10 Pre-Colonial African Kingdoms You Probably Don’t Know About



Mossi Kingdom (11th century – 1896)

The Mossi Kingdom was a complex mix of independent West African kingdoms within the modern republics of Burkina Faso and Ghana including in the south Mamprusi, Dagomba, and Nanumba, and in the north Tenkodogo, Wagadugu (Ouagadougou),Yatenga and Fada-n-Gurma (Fada Ngourma). By the 1700s, the Mossi kingdoms had increased significantly in terms of economic and military power in the region. Foreign trade relations increased significantly throughout Africa with significant connections to the Fula kingdoms and the Mali Empire. They remained independent until France invaded in the late 19th century.


Kingdom of Nri (1043 -1911)

Nri was an ancient Igbo city-state in Anambra State, Nigeria. The Kingdom of Nri was a center of learning, religion and commerce in pre-colonial West Africa. Historians have compared the significance of Nri, at its peak, to the religious cities of Rome or Mecca. In 1911, an invasion by British troops led to the weakening and decline of the state.

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