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6 thoughts on “This Video Is a Gripping Look at How Black People Had to Fight for Their Rights in Great Britain

  1. Bottomline whites still feel the same way about blacks today as they did when they first came into contact with black people. There is so much going on, that I get tied of seeing so much. Louis Farrahan about twenty years ago said this, "Stop cohabitating with white people, they know their days are limited, and they are trying to save that amount of their genes by interbreeding with black people". It may help them, but you are depleting your child's genes, my mixing it with an inferior gene. I still need to know why blacks held in slavery did not rise up, and stop the beating and killing of our people? I want to know why did blacks rise up and fought to be with a people who hated us, and still hate us? We were making some progress, we had black economics, after integration we lost it all. All the black leaders of yesteryear sold us out. I hate to say it, but they did not know any better, and they gave whites credit for something that is not in them, and never will be. One good thing, all blacks did not go for the nonsense.

  2. Stuart Jackson says:

    Thanks. Have you seen this?

  3. Stuart Jackson, oh yes I have…

  4. Stephanie Demos says:

    Stuart Jackson thanks for the link

  5. Farntella Graham says:

    these are the same bitches that went around the world, into other peoples country, and stole their land and natural resources. took their golld and put it in their museums in england.

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