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156 thoughts on “Graphic Footage: Watching Milton Hall Get Shot 46 Times by the Police Will Enrage Everyone with a Soul

  1. Justice will never be served in AmeriKKKa for blacks unless some of them go to the Cemetary with their loved ones or Complete Separation form them. Most Caucasians and So-called Jews are True Devils in the Flesh.Do a background check on them, the Caucasian So-called Christians are one in the same.Name one Caucasian Minister who says anything about how blacks have been treated here? Their silent, Hagee, Olsten, Parsley, Graham, etc.etc.

  2. Johnny DamtheGov Clark says:

    This is modern day lynching. Until we start to do to them what they have been doing to us. It will never change for us.

  3. Tee Ealy says:

    welcome to amerikkka. yall betta make a choice. we build and if they come to attack then we defend. starting the global race war.

  4. James Colomb says:

    I'm out of my mind looking at this.

  5. Earl Jones says:

    It's definitely time remove ourselves from these Devils . For those blacks that say this is wrong you stay with them. Don't cry later. We've tried time and time to live in peace with them but they continue to fail as human beings . Guess that's why their calle man – kind !

  6. Mansa Ture says:

    WORLD WAR 3 and I say let's take them to hell and breakfast.

  7. even if we run back to Africa, they are there, they wont leave, and will continue to justify their evils…

  8. David Roos says:

    If you noticed half of the cops were black. You are so quick to look for any way possible to make anything about race.

  9. David Roos says:

    Did you not notice half of the cops that were shooting were black. Racist black people are so quick to look for a reason to blame someone else for your short comings. If America is so bad find somewhere else to live.

  10. David Roos says:

    You mean in Africa where they enslaved blacks first? Or do you mean where they are still doing it now???? I guess history lessons are not important to some of you!

  11. David Roos says:

    OK big guy on the internet. Are you going to shoot the three black cops too? I guess the fact that this shooting was black on black is not important because you need a white man to blame!

  12. David Roos America IS "So Bad" – and Finding Somewhere Else to Live is the Most Sensible Thing That's Come Out of Your Ignorant Mouth. I Agree Blacks Should Leave These Imperialist Bastards Completely Slaveless and Let Them Fend for Themselves…. But You and I Both Know They Would NEVER Let That Happen.

    The Cops Being Black Has NOTHING to Do With the Fact That It's a Racist System of Pigs Where MORE Chiefs Have Been Caught With Ties to the KKK Than One Can Be Comfortable With. If "Black Cops" Is the Best Deterrent You've Got for White Supremacy Then You Are Seriously Delusional, Sir.

  13. Steve Knill says:

    most Caucasians???? fuck you you piece of shit!…..look at at the black people killing other black people in chicago…..again, fuck you you piece of shit!

  14. David Roos says:

    Nana Jovaun Kwame – No one is stopping you or anyone else from leaving. You forget history, and the fact that it was Africans who enslaved blacks and sold/traded them. They are still doing it to this day and chopping off body parts for no reason.

    So a black man shooting a black man has nothing to do with you calling it a racial shooting? Who is ignorant? A white cop being apart of a long time past racial organization does not concern me. Our Muslim president has radical people running our defense department does concern me however. White people are not the reason you can not get ahead. Reading on extremely racial web sites is however. Hate in your heart against anyone will pull you down. You have hundreds of all black schools, magazines, tv channels, etc yet somehow you think white people are the racist ones???? Grow up and stop believing everything the media tells you!

  15. David Ross I have 1 comment to you, I don't give a dam whether they white or black they where wrong.They should be hung for that crime.We have a lot of No Good black officers as well, sort of like during Slavery.The overseer and Massah. There are plenty of Black officers that carry out the Wishes of their Boss or Massah to this day.those officers gonna have to be dealt with first. As a Human being you shouldn't want anyone shot down like a dog.You mean they couldn't have shot him in the leg and over 7 heavy ass officers contain that man? The citizens of that city should be raising Holly Hell by any means necessary.

  16. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney – first off please go back to school and learn English. I am not perfect but you did not have one complete sentence. With that said I do agree shooting anyone down like a "dog" would be a very bad thing, but until we are FAIR and learn to stick together as AMERICANS not as a racial group divided by the media we will never get past this. This is a horrible thing (possibly I do not know all the facts) but it is just horrible. That does not make it a racial thing. As an American I agree cops should not be so quick to shoot anyone, but that could be said for the black cop who shot the white kid in Utah that made no headlines at all. We need fair and balanced.

  17. Lol I Won't Further Entertain a Conversation With an Ignorant White Man Who Perpetuates Foolishness About Blacks Selling Themselves Into Slavery. You Can Suck Up All the HIS-Tory You Want But THE STORY Clearly Shows That the Invention of Guns and Cannons Were Used to Facilitate Slavery. Wasn't a Series of Smooth Transaction As Much as You Would LOVE to Believe Your Ancestors Were Benevolent Traders Instead of Monstrous Human Traffickers. Nonetheless Here's Something to Educate Yourself With for the Next Conversation With Someone Who is Willing to Waste Their Time Talking to You. I Said What I Came to Say.

