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12 thoughts on “This Activist Reveals The Hard Truth Behind Foreign Investors in Africa

  1. Rick Smith says:


  2. Donna Hamilton says:

    She is smart and insightful .

  3. Nicol L Lami says:

    Our African countries and it's resources will never be owned by our people! It's sad! There has been a silent destruction of Africa for centuries upon centuries. Its not stopping anytime soon!

  4. Farntella Graham says:

    the european brought in slaves to do the work. let the chinese come but don't pay them.

  5. Rashida Zarif says:

    Sad this is occurring all over Africa. Stop allowing foreign companies in. Send the youth for training or require the foreigners educate the people on those job sites! These foreigners are stealing!

  6. A bit too contradictory and simplistic, but you've been heard Ma'am.

  7. Teach me what you mean?

  8. Eye Sankofa Maat She lives abroad, yet does not want foreigners in her land. Pray, what's keeping her there? In business, you don't get what you deserve, but what you negotiate. Africa should always bring her best brains and negotiators to the table and stop short-changing herself and blaming others. The victim mentality does not work anymore. China picked up the slack where our traditional "development" partners failed. Any wonder why African economies grew when the Western economies faltered? The answer was the opportunities provided by India and China in commodity trade. The challenge now is in the transformation of our economies to become more value-adding and to insist on infrastructure swaps for primary produce if we must rather than shut ourselves off to the world or keep serving-up our continent to the predatory investors. I prefer engagement to isolation. I prefer we make mistakes and learn from them than to remain under-developed whilst owning all our resources which remain useless due to lack of transformative know-how. More importantly, Africa needs all hands on deck (indigenous and diaspora leading the charge with the support of our true partners) and not professional critics who believe unless they are at the helm, no other is good enough. It's time for selflessness, partnerships, and genuine engagement and not soundbites. I hope I have done some "teaching" Eye Sankofa Maat. Please I am not advocating we bend over for any one…just a bit of realism in going forward. What say ye Sir/Ma'am?

  9. Shawn Mc says:

    Henrii Nwanguma finally a rational thought;i agree with you.
    In america you have groups of blacks who swear they should be in full control of all africa and that africa should isolate itself from every nation due to the nations need of resources but just like you stated what good is all the resources if you cant do anything with it and your infrastructure is not being created.
    mistakes must be lade in order to learn from them

  10. Owura Baako says:

    The only thing that can make Africa to survive now is to stop using the bible and the Qoran..because this two books along with their politics (democracy) is spoiling own or rules…Am asking?why those peoples who brought bible in our society mean in me and your continent(AFRICA) ? Why those peoples do not live in their country as Christians and Muslims .Africa is time for you to be wise…if you don't know am telling you today that i see the judgment day whats really going to happen ..if u want to know ask please…i love you Africa i love you my motherland.

  11. I disagree. Never say never. History is cyclical. What is today was not always and won't be always. Africa fuels the world economy so it makes no sense to be beggars on your own land. The only way this continues is that imperialist parasites install reprobate homegrown opportunists/despots as puppets so that they can rape & pillage freely. This is why we are seeing all of this new push for capitalist development on the continent when there is no BASIC infrastructure continent-wide. As long as Africa STAYS under-developed, then the idea is that they can't compete for finite resources that are in fact their birthright & should be under their complete control. Do you have people telling Europe that she doesn't have the right to control her resources? Asia? No where else on this planet are the resources considered 'community property' BUT Africa. You get what you allow.

  12. Felix Bode says:

    I agree… Very contradictory.

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