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8 Insightful Suggestions on How to Talk to Black Children About Racism

police surround little black boy on bike

Don’t Be Afraid to Bring It Up
When we avoid talking about racism to our children, we are not doing it to protect them, we are doing it to protect ourselves by avoiding things that make us uncomfortable. Do not let your children’s first taste of racism happen in the streets. Racists/white supremacists are killing our children every day, so the idea that talking about racism will “hurt Black children” makes absolutely no sense when you consider the consequences of them not understanding it.



truth colorblindness

Be Honest About Racism/White Supremacy
Never soften (or falsify) your discussions about racism/white supremacy with a lot of inane “color doesn’t matter” or “all people are the same” or “love is color-blind” or “some Blacks are racists, too” — or any of the confusing “politically correct” nonsense that means the speaker is not telling the truth about racism. The evidence speaks for itself. This requires the parent to have the best possible understanding of how racism/white supremacy works.

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