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110 thoughts on “This Montage Of Videos Shows Just How Inhumane White Cops Treat Black Women

  1. Joan Coulter says:

    I have been saying for quite sometime now that these thug cops are now going after our women, and we have to be as careful as our men. I pray that somehow, some way, their mothers, wives, daughters get the same treatment.

  2. Mark Calland says:

    I'd be In jail or dead

  3. Ro Songstress Norris says:

    Watch it

  4. Not you Ro. Just the bad ones

  5. Lynn Fewell says:

    If a cop asks me for ID, he gets my ID with no back talk. If I were told to put my hands behind my back, I'd put my hands behind my back. Whether the cop is black or white would make no difference! I will not provoke a cop since many are being killed doing simple arrests.

  6. Joe Carrone says:

    In every instance they had the chance to submit and be arrested and they resisted.

  7. Meka Murphy says:

    We got to start fighting their ass back and kill if you have to. #STANDYOURGROUNDLAW

  8. Abibifahodie Amandla says:

    "If you don't understand white supremacy/racism — what it is and how it works — then everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you” — Neely Fuller, Jr.

    NEELY FULLER JR- What Are the White Supremacist Doing Now ( cartoon)

  9. Reine Renee says:

    That's the problem, a lot of black people have accepted white supremacy, they just want to get by in life. Other than white people and cops they fear death. Is this what it means to be alive? They don't fear Al Sharpton and his marching band, they fear retribution. We weren't brought to this land singing we shall overcome, I don't know why we are we still chanting. If we accept things as they are, we will all die as a martyr waiting on Jesus. The reality is they fear us more than we fear them, I can't understand why are we still on bent knees, I say "we" because me must all rise as one. Either God made a mistake when he created Africans or it may be that we are governed by the same God they serve…I believe the latter.

  10. Resisting arrest for what exactly? Define "resist." It's because of assholes like this the populace has to be on edge; nonetheless, NOT aggressive. NO ONE HAS THAT RIGHT, EVER. Wake up already.

  11. Reine Renee what utter nonsense Reine. Your ideas are disgusting, talking as if you wish blacks and whites would fight each other. What you do with your life is your choice. Using the race card isn't the answer. African Americans were brought to this land because African Tribes were willing to sell their own people to anyone willing to pay. And to think only African Americans were used as slaves in the many years people have walked on this earth is just ridiculous, people of all ethnics and or religion have once been slaves to others. And what ever god you may think you follow, just remember there are thousands of other religions who think the same.

  12. Reine Renee says:

    Matthew Reynolds ok, run along now and let grown folks speak.

  13. Christopher ShoMazta Dawson Wait and find out, if you didn't do it then you wont have problems. The more you resist the more guilty you look. who knows what half of these people did for the cops to come, however resisting makes things harder for yourself and cops. Cops want to be able to go home to their families like anyone else. They are doing a job which means putting your life on the line everyday.

  14. Matthew Reynolds putting our lives on the line? Perhaps then they shouldn't be doing that job? Sounds pretty needless at that rate…

  15. Reine Renee Define grown folks? To me its the actions which decides maturity not age.

  16. Mark Calland says:

    So it's ok to slam a pregnant woman to the ground? If that were my family member he's be in dream land

  17. Christopher ShoMazta Dawson Someone has to do it, without law and justice people would be doing what they please and their wouldn't be a society it would be a zoo.

  18. Joe Carrone says:

    While it's not what anyone wants to do, if she is resisting arrest and refuses to submit to an officer then she made her own bed. There is no constitutional right to resist arrest. Court is the arena to contact the charges, not the street.

