US Grand Jury Indicts Teen Who Says He Was Possessed After Raping Children in Kenya

Teen who raped children says he was possessed

Source: Durham’s Twitter

Oklahoma teenager Matthew Durham  is facing a possible life sentence after he admitted to raping several children in Kenya during a missionary trip, but claimed he was possessed when the alleged sexual assaults happened.

According to charges in a three-count indictment handed down by a federal grand jury on Tuesday, Durham, 19, is facing up to a life in prison if he is convicted of engaging in sexual conduct in foreign places, aggravated sexual abuse with children and other charges.

The indictment accuses Durham of traveling from Oklahoma City to Kenya to sexually abuse children at Upendo, an organization that specializes in assisting neglected Kenyan children by providing them with food, housing, clothes and academic and religious instruction.

Durham has raped as many as 10 children ranging in age from four to 10.

One of the children was HIV positive.

“This is a young man in our community that made choices to exploit children in an orphanage,” said U.S. Attorney Sanford Coats. “It’s a true tragedy all the way around.”

In an unusual turn of events, Durham admitted to the allegations on video, but insists that he was possessed by a demon named Luke when he sexually abused the children.

While texting a friend, Durham said the demon takes over at night and forces him to participate in sexual misconduct.

“Literally he takes me at night and there is nothing I can do to stop him,” he says in the messages.  “I’ve prayed so much, but every night Luke gets what Luke wants.”

Teen who raped children in Kenya says he was possessed

Source: Durham’s Facebook

Durham’s parents say that their son has never shown in any interest in children nor has he exhibited pedophile traits before.

Durham’s confession may not be enough to assure he will spend time behind bars. His parents moved swiftly to snatch any credibility of the admission off the table.

His parents insist that the confession was given in an “incredibly coercive atmosphere.”

Either way, the judge in the case is moving forward cautiously.

“You’re going to be on 24-hour lockdown,” the judge told Durham on Monday after setting his bond at $10,000.

The teen has also been ordered to hand over his passport to authorities and refrain from using cellphones and computers.

He will also have to avoid any contact with the alleged victims and any witnesses in the case.

Durham has been working with the children’s home since 2012.


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