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Atlanta Educator Aims to Turn Single Ladies into Confident Wives, Nurturing Mothers

The Single Wives Club Atlanta educator, Koereyelle DuBose, launched an organization aimed at giving single women the tools and resources they need to become confident wives and nurturing mothers.

Across the U.S., the number of single-parent households has been on the rise.

According to data from the 2010 U.S. Census, the number of single-parent households has doubled since 1960, and 15 million children are being raised without a father.

About 5 million are being raised without a mother.

The Single Wives Club aims to combat this trend by preparing single women for marriage and eventually motherhood.

In an exclusive interview with Atlanta Blackstar, the former Rockdale County elementary school teacher explained that after teaching for four years she saw the impact that healthy relationships at home have on the children in her classroom.

“I have definitely seen the effects that healthy relationships have on children, so that is by far the No. 1 foundational goal of everything,” DuBose said before explaining the difficulties that children face when they’re being raised by one parent.

“When you only have one parent, who may not even be [financially] struggling, he or she can only give you so much attention,” said DuBose. “When you only have that one parent, it’s hard to learn all of the things that you need to know. It’s hard to feel like you’re worthy. A lot of times these kids who have one parent, they have a lot of emotional issues that we don’t even realize we are causing.”

The Single Wives Club provides women with workshops, seminars, counseling, mentorships and other resources that give them a better chance at creating happy, prosperous households.

The Single Wives Weekend The organization focuses on entrepreneurship, health and fitness, self-awareness, building strong communication and other key elements that are essential in marriage and motherhood.

DuBose, who is the host R.E.A.L Single Wives Radio, said the key is for women to become positive role models for their children and The Single Wives Club aims to help them achieve that goal.

Perhaps one of the most notable resources that the organization offers is mentorship by happily married women who are a part of the Wives Society.

In addition to learning practical skills from these women, DuBose said that for many of the women, it’s their only chance to witness a happy relationship up close.

“The Wives Society basically connects wives with single women and they are providing that insight and that advice that they wished they would have known when they got married or the things that they learned throughout their years of marriage,” she said about the mentorship. “So just to have those examples of happy wives who are still living and loving… I think that too, a lot of the times, is the reason why feel like we can’t be successful, because we’ve never seen another successful marriage.”

With the organization garnering much success, DuBose is now preparing for the 2nd Annual Single Wives Weekend in Atlanta, which will dedicate an entire weekend to getting women together for a series of workshops and events to help them live “happy, healthy, wealthy lives.”

The weekend of events kicks off on Oct. 17 and will last until Oct. 19.

Guest speakers for the weekend will be announced on Aug. 1 through the organization’s social media and official website where participants can also purchase weekend passes.

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