  19. Joe Carrone says:

    *contest not contact

  20. Mark Calland says:

    I won't argue who's right or wrong he has other tools to use than what he did, pepper spray a taser etc…if she were my sister or wife I'd be arrested or dead plain and simple

  21. Dejah Fortune says:

    Wow shooting at a family

  22. Ky Doubleu says:


  23. Nita Love says:

    Matthew Reynolds
    HOW DARE YOU post HALF TRUTH & USE THE RACE CARD to something you or others dont understand. People forget that the WORD SERVANT & SLAVE meant two different things, and STILL do! What she may be trying to say is sometimes we support the very thing that is killing us. The problem is most don't know the ROOT of the problem. The first slave revolt in the "new world" was in 1522 in the West Indies. About 5 years later, there was another in Puerto Rico, in which thousands of slaves had been brought from Africa. Then, in the next few years, other slave revolts followed. They failed. More and more slaves tried to escape. The men who ruled the "new world" for Spain became frightened. Therefore, they set up a police group to catch runaway slaves. If this don't prove we were under attack from the beginning, I don't know what do.
    That very police you see beating the hell out of brown people is because their hatred towards us. The ONLY reason why Africans were into slavery is because Prince Henry , son of the king of Portugal, sent a sea captain named Antam Goncalvez to Africa. Henry had ordered his captain to bring back animal skins and palm oil. Goncalvez thought the prince would be pleased if the ship also brought back some people from the African coast. He returned to Portugal with 12 Africans. One of the captured men said he was a member of the ruling tribe. He asked for his freedom and promised to send back five or six other black men to Africa in his place. Goncalvez sailed back to Africa with the prisoner. He came back with "10" blacks male AND female. They became slaves in Portugal. Out of the slave trade, other Europeans made this practice habitual and so inhumane, money became famous and made Europeans rich.

  24. Nita Love says:

    Matthew Reynolds You need history lessons.

  25. Reine Renee You're right. theit god is white.

  26. Dianna Horne says:

    Today's style of police have taken on a whole new identity. To Serve and Protect has now become Steal, Kill and Destroy. #Satanwithabadge We can only be stronger when we make our voices heard.

  27. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Joe Carrone you are speaking like an ASS. People did not vote to be ruled, they vote so that reps can look after our interest Nationally and Internationally. No Police Man/Woman has the right to arrest a person because they feel like, you arrest a person for something they did, or if an accusation is lodged against them. You Joe Carrone are saying that Michael Browne, though he had his hands up, he still deserved to be shot in the head, you shouldn't say otherwise because you agree these women resisted arrest, Michael Browne didn't resist. You can't have it both ways. I pray you are not a Police Man, nor are you going to be.

    Clearly you have a dislike for Moors, i don't care how many of them sucked your dick, or how many you fucked behind closed doors, or how many times you say "I have Black Friends". If it were White Women being treated like that by "Black" police officers, you would be singing a different tune. I know you will try to defend this attack, but you can talk until convince yourself otherwise, deep down in your deceptive lying, stinking gut, there the truth rest.

    There is only one response now for Police Men & Women, black or white, because the ones who standby and do nothing are more guilty than the others. I am going to be very glad when it starts happening.

  28. Joe Carrone says:

    Shammua Mekonnen if you resist arrest, you make your bed….black white yellow or red…color has no part in MY view of that….YOU are making it a race thing….the police in every instance in that video were attempting to make an arrest….the women chose to ignore the police thinking they were not dong anything wrong, disagreeing, etc….the street is NOT the place to contest the charge….court is…if you can show me in any of these videos were the police were maing disparaging racist remarks to these women while making the arrest then I will agree with yourrace comment….until then pulling the race card is BS

  29. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Joe Carrone Oh really, you would like to believe you are not pulling the race card. You would be furious if you saw Black Policemen or Women treating White Women like that, maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend. Again, deep down inside you know thats a fact.

  30. You have to understand some of these cops are sons and daughters of racist radical groups that they grew up learning from. Remember civil rights was just 50 yrs ago there are people still alive during that time teaching and preaching the same hatred they been preaching since white people had Jim Crow to justify their inhumanity. They have feminized the black man so that the black family can be more controlled. For "all" you "white" race card users remember it was white people that classified "humans" by race so we didn't invent the race card we are just wondering how the hell it got I'm the deck considering blacks were the first inhabitants of the earth.