  18. David Roos says:

    Yet if we try to separate from the blacks it is all over the news and hated on. Why not make parts of America all black and others all white. I will stay where it is mixed because I am not so racist that I could not live next to other ethnic groups.

  19. David Roos says:

    Nana Jovaun Kwame – See your a typical racist baiting person. Nothing you said had any facts. You capitalize some words to sound smart and post a link like that makes it a fact. Guns were actually designed for war with the Asians. American WHITE men died to free the blacks slaves here in America. As a high majority of white people in America we have done more for the black community than any other country ever. That includes African countries. SO just because I am a "WHITE" man does not make me wrong. I am just grateful I do not wake up with the same hate in my heart that you do. I am also glad I do not spend all of my time following a racist web site like this in the first place!

  20. My literature is good enough for you to understand me.Everything I said is Fact not fiction.

  21. Brandon M. Chapman says:

    David Roos 1. It's impossible to for black people to be 'racists'. That would imply that there is some larger ideological institution of 'racism' that a black racist would subscribe to in order to oppress those with. There is no 'black supremacy' in America, therefore, you have no idea what you're talking about. You lack comprehension on the subject. 2. The fact that half those cops were black STILL makes it about race. Being apart of one of the most oppressed people not only in America, but in the world, makes many people who are classified as 'black' hate the fact that they are (ie. self-hate). Therefore, these individuals crave 'validation' from those of the white race in hopes of being 'accepted' in spite of being viewed as 'less-than' in the eyes of whites. Yet again, another subject that you most likely can not comprehend. 3. The reason why you can not (meaning that you literally are un-able to) comprehend is due to the fact that you suffer from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. I'd suggest that you look that up, but you probably wouldn't retain the information seeing that you're stuck on stupid and all. You should REALLY stop watching Fox News, but then again….it is by Neanderthals, for Neanderthals…….Now again and say the same nonsense that you've been repeating over your last several post. Your ignorance is my entertainment.

  22. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney – "Good enough to understand me" Is that all that matters? Yet when a "black" person speaks like this they think it is because they are black that they do not get ahead in life. If you are going to have "literature" you might want to lead by example and learn proper English. By the way this is not literature this is comments on an article. We are not getting paid for this. Also you had not one fact. You continue to say your opinions.

  23. David Roos says:

    Brandon M. Chapman – This coming from someone who apart of every black this and black that group available. Yet you think White people are the racist ones and I am the ignorant one? I am glad my "ignorance" amuses you I will let you be entertained while I make money. Would you like to know why? No one wants to be around a bitter hateful person of any race. Wait until you try and get a big person job and they look at your facebook account (yes they do that) and watch to see what happens. I know you will blame the White guy…. Blah Blah Blah

  24. dominique mcclellan says:

    What's the point of the K-9 if you're going to gun him down anyway? K-9 Cops are seeing less action these days because their human counterparts are opting to shoot first. That said, I'm sure the K-9 could have easily taken him down if he really posed a threat.

  25. Ross you keep trying to say that I or the other guy haven't got ahead in life, this convo. has nothing to do with who getting or got ahead.You know that why are you trying to change this topic blaming my grammer,the other brothers financial status and what Obama did or didn't do? There is no reason to keep talking to people (RACIST) like you.

  26. Ross you don't know what these people earn, you assuming all of us are poor.I can eat where you eat @,I can live where you live @, why is it that Caucasians assume that all of us are either criminals or riding off the system? Caucasians has gotten more Welfare and Stole more than anyone is this Country.That is Fact not Fiction.
    what you mad cause some Africans get some off your Tax dollars, Im sure the Indians are mad @ you taking their land.Devil…

  27. Mekhat Sa-Ra says:

    Anyone who chooses to debate with the likes of a David Roos is just as ignorant as David Roos. Many "whites", like David, will never understand nor admit (if indeed they were even remotely able to understand) the devastating impact that White Supremacy has had not only on ALL other races, but to whites as well and the earth itself. For every so-called "fact" that he and many others may use in an attempt to redirect and or distract from the point at hand, White Supremacy is the root cause to those so-called "facts". Institutionalized White Supremacy is what affords the privilege, arrogance, mis-information and pure ignorance to a David Roos and others like him. It allows people like David to believe what they have been told as factual. David's opinions are not of his own and he is completely incapable of forming an original-self made thought and subsequent opinion that has not been given to him from the same white supremacist propaganda that created the mindset that would allow for black police officers to participate in police brutality against other blacks. The effects of white supremacy is also the underlying reason for the "theories" of "africans selling other africans into slavery" and the current issue of so-called "black on black" crime. Furthermore, what makes the situation even more pitiful for people like David Roos is that they are completely unaware that they have no true opinion of their own! People like David Roos regurgitate what they have been taught, which gives them a false sense of being educated when in fact they are truly The Uneducated. Let those of us who are serious about the business of ridding our minds and the planet of the disease that is white supremacy and the cognitive dissonance that accompanies it and get on with the task of doing just that. Let little children such as David Roos enjoy their last few minutes in the sun…

  28. No Hate In My Heart, Just Knowledge in My Head. Try Some 😉

  29. Will Rock says:

    Real deal kill squads. Do not get used to this.

