of the world….i read your history..yall are crazy you kill everything you cant control. you sit in judgment…your people created this situation….this is your mess….people around the world hate your kind…they only fear you becuase your a murderous cult… yall kill everything in your path… look it up…..who esle would have a world war….that is a sickness….look it up….what is sad is you belive the hype. dan did you know 14 euorpean white nations came together to rob and kill africans in what is known as The Berlin Conference of 1884–85 also known as the Scramble for Africa look it up white people murder and raped millions of africas…this makes white people sound insane the laws against humanity they committed. they killed millions damn near billions of innocent human lives….learn some history and you might learn to shut the fuck up….your people history is filled with killing….King Leopold's legacy of DR Congo violence look this guy up…. he murdered Torment and rape and Chopping hands….quote: He turned his "Congo Free State" into a massive labour camp, made a fortune for himself from the harvest of its wild rubber, and contributed in a large way to the death of perhaps 10 million innocent people.

  90. Lets talk about this silly narative that's somehow used to shift the responsibiliy and brutality of slavery. Its true that black people 'sold' away captured enemies to white folks offering whatever to get them. Now, few points here, the black sellers did not have any notion to the brutality to which the white slavers were subjecting the black slaves. After all no white slaver came back with picture of lynching, raping, torture to show those Africans sellers. The fact is that many white Americans did not know or cared to know of the state these slaves were kept in the US let alone expecting the Africans to know. Secondly, after the slaves were bought it was the prerogative of the white owner to 'treat' the slave. The fact that the abject brutality was imposed on these black human beings is nohing to do with the owners that sold them but speaks to the evil hearts and minds of the white slave owners.

  91. As surface as Chris usually is; he is very close to point on this one!

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