  31. Adrian Jones says:

    and ya'll still want to go and sleep with them.

  32. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Mathew Reynolds: Clearly without law and order, we would be living at the mercy of lunatics. Does this mean that Police Men/Women have the right to gun down, or brutalize the very people they have sworn to protect? The use of this clip you posted in its perspective, shall be used for individuals such as this perp, it does not speak to the article here. If Police Men/Women act just like these gross violators, then we will be living in a ZOO. These women who are being treated in this manner have no guns, one was protecting another Woman. You seem to be saying, Police Men/Women don't break the law even while in uniform. Who stops them from committing crimes even while they are in their uniforms, do we wait until they complete the crime then report it? There needs to be the ERICK GARNER BILL, which would allow the arrest of Police Men/Women when they are actually violating the law on the spot.

  33. Shammua Mekonnen says:

    Matthew Reynolds For sure, if this was your Wife/Fiance'/Girlfriend, Mother etc, and you saw so call Black Police Men treating them like this, you would be quick to sing another song.

  34. Carolyn Broadbelt says:

    Hey Joe, maybe they'll make your bed for you and yours some day soon.

  35. Joe Carrone says:

    Whether you believe it or not, I believe all races are equal and there should be not preferential treatment. I am all for any police officer that abuses their authority to be fired…the point I am tying to make is that you can't assume that all police are that way and you can't claim racism without having something more to back it up than " he's white and they are black" ….

  36. Shammua Mekonnen To me, In the video the only one who got injustice was the first women getting beat on the street, however recently in court she just won her case for a great sum of money. Remember though, although people don't carry weapons on them doesn't make them any less of threat, it only decreases the chance of being fatally hurt, Anyone can kill with their bare hands, and anyone can do bodily harm with their bare hands as-well. when people resist arrest they are the ones at fault. Think about how hard it is to arrest someone who is fighting back, its not an easy thing. that's why they get people on the ground with their weight on them so they cant move. It happens to everyone, men/women black or white or Asian or other. I would like to think my mother/girlfriend/sister would make the right decision on not resist, its the most logical thing to do when a cop is trying to arrest you, false charges or not.

  37. Matthew Reynolds Matthew Reynolds why don't you fuck off back to that hole you crawled out of when you were farted out.

  38. Matthew Reynolds You've had your 15 minutes…BYE. FUCK OFF!

  39. Scott Adams says:

    Just exactly "What" do you say to God when you "PRAY" that somehow, some way, their Mothers, Wive, Daughters get the Same Treatment…. I certainly Understand how you could be extremely angered especially if these were your Children.. I just can't wrap my head around a grown, Educated woman "Praying" to God about Harming a say, 4 year old little girl!!!!!!!

  40. Joan Coulter says:

    Scott Adams Do not try to take my comment out of context or try put words in my mouth. Yes, I pray the offenders suffer the same dastardly treatment they mete out to others.

  41. James Edward Nuxoll says:

    Member that song queer all these white women are turning their men gay

  42. Velma Berry says:

    We must fight these rouge cops they always disrespect Black folks, money no money we have to unite just to keep alive.

  43. Ashley Lynn says:

    It all goes back to slavery and white supremacy

  44. what does that have to do with anything! so what, if you didn't, you deserve a beating?
    so, if you don't do everything a cop says even if you're in the right not to, you should be beaten and perhaps killed. what is wrong with people who respond the way you have? where has your sense of justice, empathy and common sense gone?

  45. I here people talking as if Cops behaving like this is acceptable… like if a cop tells me to do this or do that I'd cooperate and not say nothing you know how dumb yall sound. If that's the case for every woman who talks back to a man or doesn't want to cooperate but still complies .. if a man smacks you or slams you let's see you keep that attitude. This is the problem in America. The system really makes the people believe that we protect and serve it and not the other way around. Give a cop a gun and a badge and he can do anything under the sun…. yeah be white and go tell a cop to shut up on some random shit… then go get ur body spray painted brown and go tell a cop to shut up… see the difference in what happens. Bet

  46. its always been like this for blacks, but now whites are seeing it cause of cellphones and the cops are so out of order that they are beating and killing whites too. I don;t know what to do.