  30. All of this racism isn't going to help anything, love your fellow man for who he is, not the color of his skin, if you like or dislike anyone for any reason other than the PERSON they are, then you are a problem

  31. James Akil Jennings says:

    The people need to PRESS their city official, start filing class actions law suites. It's all about the brutaility of the police and how the people respond. Don't tear up the neighborhood, but Goto the people who have the power and use collective pressure. letter writing, phone calls, emails, live visits, all by the masses. As long as our collective body sits quite, this will continue to happen.

  32. Anne Lazer says:

    That doesn't make since. I think they could have use another method.

  33. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney – No I do not know any of you and I am speaking in general. You might be a millionaire already. In general no one in society doing well wants to work around people who hate another race. You might think you can hide it but when deep down in you that anger is present it shows. Raymond we need to learn it is not blacks against whites. We are told this to keep us as a divided nation. The Gov. does not need our money because they can print an unlimited amount. They need us hating and fighting each other so we can not ever stop the brutality that they do. Such as shooting people like in this video appears. The difference is I am not against them shooting just young black kids. I am against them shooting anyone if it is not justified. Even our presidents have said if we knew what they have done we would chase them down and lynch them. We need to stop drinking the hate kool-aid and realize this anger is what divides us. Your picture(only thing I know about you) looks like you would be an upstanding guy. So do not preach hate. Preach unity and peace. Lets grow as a country and stop trying to support the division of racism.

  34. David Roos says:

    Nana Jovaun Kwame – So if White people are so bad why did we have a civil war to free blacks? Let me know your knowledge and not your opinions please.

  35. David Roos says:

    Thanks- I am glad to see that I have my own post. This might actually be the highlight of my day. Yet you did not say one thing that I was wrong about. It is easy to say someone is "IGNORANT" yet you back it up with no facts??? Why is that? Stop preaching hate. I am not your problem. White people are not your problem. This division of hate is what is hurting us as a country. You know nothing about me but because I am white and not agreeing with you that white people are evil you think I am racist. IS that not racist in its self?

  36. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney – Again I want to point out my comments are an in general statement and not specific to any one person. In general people feel this way way when things are not going right for them. A person for an example making it in life would see that all racist can get along and would not believe this stuff. A person in a mix work venture would already have mixed racist co-workers they are friends with and realize that this racist stuff is made up and repeated until it is believed. People hate people for all kinds of reasons. Blacks kill blacks more than any white person has. Why do we not stand up against that and stop focusing on the made up issues. Yes I have went to a majority black school and have been a victim of racism. Try living in Atlanta being a white kid. What do you think a school full of black kids think of you? Why because we are trained from the media to be divided. However just because I had people hate me based on my race does not mean I believe all blacks hate white people. Yet you have sites like this, schools, etc. What do only white people have? Yet who are the racist ones? White people adopt black kids. How many blacks do you see adopting a white kid?

  37. Tonda Walker says:

    Whether or not you believe in justice in America there is defiantly a problem, for Black people this type of execution without due process in illegal and has been continual. We will not stand for this type murder amongst our people(Black, Latino, Asian, and all people of color). Do not support any Government(Local, State or Law Enforcement) who will not protect you. Learn all you can about your local laws and how they can effect you.

  38. Prime Example of What I'm Talking About HIS-Tory Vs. THE STORY. You Think the Civil War Had ANYTHING to Do With Freeing Slaves? Once Again Sir Please Research OUTSIDE Your High School History Books Before You Carry On With Your Ignorant and Racist Ranting….

    "I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything." – Abraham Lincoln (The Man That "Freed" the Slaves)

  39. Fat evil white savages. They deserve the execution squad.

  40. David Roos says:

    Nana Jovaun Kwame – So you quoted one guy who was a racist person from a hundred years ago. I think you sir should be patted on the back. Can you answer why we as a Nation freed them if we did not want to? NO!!!! No you can not. You also can not answer for why AFRICANS ENSLAVED AFRICANS! Europeans purchased/traded for them. If you have it so bad go to Africa where odds are they will not accept you.

  41. Tee Ealy says:

    The biggest quote from these white immigrants is go back to afrika. But truthfully 80% of these whites families just go there nno more than 100 years ago. Meaning blacks who been here thousands of years we cantake these immigrants. If a white don't have a badge on. Hurt him if he disrespect yeah bloodline

  42. Lorna Stanislas Morgan says:

    If he was white he would have been tased not shot. David who? is looking for a reaction and need attention.

  43. Showing Further How Little You Know – I Already Repatriated Back to Africa, Ghana to Be Specific and I'm Accepted Just Fine. They See It As an HONOR for a Stolen African to Return Home for Good. I've Also Visited the Castles Where WHITE People Took Blacks By Force and Had Armies At the Gates to Stop the Africans Who Fought Against Slavery Day and Night. I've Seen These Things With My Eyes So the Racist Foolishness You Are Spouting Won't Sway Me. I Already Gave You References Above Regarding Africans and Fighting the Slave Trade. If You Don't Want to Read/Apply That Information That's Fine. Choose to Believe Whatever You Want.

