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9 Major Cities Experiencing a Shocking Level of Black Flight

In the 1990s, Black Americans began moving in significant numbers to the South. This marked a reversal of the Great Migration, in which Blacks fled Jim Crow racism in the 1920s and 1930s for jobs in the industrial cities of the Northeast, Midwest and West.

Analysis of 2010 census data shows that more than half the cities with large concentrations of Blacks have seen significant declines in their Black populations. Here are nine of those cities experiencing elevated levels of Black Flight.


harlem new york
New York
According to the 2010 census, New York City still has the largest population of self-defined Black residents of any U.S. city, with 2,088,510 Black people (25.5 percent of total population) living within the city’s boundaries. But this is 41,252 fewer Black people since 2000.



Chicago Streets

The 2010 census showed the city of Chicago lost 200,000 people over the last decade. The city now has about as many people as it did in 1910. There are 181,000 fewer African-Americans in the city, a whopping drop of 17 percent, and 72,000 fewer in the region as a whole. An estimated 1 million Blacks remain — about one-third of the population.

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14 thoughts on “9 Major Cities Experiencing a Shocking Level of Black Flight

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    Are they leaving or are they being pushed out by different factors like living costs?

  2. Jerel Odin Johnson says:

    These black people are leaving the cities for the suburbs. It's only a matter of time before blacks influence town and county government.

  3. Dottie Hill says:

    Also, there are blacks moving aboard.

  4. Terrance Watson says:

    These blacks aren't leaving. They're being pushed out.

  5. Mike Light says:

    you mean abroad??

  6. Elroy Baptiste Johnson says:

    I live in Dallas, this article has a lot of truth, minus Dallas. The Dallas metro added nearly 250,000 black Americans during the 2000s, it is the 2nd or 3rd fastest growing black metro in the nation. However, they are moving to one of the dozens of suburb communities. Not to mention, the black population in Dallas is moving to the suburbs just south of Dallas (Lancaster, DeSoto, Duncanville, Cedar Hill) for bigger and better housing and stronger schools. In fact, several suburb communities in Dallas in the past 20 years have become predominantly or strongly Black. So maybe demographics are changing in Dallas proper, but the Dallas metro has more African Americans now than ever before…

  7. Da Buckwheat says:

    You may want to flee the Socialist Utopia, but the Socialist Utopia needs all the serfs it can imprison. It feeds on their dependency and their fear of liberty. It is the most pervasive and deadly parasite in the history of humanity. When it can metastasize, like it did in USSR, it caused the deaths of tens of millions. It spawned a new word: democide: where government murders its own citizens by policy. Not here? Ebola Tourism.

  8. Yes, because the suburbs are much cheaper than the city. Especially in the case of DC. I would know since I was pushed into the cheaper suburbs.

  9. Yes, because the suburbs are much cheaper than the city. Especially in the case of DC. I would know since I was pushed into the cheaper suburbs.

  10. Jeremy Jimenez says:

    Yep, I moved here to San Fran and worked in Oakland, gentrification is screwing over people hard here.

  11. Shawn Mc says:

    damn why must black folks stay in the cities? all this damn land out here and you got fools wanting to live on top of each other as if its the norm.

  12. Red Dipper says:

    There has never been such a thing…" The Great Migration "….Wherever you find a group of people DISPLACED by and VICTIMS of bombings, extreme violence……. TERRORISM really. They are called (rightfully so) Refugees, so a more honest term, a more appropriate term would be " THE GREAT REFUGEE EXODUS ".

  13. This article doesn't take in account the increasing prison population of blacks that they must not be part of the census numbers. That too might be a reson for the "flight".

  14. LaMont Byrd says:

    Is it Black flight or being pushed out by the gentrified?

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