  47. Matthew Reynolds quote "To me, In the video the only one who got injustice was the first women getting beat on the street,"end quote.

    if that is true than your racism has blinded not only your common sense but your sense of vision and there is no longer a reason that people of color should listen to you.

  48. Chris White says:

    Why doesn't this cause us to unite to defend ourselves? Any other people in any other country would have taken up arms by now, but we still follow our programming to be nonviolent and too many wait on Jesus. They are already killing us, breaking our families and communities up and locking us away, they're already destroying us. We argue about being "respectable" and point out perceived flaws in some of us, but can we really be expected to be respected when we refuse to defend ourselves? Where are timid people respected anywhere in the world?

  49. Denise Oday says:

    Christian's are suppose to love each other…not pray that someone gets treated terrible… you cannot justify hate on any level. What these cops did or are doing is wrong its not acceptable EVER! But Ma'am neither is your statement. " I pray that somehow, some way, their mothers, wives, daughters get the same treatment." your exact statement… The cops are wrong WRONG but their family should not pay the price for the cops behavior!

  50. Denise Oday Right on, two wrongs never make a right. Forgive, show compassion. This cop needs serious help, his family shouldn't be the one's held responsible -.- The mindset that anyone need pay any price is quite ludicrous. If everyone could simply learn to love one another. It's truly as simple as that.

  51. Matthew Reynolds without law and "justice" (I'm thinking you meant to say order) people would be doing as they please, nonetheless what they please would not be equivalent to what you may think it to be in your mind. For without power, or desire to rule, control, own, manipulate; there would be nothing to worry about. Without rulers, we could all truly live our own individual lives as our true selves. Not just pawns playing the game of life; existing as purely cannon fodder/labor (resource). We're much more than that. Please wake up already and stop believing the lies of "society." Without control, we could all learn to live out of love, give without receiving, grow without doubting, fly without fear. Your society you've become so attached to is nothing but an illusion. Don't be delusional. Realize that there's much more to this life than cops and robbers, rich and poor, white and black. We are all one.

  52. Perhaps their families should pay in the same form that these women in this video were treated. But, God forgive me, I think that when these officers are receiving their due justice (because with them being professionals and acting in this manner), I would like their families to feel the shame and embarrassment that these ladies had to feel. You all agree that the LEOs are wrong, then speak out against that! Have them removed from public service at minimum, because they as much a public menace as the criminals.

  53. Lynn, I applaud your mannerism and your ability to outright obey with no questions asked and humbly give up your rights. That is sheer ignorance for understanding that you don't have to just say, "here you go…" without understanding the cause. LEO ask for my id, not demand it. I am human like he is and he damn well am going to respect me to get any kind of cooperation.

  54. Dejah, it escapes all logic.

  55. Do you hear yourself? If you are the intelligent man I am hoping you to be, you have got to stop drinking alcohol while responding because it is not helping you.

  56. It might just be time to move to a different place.

  57. Most likely that has never happened to you and if it has its not as frequent as to the point of harrassing. At the point where you are fed up with the blatant and apparent unfairness of being targeted and harrassed over and over again even you Ms. Fewel with all your willingness to comply, may explode. Have a good day.

  58. Ed Lucas says:

    I'm now done supporting the police. there is obviously something wrong with them. they are being conditioned to have no sympathy for a humans life. this is not a race issue. its a police problem. these people will hurt anyone of any race.

  59. Judah Israel says:

    Psa_59:10 The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.
    You had it right.

  60. Renee Hep says:

    The anger you feel when you watch this injustice and read of so many more, allows me to understand your comment. A change has got to come, the abuse and killing must stop.

  61. Renee Hep says:

    You are so right, yet with all the fighting only leads to more deaths. We a blacks must unite together for change we are to divide/scared and about self to care or see the big picture. So how do we get the attention of the world for change, I say we stop shopping cut of their money, and march in millions on non shopping days. There is nothing they understand more than money.