    Furthermore Slavery Never Ended. Period…. and the SMALL Concession That Were Given to Blacks Was Due to the Fact We Boycotted Shit and Took Money Out of the White Economy to the Point That Whites Realized We Needed to Have a MINIMALLY Symbiotic Relationship In Order to Keep Us Working Otherwise We Would Simply Cease and Desist. There Wasn't a Mass of White People Saying "Treat Blacks Better!" Just Like There's Not Mass of Whites Today Saying "Justice for Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant, Mike Brown" (Some of Those Names You Probably Don't Even Know) But Anyway I'm Unfollowing This Individual Comment Thread With You Because You Obviously Need a Time-Out to Go Get Caught Up On REALITY Instead of Wherever You've Been "Studying" the Drivel Coming Out of Your Mouth…

  44. Ronald Richardson says:

    I have an idea of how to subdue a person. use pepper spray or use a Taser or use a cone baton or have a designated officer shoot him in the foot. I find it odd that you cannot do any of these things to any domesticated animal without going to jail. if he was the child of any of those officers there would be no shooting.

  45. Parris Lane says:

    David Roos BAD COP CULTURE

  46. David you need to find the definition of Racist,Judging by your writing you don't Understand the word.Then get back @ me.

  47. That's your opinion Mekhat

  48. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney – racist means you do not like someone based on race. It does not mean white against blacks. It means any race against another race. Blacks want to separate them self and have clothing lines like fubu, black schools, scholarships, etc. That is racist! We should not reward someone based on any race,sex, etc. It should be based on skill level.

  49. Apparently you havn't looked up the word.Your definition is wrong, Invest in a Dictionary with all that money you have.

  50. This young man should be alive today. This is a tragedy. If Milton was White like me they would have waited much longer, would have maced him, talked to him, etc. racism is so prevalent in the US esp toward Black people. Glad I'm in Nigeria. So sad this murder of a kid w a pen knife under the color of so called law n justice. Heart breaking. I'm so sad for Milton n his family n friends.

  51. David Roos them blacks are on a job they have to do as there told and yes it's always about race cause the whites control that police dept.

  52. David Roos says:

    Earnest Peairs – so even though it is a black president and a black attorney general you still think it is ran by white people???? COME ON

  53. David Roos says:

    Did you go to school at all? Seriously that was horrible. I am not making fun of you because you are black. You can not spell!

  54. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney rac·ist
    noun: racist; plural noun: racists

    a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
    synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, supremacist More
    "he was exposed as a racist"
    (racially) discriminatory, racialist, prejudiced, bigoted
    "a racist society"
    What did I just say!!!! Again you use no facts yet will not listen to me

  55. David Roos says:

    I guess the fact that most of the cops were black is besides the point?

  56. David Roos says:

    Stewart Coulter – Really because a white navy seal was shot down a wal mart in an exact style and the cops were rewarded. Most of the cops doing the shooting were black btw

  57. David Roos who asked you monkey? Fuck off to Europe monkey boy.

  58. David Roos I sort of agree with you I love the idea separate but equal it be so much better.

  59. Racism is about Politics(Power) and Economics (Wealth). Racism is a form of group Bias that becomes INSTITUTIONALIZED,( in Laws, Schools, Churches and In Social Customs). Racism gives PRIVILEGES TO ONE GROUP AND DENIES THEM TO OTHERS. I don't Take Websters definition as 100% factual, Webster got the definition of Black and White wrong.

  60. Just because I don't like 1 Caucasian don't make me Racist towards the others.

  61. It's 8 cops and a dog against 1 man. You worried about race? 7/8 cops were black. Let's just get that out there if it's about white supremacy. No its not fair that he got gunned down by 16/48 bullets (shows those cops need shooting lessons). It's these cops who are out of hand no matter what fucking color they are. You don't kill w/o a trial that'd every laws code even the Jedi.

  62. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney – Lol you asked me to get a dictionary. When I gave you the exact definition from a dictionary you do not want to accept that? Giving to one group and not another. So is that like when the white New York firefighters were denied a pay raise when they passed a test. Solely based on the fact none of the black fire fighters passed? Let me guess that is when a college denies a white student with better grades to fill a quota of black students less qualified? Affirmative action is completely racist and yet I do not see black people demanding to end that. Do not talk to me about being racist when you are on a "black" web site and the evidence by and large are that more black people are racist. You do not have a problem with New Orleans asking for a "chocolate" city do you?

  63. David Roos, in the history ps the U.S. thousands n thousands of Black people have been lynched sily because they're Black. U can say 100 times some of the cops were Black. U can say a WhitE Navy Seal was shot at Walmart. Being shot because one is White is a rarity. Not so for Black people. Racism is alive n sick in the US. It is dangerous to go out as a Black male esp. Most of us White ppl can never really get it. U may not be a racist but u would understand if u lived as a Black man for say a month or so.

