10 of the Most Popular Conspiracy Theories About the Ebola Virus Outbreak


ebola-liberiaForeign Ebola Doctors Are Experimenting and Deliberately Spreading the Disease

Because of contagion risk, authorities say the cadavers of Ebola victims must be disposed of securely, so many of the Ebola patients who die at the health centers in West Africa are never seen again by their families.  This has spawned deep suspicion within the local villages that the foreign health workers are actually experimenting on and killing their family members.



formaldehyde poisoning ebola west africa

Mass Formaldehyde Poisoning Behind the ‘Supposed’ Ebola Outbreak

Reports of a formaldehyde spray being used in public areas to fight Ebola and thwarted attempts at contaminating water supplies with the same substance have certain West African villages up in arms proclaiming that the Ebola outbreak is a lie perpetrated by the government, and that so-called outbreaks are merely formaldehyde poisonings carried out by government agents.  Formaldehyde poisoning allegedly has the same symptoms as Ebola.

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