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7 thoughts on “20 of the Most Stunningly Beautiful Black Women of Haitian Descent

  1. Kia Samuel says:

    You forgot model/actress turned lawyer Natasha Ellie.

  2. Tricia Coffey says:

    Stunningly needs to be replaced with, Famous.

  3. Babette A. Moravia says:

    20 of the most beautiful women ! Black women can compete anywhere ! They do not need an exclusive category designed for themselves only ! 20 of the most beautiful women period ! I find it strange that black people have a hard time putting themselves in unrestrictive superlative universal categories. Let's not forget that Haitian language " neg " means moun ! If our people linguistically evolve to us the reference point in humanity than we ought to be free to just say " 20 of the most beautiful women are of Haitian descent " ….. Of course my response is a general response that is not really being critical of this particular post 🙂

  4. Babette A. Moravia says:

    Would like to echo the sentiments of Marc-Kensen.

    It should indeed be 20 of The Most Beautiful Women period. If a category is at all necessary, than the term to use should perhaps be "Créole" women. This would take away any ambiguity of who we are and more importantly would unequivocally convey our immense pride in being who we are.

  5. S'zabyne Bernadeau says:

    Jessica Lucas cleared the rumor that she's half Haitian.. She has openly say that she is not Haitian.

  6. Ronald Hood says:

    Wowww, I've never heard of her but she's gorgeous

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