  64. Attack Webster for giving you the Wrong definition,dont attack me.It would take me until this time next year to mention all the racist Acts Caucasians has done to not only my people but to every race in this Country and outside this Country.You have proven to me in the last 2 days that it is Impossible for you to see Caucasians devilish acts towards blacks and others.If a Black individual reacts to the behavior of Racist Caucasians that's not racism that's a reaction to it. What you think blacks should do,turn the other cheek,pray for the Caucasian who kicks you in the Ass,pray that he want kick you in the ass again.You tell me What should Blacks do in this country with all the Hell we have caught.We have been living in Racism from birth in this Country,say it like the rest of the Caucasians. Get over it.

  65. David Roos says:

    Raymond Mckinney – What "devilish" thing did we do? You have a biased opinion against whites and will not realize that in Africa you could still be a slave, starving, or have no clean water. Yet you will bash anyone who disagrees with you for any reason. Let me guess when a white man came up with affirmative action to give extra to the blacks that was evil also? Or when we take out the dictators raping and destroying Africa is that evil also? I will pay for your trip to a non white country if you denounce your citizenship!!!

  66. My conversation with you is Over.

  67. David Roos Yes I do and when his term is over it be run by a white woman so I guess the cops start killing young white females then.The Attorney general has resigned.

  68. Joan Coulter says:

    David Roos Black cops are Blue. Had the young man been white, that would have never happened and you know that David Roos.

  69. Joan Coulter says:

    Earnest Peairs It has already been proven, factually, that there is no such thing as "Separate but Equal." This country will NEVER be united by race. Institutional, organization, even structural racism and hatred to too imbedded in this country for there to ever be unity among the races.

  70. To me i think all you blacks take everything up the Ass. To me most of you black people are the racists ones, Chill out

  71. But the cops are black

  72. The only thing I know is that the highest ethnic group in prison or county jails is black males. Why is that?

  73. If you think for a second that any white man would ever be gunned down like then then you are crazy as hell. The reason people say that the police are racist is because what they are doing never happens in the white community. NEVER!

  74. Yaroslav Bolgov says:

    Unfortunately you cant change the system. The USA is a fascist country where a life costs nothing, especially when your are not white. It is an empire which is run by the cruelest roman law- obey or get murdered. (that is why all the government buildings are constructed in the ancient roman architecture style – columns etc) Police are legally authorized to murder. Slavery was substituted by low minimum wages and ghetto segregation and marginalization. Its a business also. Those who live in ghettos bring expenses only to the government, so when a cop goes on a murder spree and kills some innocent civilians in a poor neighborhood its a plus to the budget, where an expense is getting reduced to 0 That's why immigration is nothing more than a source of income and cheap labor to the government. That was the all the reasoning behind enslaving black people in Africa and transferring them to the American continent in first place. Racism is a habit which en-rooted deep into white america's life style, psychology, and attitude. And it will get worse and worse as time goes on.


  76. David Roos Those cops are not black.

  77. Tom Porcelli says:

    Damn that was really messed up….But there are also plenty of Whites who get murdered by Blacks every year…Look at the White Papa Johns employee who was recently killed in a "botched" robbery by 2 Black youths….He gave them the money that they wanted and they shot him dead anyway (hmmm sounds a bit more than a botched robbery to me)….

  78. Tom Porcelli says:

    That's true….Most Whites have only come here in the last 100 years….That also means that the vast majority of Whites had nothing to do with Slavery in this country (which ended in 1865)….The only Whites that were involved in Slavery in the US were the original British Anglo Whites……Italians, Greeks, Eastern Europeans, Poles etc etc didn't come to this country until after 1885 and had zero involvement in American Slavery….

  79. We never Lynch anyone because they were other race . Black people never capture people to make them slaves

  80. Gail Hastings History shows that black people in Africa enslaved other black people to sell to the European traders, that is where it started.

  81. Gail Hastings History shows that black people in Africa enslaved other black people to sell to the European traders, that is where it started.

  82. David Roos says:

    Benjamin Rosh Ross – 4 and maybe 5 of the cops are black??? I think it is funny that they try and show pictures from 15 years ago to make the person look like a kid. Even if the person looks like a bad guy that does not give the cops the right to shoot. So when the media tries to do tricks like that it actually makes the case look bad.

  83. David Roos says:

    Joan Coulter – yet we have lived together for over a hundred years??? So what "factually" proven?

  84. David Roos says:

    You actually sound like you are on to something. I know nothing about you but thanks for actually taking the time to see the real problem. Cops in general are trigger happy and that is our real problem.

  85. David Roos says:

    I agree with you that shooting should be a VERY rare and last choice option, but from 30 feet they could not do those options. However they could have enclosed the circle or done some other options. I would like to know why they felt they needed to shoot. Did the guy pull a gun? If so I would have unloaded my clip also. Did he not immediately drop to the ground? Well that is not worth shooting. I would just like to know more facts and less child pictures.

  86. David Roos says:

    You say that but the country spends BILLIONS to educate specifically low income minorities. We have white people being shot down also just as often. The media only shows the blacks being shot for this kind of reaction. We need to focus on making laws where the cops in general can not shoot so quickly and face the same punishments for murder if and when that is the case.

  87. David Roos says:

    Tom Porcelli – They do not like facts. They will now change the story to say white people have always been here and that is the problem. It is funny that we have a reputation for being racist because of slavery but Africans enslaved them and Europeans purchased them.

