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12 Ways Democrats and Republicans Are Exploiting the Ebola Virus for Political Gain


Patriotic Congressman Shaming 

Even the pleas to rise above politics are infected with politics. After 9/11, Republicans used “patriotism” to shame Democrats into supporting President George W. Bush without dissent. Democrats want to use Ebola to accomplish the same thing for Obama. Let’s “put aside partisan differences,” says Rep. Bruce Braley, the Democratic Senate candidate in Iowa. “When we stand together, we’re going to meet this challenge,” he continued.



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Challenge Obama’s Leadership

In order to reinforce their efforts to paint Obama as an ineffective leader, Republicans are delivering the same precooked talking points they use for Iraq and Syria for the Ebola crisis. Gillespie and Bobby Schilling, a Republican House candidate in Illinois, both ripped Obama for having discounted the risk of Ebola reaching the United States.

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