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Jesse Jackson Says It’s Time for US to End Cuban Embargo

uptown_jessejacksonThe Rev. Jesse Jackson has called for an end to the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba over the last 52 years, in an op-ed published on Tuesday by the Chicago Sun-Times.

“The implacable opposition of the U.S. government to Cuba’s presence in hemispheric meetings has practically offended all our neighbors,” said Jackson, who acknowledged that this policy of strangulation against the Caribbean island has operated to isolate Washington.

Jackson, a prominent civil rights activist and a Baptist pastor, who was a candidate in the Democratic Party presidential primaries in 1984 and 1988, said that the embargo against Cuba should have been lifted decades ago.

“The embargo against Cuba has been maintained to a large extent for two reasons. First, (Fidel) Castro made the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the cold warriors feel ashamed, frustrating their attempts to invade the island, destabilize the regime and assassinate him,” he said.

The civil rights activist mentioned domestic policy as another important reason to maintain the measure, particularly through the dependence of the White House on Cuba-American voters in the state of Florida.

He said that this policy is outdated and that the new generation of Cuban-Americans wants to maintain relations with their country of origin.

Jackson said that this “cold and old-fashioned war” against a small island 90 miles away from U.S. coasts should have ended long ago.

“Cubans are freer to travel to the United States than Americans to travel to Cuba,” he pointed out. “Cubans are expanding private property and an encouraging foreign investment.”

Jackson called upon President Barack Obama to take a constructive step to eliminate the embargo against Cuba.

“President Obama,” he said, “can revive the leadership of the United States in the region and put an end to a historic shame.”


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10 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson Says It’s Time for US to End Cuban Embargo

  1. Michael Solomon says:

    Why so they can get Ebola too?

  2. Emma Byrd says:

    It's definitely time they are already oppressed. It seems to be the Nations of color that they hold long hauls standards.

  3. Erik Correa says:

    jaja Emma Byrd cubans are also white you didn't know that? I from Cuba y half my family black half my family white 100% Cuban. No country of black color only.

  4. Luiz Miranda says:

    I totally agree, its more than time, it has out lived its effect and reason.
    The true Cubans have suffered long enough.

  5. I agree with Jessie. What about the sanctions on Zimbabwe? Come on Jessie and be a real hero. America and the west, talking about Mugabe stealing an election, didn't Bush steal an election? Talking about him killing people, people who wanted to kill President Mugabe, it has been proven Morgan Tresv met with whites planning to kill President Mugabe, all these lies made up by the west. They wanted to kill him for his land reform program, getting black people's land back from white invaders and colonizers. Mugabe is the greatest African leader since Kwume, and Patrice Lumumba, only a few on the whole continent. Check out what I said Jessie, and then make the call to Obama. Don't misunderstand me, I agree sanctions should be lift against Cuba, Cuba has always been there for Africa, helped Zimbabwe gain their independence. Cuba has almost 200 medical people in Liberia helping to curb Ebola, sixty five are doctors. I thank them already, and thanks again.

  6. Farntella Graham says:

    yes, and I have met plenty of them, too and you know what? they can take that racist a$$ right back to spain (europe). they are the ones fidel chased out of cuba and where did they come? to miami and points in florida where many think they are the greatest thing since epinadas.

  7. Erik Correa says:

    Farntella Graham viva fidel? u hear uself? y u talk white cuban racist? u sound racist i have amigos they white from cuba y they all pass same if they cuban pass same work same problem to leave cuba u say viva fidel es easy for u. u know what hapen to people who talk bad to fidel? i spend 6 days in una boat they go miami we all go miami because it close 90 mile y is dangerous u know how many friend we need put in water when they die because of smell? how many of my friend get to miami before mi dead. u know how cuba feel when they go to florida we not care what people think we think now we have opportunidad to live free to work not go hungry i never see racist until i go to states y canada is sick. everybody in cuba oppressed every person u need go there y look everyone make 7-15$ month everybody white black blue purple doesnt matter y sorry for my english but i try. fidel chase everyone out y some no can go back most cuba cant go back hasta fidel die por favor everyone when u talk about cuba no bring color in it because everyperson suffer there i know y make sure u know what revolution is y what mean to say viva fidel before u say

  8. Erik Correa says:

    Farntella Graham they not racist u racist u not care if everyone suffer u care if black suffer cuba they dont care color because everyone suffere same for people here to say take of embargo against cuba for black is wrong everyone suffer is human suffer i never see racist like this u need live there y learn live together with everycolor y learn what is sufferu think suffer is states? black is s uffer in states? suffer is s uffer y affect everybody i hate racist my mom y dad beat me si i racist like that growing up u say they can take racist assback to spain? u racist where u going to take u? because i only see 1 racist here y is black person like me y is sbad represent of people. u know my wife white y we never have any white say anything but black women say many thing when i with my wife so who is racist? u racist so take u ass back somewhere or go live in cuba until u know what REAL suffer is i want see u live on 7$ a month with u racist attitude then u tell me why cubans finally feel good when they in miami u ever think maybe they feel good because finally they have something?. u sick person y u make me cry for real a see someone who look at suffer as black, racist when everyone suffer same u have no idea what suffer pass in cuba no open u mouth if u notknow.

  9. Erik Correa says:

    y for everyone not know is not about taking black land when fidel come he take everybody land white y black is communism everybody lost land business todo everything because fue socialism por favor no bring black w hite in this everybody lose same thing with embargo y when castro come in power.

  10. Luiz Miranda says:

    Mr.Erik Correa, I admire your courage to speck out what you feel. Its true what you say ALL Cubans have suffered. Cubans and Trinidadians are alike in many ways we know how to live together , no black and white. When all people suffer under same oppreser, all do suffer. Madam Nzingha, how can you say Zimbabwe has a great leader when he and his government have OPRESSED his own people for so many years, it has nothing to do with sanctions. Whites did not invade ex rhodesia, they made that country the richest in Africa and no one was hungry, look at it now, if Mugabe loved his country it would have not reached the state it is now.

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