  88. David Roos says:

    Would you like to bet money? I will have just as many stories and articles posted on here. Majority of the cops in this shooting were black.

  89. David Roos says:

    Well for one they have fewer fathers at home, less education, lower scores in the education, etc. The ones like Obama with a good education and family do just fine.

  90. David Roos says:

    Gail Hastings – That is funny because black people in Africa is who did enslave and sold them to Europeans. We never invaded Africa and took people. Africa also has slaves to this day… Now what story would you like to go with?

  91. David Roos says:

    Can you tell me what taser goes 30 feet? Can you also tell me why it was mostly black cops shooting if it was racist? I guess you do not need facts just look at the baby pictures a few more times.

  92. David Roos says:

    Did you even watch the video or is your racist eyes so blind you do not even see a black person?

  93. David Roos says:

    Stewart Coulter – Bud did you go to school or do you purposely talk like an idiot?

  94. David Roos cause I actually pay attention to detail because my mind isn't biased. I have 4 white friends and 1 is 86 years old never hear anything racist come out of their mouths. These cops are getting out of hand maybe it's something to do with the depopulation order theyre tryna pass. We get the cops to act right then we can acquire peace.

  95. Actually the first American to Owen a black slave was a black man

  96. Actually the first American to Owen a black slave was a black man

  97. David Roos says:

    I do not disagree with you.

  98. David Roos That's easy, and she's right. We tried seperate but equal and it was anything but. I can see that your heart is in the right place and I commend you for that. However, I'm going to suggest that you educate yourself not a little bit more, but a lot. You're out of your league here.

  99. Actually James, what people need is action and less eloquent commentary on facebook. Stand and deliver for yourself and others. Bad things happen when good men do nothing. If you think writing letters and phone calls en masse will do the trick then what are you doing to make it happen?

  100. David Roos I can see the video. I dont care who was shooting. They made killed him when he could have been restrained in another manner. You mean to tell me it took all those bullets to retrain one man?

  101. David Roos I am not ur bud, and u don't get it n never will. Millions of Black people have been killed simply because of their race and it continues to this day. Even well educated Black people get harassed routinely by police. How am I talking like an idiot? U r actually a stone racist and don't even know it. The truth is a bit much for smug people like u – I am at least aware my white skin gives me priveleges people of color will never have in the US.

  102. U r a broken record Roos. Milton is dead and should not be dead. U can believe it or not, but his race was a huge factor. Race is always a factor for Black people. When I get pulled over by police in the US I don't fear for my life. Black people do n they have good reason to be afraid. How many White Navy Seals have been shot by police? One n this is news to me. How many Black males by police? Hundreds and hundreds. The list is long and their race is always a factor n the police that shoot them are nearly always White.

  103. Court Batts says:

    David Roos I didnt see any black cops in this video you need your eyes checked

  104. Les Wood Jr. says:

    For those of you talking separation I would like to add a new twist for you to think about.First I agree that it is time we actively look at separation as an option. I maintain that we can separate and not necessarily go anywhere. We separate institutionally not necessarily physically> We separate by building our own institutions that will provide us with the goods and services that we need to live and prosper. There are models that we can look at like the Amish in Pennsylvania and the Orthodox Jews. They live apart from communities and their community is basically self contained. We have the ability to build a nation-state without borders. We have land here, in Africa, the Caribbean with our own institutions, like schools, medical centers, businesses, farms, and our own legal and constitutional system etc The other thing is that we must understand that this is not for all Blacks. Some wouldn't want anything to do with it but we don't need them anyway. There is a nation in the South Pacific called Nahru, population 6000. It is a full fledged nation. The Black folk that we would need are those with a pioneer mentality – risk takers. Just like it is time to separate from whites, it is time for us to separate from other blacks that just aren't ready and would try to sabotage this effort, the gangsters and thugs that endanger our children. People with that kind of mindset cannot build a nation. This is doable. we have the money and the skills and knowhow. What we don't have is the group self confidence and the will. And until that happens we will continue to be butchered by the cops and by those that look like us.

  105. Ben Ross says:

    David Roos Black ppl cant be racist dumbass. Racism is a socio political system not prejudicial judgement.

  106. Ben Ross says:

    David Roos Black people cant be racist dumbass. Racism is a socio political system not prejudicial judgement. Black people have yet to create a system that oppresses whites based on their pink pig skin.

  107. Obama is a BITCH, how come he does nothing about all this murders, Blacks need to come together and start doing something, they kill one, we kill one.

  108. David Roos says:

    James Losinger – Thanks James. They do not care that I came from the worst parts of Atlanta also. Being an only white kid in a school. They do not care that I help raise a black girl. They do not care that I am sending a black family living in Texas to Atlanta this Christmas to be with family. All they care about is I do not agree with them so I must be racist. Yet they can not tell me how with any facts. Maybe thatis why Asians and other races can come to America and do so much better in general. They are not looking for someone to blame and walking around with a chip on the shoulder.

  109. David Roos says:

    I am totally for the black community doing it, but you have to understand it is going to cause more division in general. However I think in a free country you should be able to. Just like a racist white company should be able to kick a black man out. I think a smart business owner would take money from any race willing to pay. That is and should be the American way.