  62. Lo Doun says:

    ooooo Fuck You.

  63. Okay, I don't agree with shooting at a van load full of children, especially if no ones life is in danger. But this all starts with resisting arrest. People have got to stop fighting arrest. You can bail out within an hour or so. It's the resistance that the police use to justify more aggressive action, and of course we've seen that lead to worse results. Just take the arrest and bail out.

  64. That's all we do is pray and the mess is still happing either we are praying to the wrong so call god are we all are full of shiz one no need to reply cause I am to up set right now thank you

  65. The only one that touched me was the lady with her kids in the mini van, I hope they got away safely. As for the rest, they need to stop being niggahs with attitude and comply !

  66. Joan Coulter how about crime, hate,racism stop in all together ?? Isn't that way better than wishing harm on little kids that have no fault in their evil fathers behavior???

  67. How about all black people find another country were they can be loved and accepted ???

  68. Yes go back to Africa or where ever else you ppl came from I mean you are all free to do so.

  69. It's always been like this, maybe you all should move to another country

  70. Andre Young says:

    Patrick W. Thrasybule the Moors have been attempting to secure our/blacks attention for quite a number of years. Know the laws of this nation. Most police do not know the laws they purportedly enforce. Most of our folk /blacks do not know the difference between the 5th, 6th 8th, 14th 15th, 1st nor any other amendment. Study to show your selves approved Black Christians.

  71. how bout the cops say put your hands behind your back so they can asses the situation, you do it, how bout when the cops say stop, you stop, how bout when the cops say don't move, or step out of the vehicle, or show me your hands, you just do it, I'm white, I've been in trouble, I've been pulled over, rather than resist, I follow directions, better that than getting taken down, I'm not prejudice, I have black relatives, I've dated black girls, my adopted vietnamese sister is married to a black guy, and I love him like a brother, regardless of race, if a cop tells you to comply….comply… until the situation can be assesed and if your innocent, you will be let on your way….its a dangerous job, they all want to go home too, not all cops are out get the black guy.

  72. A racist minority you sound stupid as a mf just wait your turn is coming

  73. Genica Allen says:

    I understand what you are saying some are resisting. The first video I don't know what lead up to what we saw, but when he has her down was repeatedly punching her is OK with you. The second part (and again I don't know what happen previously) the one women who tells the cop she is pregnant, get slapped up side the head and slammed to the ground. That was wrong!

  74. Genica Allen says:

    Lynn Please Watch this video and hopefully you start to understand. This is a young man and it hurts to hear how it starts in them.

  75. Genica Allen says:

    Matthew Reynolds Get you history straight, yes Africans sold other Africans to the Europeans, but what you left out was, they sold Prisoners of War. Not people form their own tribe or village. Then the Europeans decided why trade when we can take all the Africans we want. So please if you're going to tell it, tell it all. Stop trying to use only part that makes you and other like you feel better.

  76. Scott Adams says:

    Again, A Bunch Of Crap! If everyone simply showed respect and obeyed the police, even if you feel it stinks, none of this#@**^ would happen. I have been treated badly by police several times in my life, but I always did as they asked. I didn't like it but I also did not want to get hurt.

  77. Scott Adams says:

    Joan Coulter Your Words…"Their Mothers, Wives, Daughters."

  78. Scott Adams says:

    Patrick W. Thrasybule You are so right. Keep on acting a fool with the police. Great Strategy!

  79. Scott Adams says:

    Actually these videos are appalling! I Feel they are the exception. These cops in the video need to be punished…But again, 99.9% of the time it is because of a failure to COMPLY with law enforcement Instructions! It is necessary for the cops to do their Job! I've personally witnessed numerous occasions where certain individuals ACT A G.D. FOOL!

  80. Darren Jones says:

    Pure racist white people sticking up for their own let that have been white people you would have seen protest and riots..