  110. David Roos says:

    How can you say that and call someone else a dumbass at the same time? Are you so filled with hate that you can not see that in Africa they kicked all the white people out of a community and took the land they worked for??? Can you not the see the hundreds or thousands of hate crimes a year against whites? How do people like you make in this society?

  111. David Roos says:

    Benjamin Rosh Ross – racism is any time you do not like or you judge a person based on color. If you do not understand that maybe you should google the word first.

  112. David Roos says:

    Stewart Coulter – You are right I would not be friends with someone that can not speak a full sentence. With that said I raise a black kid and grew up in a very low income part of Atlanta yet because I am white you have assumptions about me. Which is ironic given the fact that you are WHITE. In case you forgot to look in the mirror. Yet no matter how much I have done also to help the black community as soon as I get on here and I am white I am "racist" You need to one grow up. Second I would suggest learning English or permanently moving to Africa, and third not have so much hate and anger let alone to your own race. Furthermore you are white and I like you least of anyone who has written. You make less of a point and sound more foolish trying. See it is not about race but rather how you carry your self. As a grown man I would expect more out of you.

  113. David Roos says:

    Stewart Coulter – I can be a broken record. Nothing I have said has been discredited. All you can say is white people are bad and blah blah blah. I have been pulled over and had guns pulled on me and my cars illegally searched also. It is not only a black person thing. However I would not expect someone who thinks " U R a …." would be able to comprehend anything in kinda proper English! BTW HOMIE I FEEL YA DID GD IN NIGERIA. Maybe they will not see your short comings.

  114. David Roos None of that matter we have no proof of none of the things you do in your personal life its about justice that's all.If what you doing is true may the lord bless you.

  115. In David Ross defense he's not acting racist, he is Racist.I'm sure the Indians would Party all night if Ross and the other Caucasians would leave this afternoon.I enjoyed everything you had to say Ms.Love

  116. Keshina Love says:

    David Roos he dont have to be a racist to call you like he sees it!!! They aint kicked all the whites out in Africa and if they did that is not America!!! Whites killed billions of black and called us niggers while doing so? What do you mean how people like him make it in society?? You keep spreading bullcrap all over this here news feed and what you saying is refuedable!! Whites commit just as much crime as blacks. You are still trying to point the finger and playin everyone on here mental patients. You perpeutray just like the laws here in america…or you just beleive in lies.

  117. Keshina Love says:

    Will Ewing Sr but he said live visits…but what we do need to do is get our brothers off the streets and start organizations with guidance cause we got men like david ross that forget were we came from and the uneducated struggle his four fathers put on our people. it is so hard for us to not hate whites when they show us nothing but hate

  118. Ummm…the white man who went in actually shot up a movie theater, was NOT gunned down he was taken into custody. Your considered mentally unstabke if your white and you need help. To whereas if your an african american, your a thug and a menace to your community every time. Theirs no he has mental problems because were expected to behave like that from the others in our community. We're judged by the few people who do get exposure, usually negatively by the media.

  119. David Roos. Special man, never wrong, never apologize. Did I say ALL White ppl r bad. No I did not. Don't put words in my mouth. I don't believe u've had guns pulled on u unless u just robbed a bank or stole a 40 ounce. By the way, shortcomings is one word sir. In Nigeria we r fighting HIV as part of a team of talented Nigerians n a few Americans. Am proud of our work. You can go on n insult me. Cuz u r a superior human being anyway. I use shortcuts when typing on this iPad. Continue to enjoy, even as u r unaware, ur White privelege. At least I know, even tho I grew up poor, my skin color helped me immensely in this life. Do a Google search on the number of Black people lynched or murdered in the history of the U.S. n it will astound u. And I will never forget the four little Black girls killed when the Klan (which included many policemen) bombed a church in Birmingham in 62. Not one conviction. There was Oklahoma City, Rosewood, Florida, Atlanta, Mississippi where Black people were slaughtered to name a few events by angry Whie mobs. It helps me to remember n know there r many great White people too. Can u imagine if some Black people bombed a White church n killed four cute little girls what would happen? I shudder to think about how many Black folk would pay dearly. I know u will shoot me down w a brilliant, as usual, reply to humble me n put me in my place again – n also call me a name or otherwise point out my limited intelligence. After all, u r the man!!

  120. Just a thought, Americas Natives truly own this land not whites not blacks if every nation was to go back to their country of origin maybe the True Americans can have their country back. Their is a greater evil happening in the world whilst you all fight against each other and assassinate people who you may need to help protect "your land", the evil gathers soldiers and momentum attack is imminent and it will come from within whilst you all fight each other.

  121. I guess the cops should have waited for this NUT to kill one of the cops before they took him down.

  122. this guy is just another white liar , ever one can see this was murder by so call police. however god will straighten out everything one day. even those so call Jews in Israel that are not the true Hebrew people. what a big lye.

  123. So we have the means to see on video what these trigger happy police are doing, yet have no way to convict them based on the evidence we can clearly see. Are cops above the law. If 7-8 people walked up on a cop and gunned him/her down theyed be in jail immediately but there is nothing wrong with this? What is the justice system even in place for…. This has to change. It's not about race completely, honestly it's about the fact that the police in general are abusing their authority and getting away with it in the regular

  124. Pam A Jack says:

    the police shows more compassion to a dog with rabies;then to another human.