  81. Your praying to the white man's God the one he beat u into submission to believe in that is why your prayers aren't being answered. Jesus is not your savior. And if you'll research it you will find your messiah was never known as Jesus.

  82. IT is a good idea, think about it… 😉

  83. Rashad Lewis says:

    AJ Hurit Gahu I REALLY hope you aren't serious with that comment.

  84. Quadul Black says:

    I just took a good look at u do u not realize you have African blood running through your veins ; or is that why you hate melenated people because you hate youself for having our blood in you.

  85. Mark Calland says:

    I don't care what they did you don't shoot in a van with kids or anyone else in it that are innocent, and you sound like white folks "if they weren't resisting" we have a thing called the constitution and police don't behave the same in our community and aren't healed to their oathes, if cops knew there was shit to pay for messing with our females they would think twice

  86. Amanda Uzor says:

    Scott Adams , yes, I pray as well that their mothers, daughters, their wives be treated thousand folds that way.

  87. AJ Hurit Gahu thawt.

  88. I'm not arguing right or wrong, should or shouldn't, those are obvious. We have to survive in this world. WE HAVE TO SURVIVE.

  89. I'm not arguing right or wrong, should or shouldn't, those are obvious. We have to survive in this world. WE HAVE TO SURVIVE.

  90. Mark Calland says:

    I agree with you we need to survive but it seems to be a big target on our backs and the man we elected seems not to address our issues the same as issues affecting the gay and Latino communities, when we decide to do business and hire and love each other then America will be forced to respect us. I remember when I was younger black men always acknowledged each other now it seems brothas don't want to be bothered to speak to you

  91. Mark Calland says:

    Coming from a bitch who eat monkeys and dogs

  92. Rick Hickson says:

    If these hoodrats would do what the officers have asked they would have these issues

  93. Rick Hickson says:

    *Wouldn't have these issues

  94. Less Cale says:

    This is horrible. Let's also take a step back, take the race & occupation out of it, and think about how men treat women.

  95. Joan Coulter says:

    Denise Oday I wonder if the cops are christians?

  96. AJ Hurit Gahu are you serious lil girl see this is the problem when dumb parents have and train dumb kids where are you from your not indian so you go back to where ever yuor people belong or came from silly girl…… #parentsdobetter

  97. Edward Bone says:

    when you are being placed under arrest and you decide to physically resist, expect a physical response……now that shooting at the van was way over the top.

  98. Edward Bone says:

    when you are being placed under arrest and you decide to physically resist, expect a physical response……now that shooting at the van was way over the top.

  99. Edward Bone says:

    I'm from Louisiana only place I can go back to.

  100. Edward Bone says:

    I'm from Louisiana only place I can go back to.

  101. Edward Bone says:

    its a short crawl to the border from L A….try not scratching your back when you go back under the barbed wire.

  102. Edward Bone says:

    its a short crawl to the border from L A….try not scratching your back when you go back under the barbed wire.

  103. John Clark says:

    How long have you or your parents lived in this country? Fewer years than most black families. What right do you have in downgrading blacks that want equality for themselves and their families? Wake up! People are people and blacks should not have to put up with the open discrimination that is shown by the majority of whites that claim superiority over any other race. You're family was allowed to live here after blacks endured the pain. What are you defending?

  104. John Clark says:

    AJ Hurit Gahu you must be living in a dream world. Africa is where our race began. Where did your's come from? Don't you believe in equality? If you base your prejudice on the people's original placement, you should move back to whatever country your family came from.

  105. Brenda Nero says:

    TPPS – Tiny Pink Penis Syndrome at its most erect. Understand; viagra is not working for these white men. This rough handling of black women is as close to achieving an erection as they can get. It is kin to the way they fought over the castrated penis of a freshly lynched black male; they always chose young black men for a reason. The castration of black men no longer works for white men because white women now want to see a live black penis.

  106. R.J. Ellison you are right the march of the wonden solders is so old

  107. I can't believe women's protective groups haven't gotten involved in this issue. The way they beat the snot out of women with 0 compunction. Great example for our youth from these troglodytes.

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