  125. Karl Wonkler says:

    Damn. That's terrible they shot him. Blacks need to stay away from the police or like don't get the police called or like don't do stuff that's wrong.

  126. Let this be established, the rich, will not have to deal with this ever…
    The police are not here to protect or serve the lower class…
    Yes, you are more prone to be killed, or on any given day, more or less experience police brutality if you are considered a "minority".Been this way forever nothing new so, its unfortunate that a new uncivil war is the only solution…peaceful walks have never preceeded the riches that provide public security, because its meant to protect their interests, not ours…period…we (the less fortunate) do not have rights to life unless we take that right.

  127. Brian Moore says:

    Anyone else notice that it's only the black folk on here that are screaming "race war"? Blacks are more racist than any white person in history. The 2 biggest racists on the planet are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Slavery was so long ago that not one person on the planet has any direct connection to it, time to get over it, realize that the majority of criminals in prisons are black and hispanic, so the cops have the right to profile a little bit. How about instead of getting ready for some made up race war, you spend your effort bettering your race. It's not the cops you should be pissed off at, it's the history of black criminals that you should want to change. Read a book instead of a triple beam, go to school instead if robbing a store, the problem is you, not white people!

  128. What do the jews have to do with it? Educate yourself many people have shown solidarity but your kind will isolate yourselves. Racism begets racism.

  129. Marc Smith says:

    Anyone mind telling me why he gets gunned down? Is he holding a firearm?

  130. Just dropped the ninth and lay down

  131. I want to meet his mommy. Yet I know civil is withouwt remedy and justice when it come to global criminal acts.

  132. Felix Oti says:

    If our children, regardless of color, do not work hard to stop these slaughtering quickly the incidents of the 50s and 60s will be a child's play compared to what will obtain in the next few years.

  133. We out gun them. Time to take action…ask our North Hollywood boys who two of them took on LAPD single handed ly.

  134. This is the same bullshit that goes on now. Police are always looking for reasons to kill black men. The majority of police were bullied in school,so they become police to get the opportunity to violate the rights of others to be able to use their guns and it be justified. Amerkkka and they police.

  135. I still say that God is in charge, angry, as all anger can be defined but I know that they will all have to pay for that a senseless killing on another human being just shows you the fear that they have of another man of another complexion who has accomplished so much with so little and to finally get the opportunity to supposedly back up their bully, night time social life degrading conversations about that kill and others not as noticeable would be performed in in their own little warped poetic minds as an evening of sports outdoors and it was legal according to the department of justice. All I can say is God help us all.

  136. Norman Scott says:

    Why is everybody commenting towards David Roos. This guy is the problem and stuck on stupid. He will never be open minded enough to listen and understand because of his culture of brainwashing. If you rarely if ever been the victim of racism or haven't dealt with the emotional, psychological, mental and physical effects of racism, your comments are not valid.

  137. Mikal Jalil says:

    David Roos Why don't you go back to Yahoo with the rest of the KKK wannabes. You don't even have no business in this part of town. You don't understand the situation, you can't see because your too blind with your own arrogance, you can't hear because your ears are filled with too many years of white propaganda and you surely don't have a heart to understand that this evil is being watched by the entire world and if their is a God to return to this world; you can best believe it will be "White Devils" that he's coming for first!!!!!!!!

  138. Brandon M. Chapman Well said. Ignorance is bliss for this one.

  139. Olu Hamilton says:

    Damn, son, give us credit for knowing SOMETHING. We didn't start the fire!

  140. Olu Hamilton says:

    Sharpton and Jackson are PISS POOR examples. Unfortunately, sir, whites are STILL benefactors of the vicious institution of slavery. You don't REALLY want blacks to do the homework, do you? You are a DISGRACE, SIR.

  141. Olu Hamilton says:

    Waitaminnit! Did he have gun? Am I missing something here?

  142. Olu Hamilton says:

    That was an EXECUTION!

  143. Tee Ealy says:

    lol. get him. hello David Roos wont be any public lynchings or church burnings this go round. bang bang

  144. Tee Ealy says:

    asking a white person what's going on is like asking a dog to make some popcorn. they don't know shyt. blacks were here thousand of years before whites.

  145. Tee Ealy says:

    whites are cowards.

  146. Al Dickson says:

    We need more Christopher Dorners…..a true hero

  147. Reid Iford says:

    Loud, noisy ads on your page played almost nonstop during the video. Obviously telling this story and its message is not very important to you.

  148. Clara James says:

    We all know that this is very wrong. We are been killed more than anmials.

  149. Okay first of all, this was just an execution. There did not need to be this many officers gunning down this man, and he had not used any lethal force. So already the cops are in the wrong, secondly is there some law among police that says they have to kill? Why not immobilize them by shooting the leg or something. This is just sickening!

  150. straight exacution, they target activist and kill them.

  151. Johnny Beach says:

    where is the rest of the story?? was he a cop killer ? a rapist, murderer or what ?

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